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waste ting shorty  I write about weird shit 📍toronto 💌 [email protected]

MAUVE ASIDE! This is a job for @BiteBeauty's creamy and super pigmented #TheLipPencil (in shade 014)!!! Get it? Cuz it's mauve. And I am sideways. ............. .... ... Anyway... Bite is BY FAR my favourite beauty brand probably ever because they're cruelty free, natural, and made in my very own city. Not to mention it makes me feel amazing??? Like??? Confidence??? What is this foreign feeling??? Anyway (part 2), it's available at @sephora. Love you all. Smooches (📷: @fhtw)

This is my favourite pupper

Used to make fun of people who wore leggings as pants. Now I'm one of those people. Life comes at u fast

Glitter titz (📷: @stevanabosnjakovic)

Astrothotting for @sticks_and_stones_agency with @fhtw

Bumble boo

The baredevil bore all his devils in Help Me. Out now - cop it at Luh u @teddyfantum 😘

People often ask how my skin is this nice, so here's my uncomplicated, no-bullshit answer: 1) I drink a lot of water, 2) I am at peace with my inner self and make an effort to not get overly stressed by things I can't control, and 3) I moisturize with @marcellecosmetics's The City Tinted Cream, which has antioxidants and sun/environmental protectors. You can use my coupon code CITY-QTFB to cop your own via the link in my bio; and if you need tips on points 1 & 2 shoot me a DM and I'll send you a list of personal development books that changed my life <3 #BeautyWithoutCompromise #MyCityShield

Happy Valentine's Day ☺ Here's a black rose I got. Dark and beautiful and mostly dead, just like my soul ha ha

Sunday ☺

Don't try to impress people you don't even like ¯\_( ツ)_/¯ (📷: @fhtw)

Hey remember that time I took a sculpture from a Brooklyn hotel hallway and ran around the city taking pics with it like Hilary Duff with her ex boyfriend's tshirt in the So Yesterday video lmao. Read about it (link in bio)
📷: @johnerick