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Bianca Lawson  Trust your light.

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"I have never posted a #wcw but in honor of the @queensugarown finale airing tonight, I’ve decided to start with the incredibly talented @biancajasminelawson who takes such delicate care of her character, Darla. Not only have I had the pleasure of knowing this pretty lady since 5 years old, I am now blessed to work with her and watch her grow even further. Bianca is a true gem, beautiful inside and out. This picture is taken from one of my favorite scenes in tonight’s episode. The roller coaster of emotions we see Darla go through will leave you a wreck! Do not miss Bianca and the whole cast of #QueenSugar kill it in the 90 minute finale special airing tonight at 9/8c only on @owntv 👑🌾 Bianca, I freakin’ adore you! So happy we’ve gone from Barbies to Queens together! 🙌🏾😉" Adore you back Christiana and so proud of you!❤️

Tonight's the night. The finale. Writer: @ava 🖤 Director: @katcandler 🖤 DP: @thekiragram 🖤Music: @officialmeshell 🖤 Editor: @avrilbeukes 👊🏽🙌🏽

"OWN’s Queen Sugar may be centered around the Bordelon siblings and their fight to keep their sugarcane farm and mill churning; but Darla, played by longtime TV star Bianca Lawson is a quiet force that’s breaking stereotypes by shining a light on addiction and mental illness... Lawson was immediately drawn to the recovering addict and former prostitute who is trying to rebuild a life with her son and his father, because of “her survival instincts and her resiliency,” she tells ET. “I feel like even though her story is so sad, there is something very hopeful in terms of the worst things can happen to you, and you can do terrible things, but you can still start over. There’s hope for your life.”... Embodying the character has given Lawson a chance to play what is usually deemed an unflattering stereotype for black women -- “the crack-addicted mother” -- in a different light. “I’ve never seen addiction portrayed like this before, where it’s so relatable and real instead of a movie version of addiction and mental illness,” she says, explaining that Darla’s roller coaster sobriety journey is one that many can relate to. “It’s complicated and messy like life is, and she keeps stepping up. I love how much growth Darla has had in spite of numerous setbacks.”... And the impact is something the actress had never anticipated -- but she’s happy that it’s resonating with fans. “There’s never been a character in my life where I’ve had so many people come up to me and say that they can really identify with Darla, or they had a Darla that was their mother, or that was their daughter,” Lawson says. “There’s something really extraordinary about that: You’re having an effect on people’s real lives, as opposed to just acting on a television show. There’s a much deeper meaning to it, and that’s the most special thing about it.” This is just an excerpt, but the entire article is wonderful. Thank you @mofochronicles @entertainmenttonight ♥️.

@sagaftrafound #Conversations panel last night 😊.

Thank you for the glam yesterday @drodbeauty @hair4kicks ❤️.

Yesterday. Top pic: entire QS fam (too many to tag right now 😂) Bottom pic: #PeterRoth @oprah (obvs 😊) and @mehertatna . It was a really inspiring day full of great vibes and great people ✨🌸. The finale special will air next wed after the finale episode. you're gonna need more tissues than ever for this one:)

“What Home?” 💔. Do you think they can come back from this? Is love enough?

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“Great event last night celebrating the opening of @mstinalawson & her husband Richard’s new @wacotheater in Noho. Loved spending time with my girls @kellyrowland & @biancajasminelawson. We go wayyyyyy back as they have supported me & my business for so many years one can’t even recall. For sure OVER a decade! 🙏🏾 The most beautiful thing of all is now these beautiful spirits have surpassed friendship & entered the realm of being family! ❤️” Love you Damone!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Not sure what’s happening cosmically/energetically, but I woke up today really feeling this Wednesday’s vibe like.. #happyandgratefulformylife 🙏🏽🌸

Tonight. The third act continues.. Director: @christinaalexandravoros 🌹 DP: @thekiragram 🌹 Writers: #AnthonySparks & #JasonWilborn 🌹 Also, the extraordinary #BeverlyTodd makes her QS debut and the stunning #MichaleMichele @mmichele0423 returns tonight. 💥

“If you truly want to stay sober you can’t have any secrets. You can’t have anything that’s eating you up inside silently because that will be a trigger at some point. If you’re really going to truly heal and truly move forward, and you’re really working your steps and you’re really serious about changing your life then you can’t cherry pick what amends you do. You have to do it all.” Thank you @jimhalterman @tvinsider for the pre and post mortem 213 QS write-ups 😊.

"Infectiously effervescent, Lawson’s personality is very different from the quiet and anxious Darla. We spoke earlier this week, just a few days before the premiere of Darla’s much-anticipated reunion with her estranged parents. “There is something about this particular character, she's completely unlike anything else I've ever played — you have a really visceral experience with her," Lawson explained to me. “I think when I started acting it's something about feeling the security of hiding behind a character — and for her, I've had to actually reveal more of my true self. With Darla, there's something very interesting about her where the things that she's gone through even though I haven't gone through the exact same situations, I've had to process things about myself or confront things about myself or at least expose certain aspects of myself to do her justice. This has probably been the most personal character for me, and definitely, I'd say the most complex and intricately layered. I feel like she's made me a better actress. I feel like she's made me a more empathetic human.” This entire article I think is truly fantastic. Thank you so much Aristide A. Tinibue 🖤🖤🖤 #shadowandact @midnightrami @shadow_act

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