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भारत कथा - Bharat Katha  Bhārat is the official Sanskrit name of India. Bharat Katha is a collection of real stories from India - by man with a camcorder - @nitton

Before I start publishing the stories from my Punjab trip I'd like acknowledge that this experience was nothing short of enlightening for the reasons I am about to tell you.
It started with my post earlier when I reached out to people in Punjab to help me find people who are waiting to be found to share their stories. In a few replies I was pleasantly surprised by Raju Jat's response who is from Bikaner in Rajasthan and one of the youngest rider who did Kashmir to Kanyakumari (from top to the bottom of India), he was travelling to attend the Hola Mohalla festival as well in Anandpur Sahib in Punjab. Raju was going to meet Manish (@cmanish80)and stay in the his village whom he met through Instagram as well and that was their first face to face meeting. Manish is not from that village and staying with their mum's sisters joint family. They were told about my visit and the family insisted that I should stay with them. With an initial hesitation I agreed to stay over night. After travelling 648km by road as I got to a location following a GPS pinpoint, driving through narrow single lane road in the middle of no where - I almost decided to not go inside and instead decided to find a hotel and stay there. Although it was too late the people from the house were already outside and there was no where for me to hide. My hesitation was only due to an experience I had exactly four years back on the same day attending the Holi festival in Vrindavan where I was attacked and almost died in that ordeal. I survived and I had many trips to India since then ( I promise I will tell you that story in an another post soon). The memories of that experience was messing with my head four years later. So little did I know I was about to have a completely different experience ( imagine a scene in a story where the narrators voice was saying these words :) As I met the whole family and opened up to them - It felt like - a family who were welcoming their long lost son, a brother. I only experience this feeling of love and trust through my mum and my dear aunt (my mum's sister who sadly passed away recently). My this year resolution was...
(Story continues in the comments below...)

The chaos and madness of an incredible day on Hola Mohalla at Anandpur Sahib

Nihang Sikhs performing Gatka at Hola Mohalla festival in Anandpur Sahib Punjab #punjab #holamohala #anandpursahib

A grandma from Bikaner in Rajasthan travelling to Haridwar for a spiritual trip with her family. I saw her while she was looking to buy khartal and so was I and I bought it for her. She was ecstatic and so was her family.

First portrait of the trip. After a visit to the hospital which caused the slow start, I am back with full colours 🤪🙏

Bharat Katha needs you! #punjab


Where would be Krishna without Radha?

Radha is considered a metaphor for soul, a soulmate of the divine. A true embodiment of love.

According to some “the Krishna-Radha love story is a metaphor for divine-human relationship, where Radha is the human devotee or soul who is frustrated with the past, obligations to social expectations and the ideas she inherited, who then longs for real meaning, the true love, the divine (Krishna). This metaphoric Radha (soul) finds new liberation in learning more about Krishna, bonding in devotion and with passion”

I hope your soul finds the liberation in true love.😊🙏

Moments from Rath Yatra festival in London

Celebrating the Rath Yatra festival in London

The Hindus of London, and they know more about Hinduism than I do! 😊@sringara

The angelic Hindu

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