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Happy Birthday Zenden Ugen (@zenden_u)
I celebrate my greatest gift of fifteen years, my constant source of pride, joy and inspiration. You have taught me more about patience, laughter, courage and love than any other person.

Happy Birthday my strong, beautiful, independent and ferocious Zen - Papa will always love and believe in you💞

Three shades darker and eight pounds heavier but a lot happier.

གནམ་ལོ་གསར་ཚེ་ལ་བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས། བྱ་བ་ལམ་འགྲོ་ཡོང་བའི་སྨོན་འདུན་ཞུ། On this auspicious day of 2145, Earth-Dog year, wishing our movement and all of you another year filled with extraordinary results in our continued struggle for justice and liberation.

For 59 years, we, the exploited, oppressed, and abandoned of the world continue to achieve meaningful and measurable victories fighting against one of the world’s worst governments. If we don't take defeat, they'll never have the win. It’s undeniable that ‘our’ struggle for ‘our’ nation's freedom continues. Let's keep our spirits and determination resolute so we prevail soon. We will prevail because truth is on our side. We will prevail because we believe there is justice in this world. We will prevail because we must.
On this Losar, let’s reaffirm our birthright to our land and dignity, to our rights and our culture in its historical legacy, and to universal human rights to secure a sustainable future in our own land, free from oppression from a foreign colonial power.
To all our selfless martyrs, we remain eternally obliged and evermore inspired.
To all our sisters and brothers suffering inside occupied Tibet, we look forward to reuniting with you and spending our days happily together in an independent nation, under the leadership and guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the beacon of undying hope and strength for all Tibetans.
Long Live His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Bhod Rangzen Gyalo!
#Losar2018 #EarthDog #TashiDelek

Coordinating signs with China’s biggest pop-star #KrisWu for the legendary #JimmyJam. Kris Wu becomes the first Chinese to perform at #SuperBowl.

My front-yard!
#snowapocalypse #snow

Shout-out to hard-working folks like Cindy, a proud union member of The National Association of Letter Carriers, who are out there braving the harsh 10” snow and the ferocious winds. “Be careful and stay warm”, she said with a warm smile as she handed me the mail.

Happy New Year 2018: Here’s to building trust, starting to believe and learning to love again. Some of the hardest pains are best delivered by people you trust, believe and love the most! #truth
Sending good vibes, strong juju and positive mojo to all of you. And to always discovering a new self.
BRING. IT. ON. 2018.👏🏽

One of the world’s most renowned former Tibetan political prisoner #DhondupWangchen makes a risky & arduous escape from #Tibet to safely reunite with his family after +9yrs (now living in San Francisco). His wife Lhamo Tso and their children are some of the most courageous and resilient people I’ve ever met.
Dhondup was detained by Chinese authorities in Tibet on March 2008 and continuously tortured (for making the documentary film “Leaving Fear Behind” about ordinary Tibetans in Tibet speaking of their desire for freedom)
Released from prison on June 5, 2014, but remained under extremely strict surveillance in Tibet.
Reunited with his family in San Francisco on December 25, 2017
WATCH “Leaving Fear Behind”:


Red Rocks, NV - offers long continuous crack lines and steep, exposed face climbing on fine desert varnish.
Many fine climbs of grade III or IV in length lie in the 5.6 to 5.8 range.

Happy 82nd Birthday to His Holiness the #DalaiLama
May the wishes of the self-immolators and the hopes of every Tibetan inside Tibet and in-exile to see your safe return to #Tibet become a reality soon.
We pray for your long-life Kundun.

Yesterday, I was with some of the youngest minds in our community in Minnesota discussing 'Everyday Leadership'. Their level of engagement and depth of awareness simply blew my mind. Like when I asked them for examples of when they as leaders see problems as a challenge, one child immediately responded "Stopping Donald Trump's Wall". We had a discussion on that.
An incredibly humbling & learning experience -- appreciate the Tibetan Kids Club for the invite and their continued body of activities organized for our children. These children are definitely the leaders of tomorrow.

Highest Form of Respect & Reverence:
Guwahati police in Assam, India, pay homage to His Holiness the #DalaiLama 🙏🏽
(p/c: Tenzin Choejor)

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