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“The Letter”
Torrijos, Spain 2018

Thanks to @danferrer_art !

“Kick me”
Leiria, Portugal 2018

Thanks to @projectomatilha and @artepublicaleiria
#bezt #etam #beztetam

“Bad Thoughts”
pen and crayon on paper,
For “Altered Reality” with @galerieopenspace
Opening Today!! Swipe for the poster.

“White night”
Acrylic on linen 150x160cm
For “Altered Reality” @galerieopenspace
Opening tomorrow!
Happy to be there with that lineup!

Detail of a drawing done for Altered Reality group show at @galerieopenspace

Small detail of a new painting for Altered Reality group show with @galerieopenspace
More info soon :)

„End of all days”
200x120cm acrylic on linen

Detail of a new painting...
Also I’m looking for a new camera, I need it for photographing paintings and murals so good color reproduction and high detail, could somebody suggest a good and not super expensive one?

“The Purge” from our show “Ugly Heroes” in Montana gallery Barcelona 2014
One of those I still like (but still would change a lot)

Sorry boys but I’m married now :)

Ride for Mongolia, skatecustom exhibition organized by @learnandskate at @madehotels, New York.
The aim is to build the first skate park in Mongolia and give access to education for kids.
A online auction will start on @paddle8 from 29 May to 12 June 2018 so stay tuned. ————————————————————
Opening today at @madehotels ————————————————————
Great artist involved and myself, you can see my work when you swipe left(I think) ————————————————————
„Follow the Rat”
acrylic on skateboard

“The other side of the carpet”
acrylic on linen 160x100cm from my solo show “Beautiful Mistakes” with @spoke_art and @thinkspace_art
We are thinking about doing this one as a limited edition print but I’m not 100% sure if it’s a good idea, what do you guys think?

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