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Bianca Barela  We each get to choose our own adventure, how rad is that? #SanFrancisco #SantaFe #inthedesert #bythebay

Feeling my feelings is a daily practice. Sharing my true feelings is a challenge that I try to practice. I'm not afraid of my own feelings; I'm afraid of other people's feelings which I then turn around onto myself. So here I am sharing my feelings on the internet again, even though my inner critic is strongly advising against this method.
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These Muscat Beauties taste like wine. I feel like a lush having them for breakfast πŸ˜πŸ‡πŸ· #7weekstogo

My husband makes a mean 6-ingredient secret recipe chocolate milkshake. @lettersandliquor #32weekspregnant #bumppositive

Making my way through this week like 🌈 why can't all cross walks be rainbows?
#🌈 #castrodistrict

Sorting through an envelope full of receipts for (someone else's) expenses and I came across this. Thanks?

Spring! 🌿🌷 It's dreary in the city today, but I took a different route to work and came across an article in a left behind newspaper on Muni about the recent San Francisco street tree census. "According to city officials, data shows that the current number of trees (in SF) sequesters more than 19 million pounds of carbon dioxide and filters more than 100 million gallons of storm water each year... Ultimately, San Francisco hopes to grow its street tree population by 50 percent..." I love the term "street trees" 🌳 and it makes me happy to know that our city values nature, recognizes its importance, and is taking steps to secure and grow it. #treesaremyfriends #🌲🌳🌴 #sanfrancisco

My goal for this afternoon is to Konmari my closet and try to make some room in our little apartment for our new roommate. But @nicknameandi dropped off a few hand-me-downs and I couldn't help but do some outfit planning instead. This little Wyne is going to be the hippest small person in the Mission. #little🌱

My wedding rings no longer fit, which is a good excuse to wear my other @laurenwolfjewelry gem everyday. This ring makes me feel witchy and powerful. And that's an ice cream mochi, which is the perfect afternoon snack on a sunny Friday afternoon. Thank goodness it's Friday and sunny and I have jewelry that fits even when most of my clothes don't.
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Smuggling bowling balls 🀰🏽 #31weekspregnant

Tuesday morning feels beautifully captured by @vav.ava Be kind to each other. You just never know what the person next to you is carrying.
#regram #practicekindness

Day dreaming about the past weekend. I love sunshine and the ocean and friends who love me despite my baggage and inability to leave on time. β˜€οΈπŸŒŠπŸ€°πŸ½πŸ‘œ

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