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Uptown encounters are so valuable, crossing paths and sharing laughter is imperative @ed_cultured #playmeimyours

what's really wrong here?

🔊Self-liberation is an endless transformation. A complex path of reflection & questioning that requires patience, mindfulness, and awareness to gain freedom. We are in a revolutionary era where we must support our community to find fulfillment within ourselves. To exhibit dichotomy creates barriers within our perspective and community. It is necessary to embrace duality in order to expand our horizons. (Featured here is Edgar, and Melvin who I've met along this journey. Their energy is stimulating, and work question our perception, allowing conversation on how we perceive and utilize our resources.)
🇧🇷Today is Tiradentes day 🇧🇷commemorating Joaquim José da Silva Xavier's death. Tiradente (Joaquims nickname; translation "tooth puller") was a dentist by profession that founded the "Inconfidência Mineria" movement, which fought for Brazilian independence and freedom from Portuguese colonial power. (Read more on their story, the power of Independent research is valuable y'all) •He was betrayed and arrested in 1789, tried for three years then hanged on this day, 1792. His head was left on public display in his hometown of Vila Rica (translation- Rich called Ouro Preto; translation- Black gold) as a warning to other revolutionaries. •A hundred years after his death, his liberal ideas continued to influence Brazilian thinking which led to our independence in 1882. ‼️Later, the republics flag became Minha Gerais state flag which consisted of this Latin motto: "Libertas Quae Sera Tamen"; translation "Freedom, even if it be late." 🔁We cannot move forward if we do not free ourselves from the constraint of this system implemented upon us.🔁

Focus on the deconstruction to fully develop and expand.

Old fashioned tear

To look back, and see what a long way you can go when don't cling to the idea of a future, these experiences your mind creates, with no real satisfaction of living it. You can only be present, and damn the preconceived notions of society that make you feel inadequate. Always be aware and mindful of yourself, and fulfillment will shortly follow. You don't know the light, unless you're swallowed whole by the dark. Not because it's two different energies, but because you don't know one without the other. Don't reject the bad, because then you wouldn't know how to experience the good. TBT

It's so imperative that you remind yourself everyday that there are souls fighting for basic rights. Sunday we witnessed what we're capable of but have not yet-reached full capacity. This is only the beginning, and whatever you can do to make a difference, please do. If you can't donate, your presence and voice matters. This wonderful spirit, @laurab1tch is participating and representing those that cannot be there. Send her blessings and follow her to stay aware. Also @djalibc, another force and source to stay up to date. She will be participating alongside @arthoecollective in a discussion at @playgroundcoffeeshop from 5-630 today.

What a time to be fucking alive....To see the drive in good and evil, and how you cannot realize one without the other. We've seen the truth & power from the negative where hate moves this country/election, and the power of positivity, that gave so many people the strength to unite for a common cause. Isn't that moving? Insubordination can be unapologetic as long as it's done with dignity, and I am so proud to be in the midst of a revolution. To me....Water is one of my biggest inspirations, and I ask myself everyday how I can cause ripples and exude such serenity as a body of water. I want you to ask yourself the same, because there is no room for complacency in a time with so many possibilities to spread knowledge and awareness.
This is only the beginning. ✊🏽

Although I am thankful for so much in my life, from the experiences that have been my fuel, to the spirit of those I care immensely about. I can't seem to look out a window that's PAINTED blue, and insist that the sky is in fact blue...just so I can cling to some sort of serenity. Our world is not the filter you see it through, and because it doesn't affect you directly, doesn't mean you shouldn't recognize what needs to be revealed. RECOGNIZE that the values, and injustices of this country are outdated....but are relevant enough to keep us oppressed, defeated, indoctrinated and marginalized on a daily basis. But REALIZE that you are not alone. This here darkness that is around us today, and inside us the only way to grow. I send my positive energy to standing rock and all of you ✊🏽

spark the alchemy inside

Remember that the darkness is the light. Stay aware, It's too easy to feel defeated and complacent.
I feel we can all relate to Jennie jieun lee's sculpture featured a couple of months back at the landings booth/NADA.

You're on your own if you're standing in silence, and believe your voice doesn't matter. You're on your own if you are in anyway putting a divide in the community that can stand for something. This is a revolution, and it's no time to let this country be its own demise. "Feeling terrified is how you recognize what you need. Terror encourages you to jump, even when you don't know if you'll ever land." See you at union square 6-9pm

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