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Alright, it’s summer and it’s time to make sure we’re bikini ready @flattummyco is making sure we do with their 20% off all their programs. I love both their tea and lollipops 🍭 Go grab yourself some before the sale ends!

Time goes by so fast when you have a little one! 😍😭

Keeping your cravings in check for the summer can always be difficult. Thankfully @flattummyco is having a 20% off sale right now. I’ve been using these new appetite suppressant lollipops, my cravings can #suckon this 💕 Go get yourself some!

Alright, are you guys ready for an update on these lollipops from @flattummyco? It’s been a few weeks now and they are coming in really handy. I am doing a mini bulk right now, so I haven't been using them a whole lot but all my friends are loving them and I will be incorporating these heavily once I finish up with my bulking session. They’re the perfect thing to throw in your purse. You need to get yourselves some! #flattummypops

I went from 128lbs (skinny/no muscle) to Prego at 185lbs to fit & muscular at 140lbs 😁 #strongisthenewskinny #fitmom #fitnessmotivation

Started my mini bulk a week ago & im feeling stronger than ever 💪🏼 #fitmom #fitness #fitnessmotivation

My pretty girl 😍

Gainz are coming in strong my friends! #infamousbootypose 🍑

I’m ready to get real results, so I decided to give it everything I’ve got with the help of @flattummyco. They have 25% off bundles right now, annnd I 100% grabbed the one that has all of their products. GUYS, 25% OFF. They never have sales this big. So now I’m set because I have the Shakes to move a few LBS, the Tea to get rid of my mega-bloating and the Lollipops to keep my hunger under control. Is that not a triple threat or what?! You gotta check them out for yourselves. No, seriously!

Appetite. Suppressant. Lollipops?!? @flattummyco this is pretty much the best thing ever. I always tend to reach for granola bars and other prepackaged stuff when I feel a little hungry. Buuut that tends to ruin my dinner later-on, and has been keeping me from really seeing progress in my tummy area. These lollipops are exactly what I need to hold me over until my next meal and they’re only 35 calories. Yep, my cravings can #suckit. Ladies, if you haven’t yet - you really should check them out. #flattummypops

The number on the scale is really just a number... it’s hard not to get obsessed with being a certain weight but I look slimmer now than I did 15lbs lighter 😳🙌🏽 The left pic was me 10 years ago in Brazil and the right is now, 1 year after having a baby! I am in the process of getting my personal training certification, so if you live in Las Vegas and want to really get in shape, I’ll be taking about 3 clients soon 💪🏼😊 #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #fitness #beforeandafter

Ok, so get this. @flattummyco actually came out with appetite suppressant LOLLIPOPS. I wouldn’t of believed it either, but I’m literally holding them in my hands you guys. There’s grape, yellow-apple, watermelon and mixed berry and you just need to have one when you start to feel hungry and it’ll help keep your tummy looking tight + toned all summer long. There’s only 35 calories in them and no artificial flavors - they’re literally my new go-to’s. You need to get your hands on them before they sell out. #suckit #flattummypops

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