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Bhavani Esapathi  👻👻👻 Snapchat@bhaesa * Live to make Invisible Diseases more Visible * Speaks & Writes for A Living ✌🏼️

The Last Sunset in Greece 🙌🏽 Being here reminded me so much of my childhood, narrow Indian streets, food vendors vying for your attention in the background and the kind of scorching heat that makes you want to jump with joy 😁 there's this uncanny feeling of familiarity clouded with a sense of unexplainable newness. I'd love to hear from from those who've been to both these places too ( 🇮🇳 + 🇬🇷) on the different ways you processed this intuitive unfamiliarity ☺️

It's like time travel made better with wifi 📱

When Good Design makes you Pause Life for a Moment that extends into a memory 💌 I love discovering little corners like this that make you smile in the middle of a hectic workday 🎈

If you're interested to learn about antibiotics or think you don't need to know about the role antibiotics are playing in world health, go check out this exhibition. Aptly titled Back From The Dead, the underground gallery displays facts, figures & narratives on the usage of antibiotics through history. My personal fascination with antibiotics is intrinsically tied in with how healthcare is delivered across the world and the different ways antibiotics are dispensed. Of course I take at least one type of antibiotic every month on average with an added touch of suspense now & then as one of my doctors rings me repeatedly one time hoping I haven't already taken a tablet prescribed by another one of my doctors who forgot to liaise with him beforehand thereby giving me an antibiotic (Naproxen) that could be dangerous for my highly sensitive IBD stomach. They're these weird substances, given away like after dinner mints, consumed like candy but nobody really has a definite, commanding consensus on them - almost as if it were medicine.

🌺 S U M M E R 🍂 B L O S S O M I N G 🌺

Quick trip to Oxfordshire this Easter Weekend to soak in some volcano knowledge 🌋

🍽 Zünftiges Frühlingsfrühstück 🍽

One of those evenings...📚

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