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Bianca Rosado  BEAUTY | HAIR | TRAVEL | LIFESTYLE 🐾 Dog Mom 👩🏻‍💻 Laptop lifestyle ✨ DM me to start living your DREAM life ↓ Click here for your FREE hair quiz ↓

Crash at my place, baby, you’re a wreck 🏡

Thankful for everything the universe has done for me so far in 2018, spirituality, emotionally, mentally, and physically ✨
What are you thankful for? 🧡
#universehasyourback #thankful

People don’t realize that now... is all there ever is. There is no past or future except as memory or anticipation in your mind 💫. When’s the last time you stopped to look around, and just be grateful for everything around you?

It’s easy to get caught up in this busy world, always on the go, always thinking of your next move.

Here is my advice as a friend: Be still, quiet your mind, and appreciate the present moment.

Liam’s first weekend trip was a success! He loves chasing birds, LOVES hopping on his hind legs say hi to EVERY single person in passing, and finally getting use to long car rides (loves the breeze on his face now.) We’ll be in FL for Thanksgiving! Where all my fur babies at?! He’s looking forward to some play dates 🐾 🐶 🥂
#goldendoodles #puppymom #sanfranciscobay

What is Confidence? 🤨
☝🏼 The only way to truly gain confidence is through... TAKING ACTION.
🙄 Quit telling yourself some BS story of why you can’t do it!
🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t be afraid to mess up or feel like you’ll look stupid.
👏🏼 Confidence doesn’t come when everything is perfect! After taking action, you WILL look back to realize that you didn’t die... and no one really even cared 😑
🖤 STOP comparing yourself to other people, STOP worrying about what people will think, and TAKE ACTION towards the things that will get you closer to living your dream life 💫 -
Tag a friend who NEEDS to see this ❕

Stick to your vision... if you know where you’re going, the challenges are minimal 🥂

#universehasyourback #livemore

HAPPY MONDAY! Happy October 🎃🐶 Happy has basically just been my vibe for the last month, and I’ve truly never been better. Learning to turn fear into excitement, learning that WE are in control of our day, learning that our entire life WE have a choice in every moment to say “this is miserable” or “ this is fine” has had such a huge impact on just about every area of my life. I encourage everyone to practice this for even 24 hours and see how many amazing things we can be blind to sometimes because our vision was blurred by the negative!
On that note. Liam and I hope you have the besssst day ever 🖤
#universehasyourback #positivevibesonly✨ #goldendoodles

Everyone officially meet my fur baby, Liam!! He has brought SO much love and happiness into my life already, excited that it’s just the beginning. Its so crazy how something can fill your heart without even trying.
Many more pictures of this little guy to come.
#minigoldendoodles #dogmomma #puppylove🐶

Backstage at @simply LA 💕

Happy Friday ✨ Heading to San Francisco today! I’ve lived in California for almost 3 years now and have only been a hand full of times. Tell me all the fun places to go please!! .
#Sanfranciscolife #bayarealife

What an amazing experience! Surrounded by so many women and men chasing their dreams and doing what they love. Thank you for the amazing event ✨ @simply @whowhatwear .
Also, I don’t usually do florals.. but couldn’t resist anything @shopendlesssummer 💕
#simplyla #shopendlesssummer

You can go to work, or you can be the boss.
Taking on some new babes this month 🖤
If being your own boss, and making an income while traveling, is something you’ve always dreamt of 📧 👉🏼 .
#liveyourpurpose #beyourbestversion #napavalley

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