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feeling like a rejected ~Pepsi thru the years~ commercial spokesperson aesthetic, come fall asleep on my tempurpedic ass at BIBLE STUDY only at @easternblocnyc πŸ’’

come on out at 11 PM to BIBLE STUDY at @easternblocnyc TONIGHT! join me & my good girlies Advil & Molly in a game of russian roulette 🀑 @camandthecity is master of the music and @cedric_antonio is feeding you all the draaaaankz you could ever imagine πŸ’• join @severelymame at EB a lil earlier at 10 PM for her FEUD viewing party! see you soon πŸ’’

GEWWWWD MORNING CANADA!!!!!!!!! super amped to share that I'm coming on up to play w/ you in Saskatoon at @pinknightclub πŸ’“ it's weed night on APRIL 13TH and y'all know what that means, I'm bringing my betta fish and we're gonna hot box that lil bitch in his bowl πŸ’• stay tuned for another show date announcement soon! πŸ’’

On such a high after wrapping up the final @killerunicornfilm scenes today! So grateful to everybody that is a part of this movie! You always made coming to work such a pleasure!!!!!!! it was fuckin fun and I'll never forget the experience! see you on the press circuit @jose_dalvarez @drewbolton @wordsthefilm @saraschiavone @gugueyes @franklinspov @monicaeb7 @horrorchatanyc @matty_glitterati @markus_kelle @graysonsquire @dennisbudesheim AND EVERYBODY ELSE, thank you!!! πŸ’’πŸ’“πŸ’•

wanted to properly thank everybody that came out to WALK FOR ME at @deependnyc last night! what an amazing night filled w/ fashion, friends and fun! can't wait for the next one πŸ’’ @jonathan_love5678 @mr.mster @caseyyalater @hystericalbeauty @dragmikey
coat & dress by @hausdelolo πŸŽ€

last day of shooting for @killerunicornfilm πŸ’“ so proud of this project, can't wait to share it with you πŸ’’πŸ”ͺπŸ¦„

✌️ LUV Ü PAPI @SMCHSS γ€° πŸ’’

ΓΆhÂñà MΔ™Δ€Ε„S fΓƒMiiLΕΈ nØß0dy qΔ’tz LΔ—fT ßéhiiΓ‘d @jaegottlieb @peytonbehrens πŸ’’

about to barrel roll out of a cab to WALK FOR ME at @deependnyc, IT'S PARTY TIME πŸ’“ thank you @hausdelolo for the killer fashions! head over to this babes site and use code BIBLEGIRL666 for 20% off these pieces πŸ’’

feeling IT tonight for WALK FOR ME at @deependnyc πŸ’• so excited to be with so many of my Brooklyn babies tonight @mr.mster @jonathan_love5678 @camandthecity πŸ’“ drinks, fashion walk off contest, SHOWZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! it all starts at 11 PM πŸ’’

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