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Bhaane  Celebrating simplicity and spirit of individuality Clothing #Bhaane

Contrasting bands of black, red and white are characteristic of Nagaland weaves created on simple tension looms. It’s an effortless colour block, ancient in its origins. Turned to a flat knit, geometric pattern or cotton embroidered detail, it recurs through Collection 01.

Wall Mural, Chandigarh, 2018. #bhaaneontour

Street wares, Ahmedabad, 2018. #bhaaneontour

Elizabeth, Okhla, 2018

Flowers, Chandigarh, 2018. #bhaaneontour

What if style was not about the aspiration, but about the journey? Introducing Collection 01.

THE ‘DENIM SHIRT’ Long sleeves shirt in a light washed indigo denim. Double cross stitch. Flap Pockets. Slim collar.

Every detail has a source. Wall graffiti, Trivandrum, 2018. #bhaaneontour

THE ‘SCRIPT SHIRT’ Long sleeves shirt in a velvety cotton twill. Tonal Stitching. Spread Collar.

Welcome to the new Bhaane. We have spent the last year travelling across the country. From Nagaland to Karnataka, Jaipur to Guwahati, Calcutta to Trivandrum, and so much in between. We realise what makes India is its fragmentation, and what makes a culture are its people. We want to bring you a culture that represents this. We want to bring you a culture that makes no generalisations. This is culture that is made with care and attention. This is a culture that wants to experiment together with you. With style, with identity, and what it means to be Indian today. Welcome to #bhaaneontour.

As Bhaane turns 6, @sonamkapoor & @anandahuja of bhaane are pleased to announce the appointment of @nimishshift as creative director for Bhaane.

@shanishakent in our pleated shirt dress-white!
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