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Brittan Ann Harden Colvin  Louisiana Born⚜️Mississippi Loved🌾Wifey 11•03•17👭Mama To Malibu & LaRouge🐾Gypsy Life🛩Constantly on New Adventures in different Area Codes🌇

Who dat say “dey” gonna beat dem Saints🖤⚜️🥃🖤 #LAtoOH #SundayFunday

9 years since our first date-5 years since we decided to put up with only each other-2 years since the question was popped-1 year since we said FOR-EV-ERRR. Oh how life with you is my most favorite! But more importantly, I love that you love our Tigers! Here’s to many more years of tailgating and cheering💛💜I couldn’t love you more, but then again I thought that yesterday⚜️ #1YearDown #BeatBama #BAMAHateWeek #TailgatingThroughTheYears #Wife #GeauxTigahs #WeCominWeAintBackinDown #ForeverLSU

14 years ago my whole world changed when this kid came into my life-I never knew that day that I became the most important thing in my life so far. I will always be your embarrassing, wacky, geeky, crazy, protective, wild, (and all other words you have called me) Aunt Bann! I love you more than anything! Happy 14th birthday to my first baby boy, @brayden.havard! Way to make your Bann feel super old today!

From being that 19 to year old kid that I was secret messaging every day to the 29 year old woman that I get to call my wifey and all our beautiful and chaotic memories in between, I wouldn’t be able to do this thing called life without you by my side💗 Today we celebrate everything that is you, my love! Happy 29th @mcolv33! Now hurry up and get off work so we can go get Margs and talk about how old you’ve gotten😚💗👱🏼‍♀️Also, don’t kill me about one of these pics - dem legs look good girl! #Wife #KnockKnockKnockingOn30sDoor #GammGamm

Some days I’m easily reminded of all the years we have been on this crazy ride, and how I’ve always known you were my always💗Today was one of those days! Thank you for loving me through all my imperfections #JamboreeInTheHills #Merica #MyGirl

When you get to finally see your favorite, @ddlovato, in concert & then to top it off you get put on the Kiss Cam with your hottie of a wife💋❤️🔥 #TimeOfOurLives #ColumbusOH #TMYLMTour #LoveIsLove #DemiKilledIt #OurObsession

“I could have spread my wings & done a thousand things I've never done before..I'll never know what made it so exciting Why all at once my heart took flight I only know when she began to dance with me I could have danced all night” 💖 Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby

Of course, I can’t let this day end without wishing this gorgeous, fun, loving, True Southern Belle Mother of Mine the Happiest of Birthdays. I am so blessed to be able to call you my Mama, and I am so thankful for the girl’s day we had today. I love everything about you💖PS I hope I look as good as you one day🔥🔥 #AgingLikeAFineWine🍷

What a way to start off my 2018🥂From my wife wearing matching glitter shirts to sprained ankles to freezing our butts off cheering on our Tigers - Family Vacation 2017 was one for the books & I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with my family❤️ #JolliestBunchofAssholes #ThisSideofTheNutHouse #WeSurvived8Days #WaltDisneyWorld #MagicKingdom #AnimalKingdom #HollywoodStudios #DisneySprings #UniversalStudiosOrlando #HarryPotterWorld #CitrusBowl #ForeverLSU #WhenYouWishUponAStar #Blessed #FamilyIsAll #ArtOfAnimationResort #WeCameWeParkHoppedWeDidItAll #LovedEveryMinute #HavardBoys #HardenHavardColvinFamilyVacation

#2017bestnine I don’t know how we are gonna beat this amazing, fabulous, chaotic, intense, love-filled, memorable year we have had, but I can’t wait to try🥂Bring on 2018 & all its beauty & glory! #NewYearSameUs #LivingOurBestLife #TheColvinsAreReady

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