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nothing special 

-> I'm fired up and tired of the way that things have been📍 #musically #2tvideoit 🌧❤️

-> Ho capito che la felicità sta nelle piccole cose. E generalmente queste “cose” hanno quattro zampe, una coda ed un nasino umido sempre pronto per essere riempito di baci🏡❤️

->can you tell me what is real? ‘Cause i’ve lost my way again📆

-> I found my soulmate, it’s me📍

-> if i had a thousand reasons to smile, what should i fall for a reason that make me cry.☄️

->the sad truth is that the truth is sad🍕

-> i give you my heart just to watch you waste it🐣

-> They won’t understand until you leave. The minute you walk away you’ll become ‘the best they’ve ever had.’ It’s crazy how loss triggers love.

-> Take my hand and let's get lost in Wonderland together💏

-> kiss me hard before you go🍕💏


—> I had nothing to do this weekend so I decided to fall in love💭

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