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Beyond Type 1  Place for T1D Warriors to share their #LivingBeyond truth everyday. For more from Beyond Type 1 - @beyondtype1daily


Meet @mattkillszombies "I have been Type 1 for almost 20 years, and it has always been a struggle. But it has taught me so much and has made me the man who I am today. My name is Matty and I live beyond by writing music! "⠀

Meet @MyDiabetesOne "As an ER physician assistant I strive to educate and motivate my Type 1 diabetic patients and their families a little more. I wear my dexacom on my arms and I educate everyone who asks about it. My name is Dana and this is how I live beyond!"⠀⠀

Meet @onedaytypeone "I live beyond by spreading awareness through @onedaytypeone and making the best of this "new life." Always follow your dreams, help others, be kind and keep smiling. My name is Kaidin and this is how I live beyond!"⠀

Meet @ "I breathe deep and find balance when my blood glucose is on an unforgiving roller-coaster ride! I love to push my limits and to show off my insulin pump and educate those who want to learn! My name is Jessica and this is how I live beyond!"⠀

Meet @alayagabriella "By just living! I was born strong, talented, with an outgoing personality and a heart to change the world. I sing, dance, write songs, love to entertain and help others. I play flag football, basketball, gymnastics, and I love animals! I am also an entrepreneur! My love for dogs inspired me to start my own doggie bow-tie business. There's nothing I can't do! I'm still me! And I refuse to change! I believe kids with diabetes have a special strength. Any chance I get I tell my story and am proud to say that despite diabetes..I still shine! My life has just begun and I plan to live it to the fullest! My name is Alaya Gabriella and this is how I live beyond!"⠀

Meet @robb_barth "I give 100% at everything I do. When life knocks me down, I get back up again and fight another day. I fight hard so I can be there for those that matter the most! My name is Robb and this is how I live beyond!"⠀

Meet @gmgoist "I live beyond by battling depression, anxiety, and anorexia while living with Type One diabetes. I fight a mental and physical war every day while staying positive and living life to the fullest. I play tennis, volunteer, and am raising funds for a Diabetic Alert Dog!! My name is Genna, and this is how I live beyond."⠀

How does Tilly live beyond? "By horseriding, playing sports and playing with my friends. Thinking about horses, thinking about what I should do in the summer, and knowing that there will be a cure!"⠀

Meet @yerachmiel.altman "Have been at bleeding edge of diabetes tools and technology since began home glucose testing in '78, pumping in '81 and cgms in '01 as well as working full time in computing software, working freelance on diabetes tech, keeping up a diabetes R&D Facebook group and producing books for children with diabetes. My name is Yerachmiel and this is how I live beyond!"⠀

Meet @emilysdiabetes + @typeonetimes "I live beyond by using the skills diabetes has given me to thrive in my everyday life. The determination, courage and organization diabetes has taught me has been pivotal in undertaking a science degree whilst balancing work, an active lifestyle and a fabulous network of loved ones! I love sharing my story and challenging people I meet to change their misconceptions of Type 1. My name is Emily and this is how I live beyond."⠀

Meet @ella_runs "I run on my cross country team at school and I'm a leader and advocate for Type 1 in my community as I have the title of Miss Capitol Region's Outstanding Teen. Going through diagnosis has really changed me - I'm more aware of my health in general, not just my blood sugar. Since diagnosis, I've been able to work out, be healthy, and be happy. My name is Ella and this is how I live beyond!" .
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Meet @noahcwaters "I live beyond by not letting Type 1 get me down & embracing it! I still do the things I love and live life to the fullest. Insulin junkie for life... well, at least until a cure is found! My name is Noah and this is how I live beyond!"⠀

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