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waste ting shorty  self-deprecating writer & professional instagram ho 📍toronto ✏️@kastorandpollux @girlboss @blogto 💌 mgmt:


Can we all work together to take me out of this photo and into various nonsensical situations like the Scarlet Johansson falling meme

Unfortunately for me this photo is not #sponsored and I am nothing but a puppet for capitalism until the day I die lol

Plz don't touch the art, the security guard says as I spoon with the art


One part business attire, one part pre-makeover Steve Carell in Crazy Stupid Love

PhOtO cReD: @AlLyOuCaNcHi

Haaay so since nobody wanted to step up to the plate and talk about cheating for my #SexTalk series on @kastorandpollux I ended up just writing a think piece on my opinion of it lol link's in bio. Also obviously I'm open 2 discussion. Feel free to say mean things about me on the internet!!!

Got this tee in the mail a year ago from a pr person for a launch I don't remember anymore and I still love it so whoever you are, wherever you may be I am grateful. I hope your corner of the world is sunny

I would wish my mom a happy mothers' day on Instagram to make it apparent to the public that I love her but I blocked her cuz she kept feeling disappointed over who I've become LmAOOooooooOoooooo I called her tho and we talked for an hour it was so cute anyway here's another pic of me I look pretty good

What should we name this pimple

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