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I had to post this lmfaoooo she dont know what she saying @malutrevejo deleting later 🐍

She so cute 😍

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Yess I would write about my thoughts a feelings right this moment but ik nobody cares even though I love this girl so much and her having to go through difficult times that I have experienced but her much worse,her having to deal with over millions of haters such as people telling her to kill her self and thats not right...This made me sad seeing this to see how Dani changed in just a couple of months πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜’β€@bhadbhabie -
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Ok I'm done posting till later I'm always up all night just for this page,Dani,and y'all. I work hard getting videos out even though people really dont care and I dont blame y'all.I just really love Dani please stop bringing up her past like malu hoe ass I dedicate this page to Dani because she is just a normal girl that doesn't gaf about what people say about her and I love how much confident she has in herself unlike malu everything revolves around malu and her spoiled ass at 14 wearing millions of makeup when she should be stuck in school (yess I know its summer) even though thats not a reason why not to go to school because during school hours it doesn't seem like she is going to school (yes she is summer schooled but still) either I'm glad Danielle is going to school Monday through Friday 3 hours a day I rather have that than nothing ps if you dont like my page I suggest you unfollow or block me and I'm sorry that I dont answer dms as often anymore it gets annoying at times and puts to much stress that I have all ready have on my shoulders.I really dont care if you dm me but like I said I'm not as persistent in answering dms anymore it to many people asking the same questions over and over I mainly only answer to hate dms cuz I think its funny and i always see old men in my dms I just think thats creepy I'm aware malu is a most hated 2017 girl at a very young age for the things she does and how much she lies to her fans and treats them like shit.She claims she is nice but believe me she is not. A big hypocrite for a 14 year old she is known as malu the hoe,besides that let's move on my opinions on Vicky and papi JJ.I honestly feel bad for papi JJ because he has to deal with her crazy ass anyways I feel like I have gotten off topic if you have any concerns about what I am saying just dm me.It may take me some time to answer sincerely Nevaeh - ik there are not many periods (.) In this whole body shitty paragraph whatever you wanna call it.The reason is because i ain't got time for all that extra Shit and ain't very good at writing. I'm sweet as long as you dont get on my nerves and be a smart ass cuz I can be one to.Ok THIS IS SO OFF TOPIC WTF.its a FANPAGE

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