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Bianca d'Errico  * Co-Founder Into the Mystic, Transformational Yoga Trainings and Retreats * Transformational Life Coach * Pain Management * Eggo’s Mom 🐶

Our inner child begs us for love. The last place we often look is the first place it starts. The child/the soul needs a love unique to you, a love only you can give. Without our own nurturing, the child becomes the voice of the cynic, inner critic, and limiting believer. It is conditioned from the formative years to develop protective mechanisms for survival against what hurts us. But, you are beyond that now. Nourish your inner being with conscious growth and gentle wisdom. You have learned your lessons, there is no need to keep holding what pains you. Soothe the fears, give comfort in doubt, and most importantly validate little you. You cannot disown or shun the inner child who cries for you, it is you.

Hold your hand, walk into your shadows, and shine light into the darkest places. Expose the pain, anger, fear, abandonment, shame - accept what you refuse. It’s the only way to release control over you. Soften your heart to heal your wounds. Be love by you, for you, and to you. It’s time now to raise yourself. 💖. @intothemysticyoga Transformational Teacher Training, 200 Hr. Link in bio. Photo @iconicimgs

Be prepared to lose people. Not everyone will respect your journey. When you are finally ready to set and honour your boundaries, people who have used and abused you will unleash their unconscious mind. You are not responsible for their reaction. You are your primary responsibility and your first priority. Use your strength to find your peace. The soul child within you needs your guidance to the light of life, not the dim reaches of the ego. Access your innate truth and most authentic self to experience life from love within. Peel away the layers that you built to protect yourself, the same ones that continue to perpetuate your pain. Reveal the striking, pure beauty inside. The universe will reflect it back to you. And once you experience that brilliance, you’ll know every bit of your story was worth it because you are, a thousand times over. 💝 @intothemysticyoga 200 HR Yoga teacher training and transformational journey, October 2018. ✨

When you just cannot deal with anymore rain... go to bed, fall asleep, and hope you wake up to summer. Lol #wishfulthinking #eggojustcant

Whatever you think, you don’t have to believe - not your fears or your worries, not your limiting beliefs or the inner critic. You decide what is true for you, your conditioning takes no precedent. It is most important when it seems impossible. It’s when your soul needs you the most. When we silence the ego, we validate our own selves. Our human experience becomes the journey to divinity. 💖 Transformational Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats, and Coaching @intothemysticyoga. Register Picture by @iconicimgs

To all the women of this world.. no, not anymore. We will not step off our pedestal to meet the shallow ruins of man. We have paid our souls to the patriarchy for millennia and although our light was dimmed, it was never doused. We have endured the pain of humanity separate from one another and today, we heal together. HONOUR yourself and the sacred feminine body, heart, mind and soul. Embrace the purest divinity that births nurturing, understanding and compassion into this world. With our hearts broken open and our souls exposed to the universe, the truth shines through us.. Woman is Love. Happy International Women's Day ❤️

The only person you are guaranteed to have all your life, from the first breath you take to the last, is you. Nurture yourself, be gentle with yourself and forgive yourself. Be yours first.
@intothemysticyoga presents an encore 200 hour yoga teacher training in Calgary, starting October 2018!👏🏼 Register 💫 Picture by @iconicimgs. Leggings by @camilladerrico

Believe in the unknown. Sometimes you have to lose it all to realize everything you still have. Less is more. Love over lust. Time over money. The real things stay with you until the end, the rest of it fades into the past. And when it comes time to look back, you'll be grateful for what you let go of in exchange for what you let in: the things that made you, the things that changed you and the things you never saw coming.
All of it creates the beauty that is life. And this is it - this is all of it so make it last, make it great, make it count in some way; for everything, for everyone, and most importantly for you. 💫

Into the Mystic Yoga Trainings and Intuitive Coaching, link in bio. Image @iconicimgs

Sometimes we live too long within a place that feels without. We start existing from a reality that isn’t connected to our right path, our divine truth and our life’s greatest purpose. When it feels like you’re in a perpetual rut, you are. When it feels like you keep repeating patterns, you do. The only thing that can take you out is you. The only way to change your life is to make changes in your life. Commit to yourself, honour your soul and brave the transformational process. Meet yourself where you want to be.
If this speaks to you, it may be your intuition telling you it’s time to shift your trajectory.
45 minute complimentary Intuitive Coaching session. PM to book or visit link in bio.✨ With love,


But I knew. I knew the whole time, every time. My intuition was clear yet I chose to believe words from unconscious mouths as if to quell my feelings of truth. I wanted to believe in possibility more than knowing reality because the truth wasn’t as charming as a lie. I sacrificed honouring myself for fleeting moments of maybe’s. After countless disappointments something liberating happened...I woke up.

Listen, feel and trust your intuition, it’s your truth. Honour it, always. 💖✨ Into the Mystic Yoga Teacher Trainings and Transformational/Intuitive Coaching. Link in bio.

Here’s a picture of tubby Eggo staring off into the sunset contemplating life like a philosopher, and some sunshine to remind us what it even looks like. lol #vancouverinwinter

See but there’s something happening deep in the underbelly of consciousness. If you sit still or alone long enough you can start to feel it. It’s a dissatisfaction with being dissatisfied. It’s an uncomfortableness thats telling you to move, to speak, to shake, to rise. Lift up so this life can meet the space where your heart and soul already await you. Your truth, your calling, your highest vibration. It’s ascension and it’s happening now, finally. ✨ Into the Mystic Yoga Trainings and Intuitive Coaching. Link in bio. Pic @iconicimgs

Eggo summing up winter blues in Vancouver. Lol

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