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bia ✨  어서 와 비아은 처음이지? 👀🔥

For the many times we have fought each other, and the several other we have laughed our asses off. You and mom always thank me on days like this for making you 'parents', but I thank you both for never giving up on me... and annoying me so much to continue my studies 😒 lol

Feliz día papá 💙

Forgot to mention... I went blonde over the weekend... 👀

It was a process.... 💀

Words cannot describe how much you mean to me, and I hate myself for not expressing it that well.
Te amo Mamá, gracias por aguantarme todos estos 21 años (+ 9 meses). 💜
Me encantaria comprarte lo que quieras pero despues de los $200 que nos afanaron en el restaurante, tendra que esperar un largo tiempo .-. #HappyMothersDay

Hi hi 👋
I'm getting a new instagram for many reasons, mainly because I have too many pictures in this one for me to go back to erase, and I decided to start anew in this new chapter in my life.
You can follow me there 👉 @baepsaebia

Let's remember a day like today three years ago, after a whole year of people insisting, I ended up channeling my spirit animal and went to prom.
Twas' noice.

It was an intense day, but in case you missed it, yo girl is a College graduate. (Scroll to the side if you don't believe me.

Also, buy Love Yourself: Tear on May 18th. Yes, I've been promoting it at graduation as well 👉🎓😉) #StrongPowerThankYou

And here we have the first pictures at just few hours after turning 21 years old.
No, I'm not drunk, just purely exhausted of living this adult life. I still feel the same as when I was 20, only difference now is that I can buy my parents beer without getting stopped at the cashier. Whoop-die doo.

Cheers to this new chapter of my life. 🎈

Has been a very eventful day. Thank you for those who have brightened this special day. From those who personally greeted me, to those that live hundreds of miles away yet never fail to make me smile. You all a true MVPs.
Thank you very much. Muchisimas gracias. 정말 감사합니다. 💜 #21

It's been a while (6 months lmao), 안녕하세요 빗차초스 🌚

Well, I haven't posted in a while because I realized I needed to be away from the unnecessary pressure to be perfect and try to look decent.
Looking back at pics after months of not being here, I found this particular pic of mine from early 2016 that got the least likes on, and honestly I laugh because it's one of those pics I feel like it was a magazine photoshoot and all it look was a random angle and a greyscale filter lol.
Not sure why I felt so sad after I got that amount of likes and ended up erasing it, but now I am learning to not give a fuck whether you like it or not, I really like it and it's my decision on what I like and what I do not.

Polaroid pics with sappy captions aren't really my thing, but look how cute we lookin' 💁🏻 I had fun. 🙎🏻 #closingshow

🙆🏻💕 ft. Stephen 😒😂 #closingshow

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