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I tend to be a very private person, and only those who are close to me know my depth and goals when it comes to taking a leap of faith in moving to DR and creating innovative solutions while building awareness within communities that can lend a hand to our worldwide consumption issue. I’m still finding my place in this world but the power of manifestation has led me to make incredible connections that assure me everything is evolving as it should. I’ve been spamming my IG story with goods I’m selling to help fund my endeavors personally and with ♻️ please consider sharing with friends, because the power of community is strong. Thanks y’all and @edgar.garrido_ for taking this image; a real one.

We have two homes to take care of, our personal vessel and our environment. Both have consequences if we do not take accountability for our consumption and negligence. ~ this is footage from “Abundancia” our short film from 2017. A metaphor; the ocean is not our washing machine, we should not throw our dirty laundry there. ♻️ Imagine the possibilities if we celebrated the earth everyday and made a conscious effort to collectively reduce our waste and continue to explore innovative solutions to reuse. ♻️ Today I also celebrate the advancements made within our society and science to be more mindful of our earth and our place in it.

Familia en la playa de fuerte San Gil ~ 2018

There’s something in you that the world needs

Ruben after talking about the balancing act of life, and how fruitful life can be if we accept the positive and negative truly within ourself and outside of.

trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth

discarded digital camera parts found along the Malecon today
♻️(in the US alone, only 20% of the 44.7 metric tons of e-waste generated was actually recycled in 2016. Imagine worldwide..)

when I witness moments like this it is a reminder to keep going, I’m exactly where I need to be.

Take a moment with me to commemorate the achievements of an incredible being, Marielle Franco. She was appointed city council member last year and the face of resistance in Rio de Janeiro, where she defended the human rights of residents in favelas and other marginalized communities against police brutality. She was on her way home last night from a rally she had organized to push for better treatment of black woman, when she took four shots to the head from a police drive by. Another example of the dangers that Human Rights defenders face in Brazil. Do not let fear oppress us in dark times, because it is the darkness that leads to the light. Photo by Ian Cheibub at one of the protests held in Brazil after her death.
🔊 Justice must be served, Rest in power.

At centro educativo Prof. Manuel Felíz Peña building a mural with students using cement and recycled materials

a memoir

Power of manifestation,
Good Orderly Direction

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