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How does Matt live beyond? "By Inspiring others! Forest and I are active traveling around the country talking about nutrition, mental health, and creative ways to make a difference. Our outreach is a product of growing up in a medical family, a career in advertising, and seeking understanding of current community needs. Music, art, snowboarding, and mountain biking have been passions - but communicating and understanding people was my gift. If you need help, the Global Ambassadors of Beyond Type 1 are here to plug you into the right resource." #T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #California #BT1GAC

"Since finishing the Bike Beyond ride last summer, I have been in school full time. I am studying Mechanical Engineering with a Biomedical Engineering minor at Boise State University. I am also currently working in a Materials Science and Engineering laboratory on campus, researching magnetic shape memory alloys and using the alloy to develop microfluidic pumps. My journey with Type 1 has inspired me to pursue a STEM career in hopes of contributing to the field of biomedical engineering, and ultimately making life easier for me and my fellow type 1s!" #T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #BT1GAC

"I love connecting with other people living with type 1 diabetes! For the past 10 years, I’ve been working at diabetes camps where I love getting to know kids who are just starting out on their journey with T1D, campers that have been living with diabetes even longer than I have, and amazing staff with T1D who are incredible role models for these kiddos! I’m so inspired by every person with T1D that I get to meet, and the community constantly inspires me to continue to pursue my dreams and not let T1D hold me back in any way. I see T1D as a blessing in disguise!"
#T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #BT1GAC

Hey, Jordan: "After being a part of Bike Beyond, I realized that diabetes isn’t my limitation. It’s not anyone’s limitation. I believe that living beyond is making a choice. Living beyond is waking up and not letting anyone or anything set your limits. I live beyond by not letting anyone tell me where my limits are and that includes my own limiting thoughts. I’ve found that to live beyond I have to constantly push myself to find my true limits. And the only way to find out is to get after it, whatever your it is and find out if the limit is real or not." #T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #TeamBikeBeyond #BT1GAC

Hello, Justin: "I live beyond by using Type 1 as an opportunity to encourage and inspire others. I try to show others they can live a fulfilling life even with Type 1." #T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #BT1GAC

Hello, Libby: "Every morning I wake up grateful for all that I can do, not what I can't. Some people think having diabetes means their body has betrayed them, but I look at it as an opportunity to bond even deeper with my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self to feel stronger than ever."
#T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #BT1GAC

Hello, Apoorva "I live beyond by staying positive & not letting anything limit me being 'just me'. I love helping others discover the flip side of the ups and downs that living with diabetes brings along. I work as a doctor wearing cyborg parts in the hospital and the rest of the day I do what I love -- being the voice to educate, raise awareness and get rid of misconceptions about the disease. Diabetes keeps pushing me to explore the unknown and prove that I can do anything I desire. And lastly, it has given me an opportunity to meet so many inspiring people all over the world ... I call it 'My Tribe'." #T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #India #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #BT1GAC

Meet Bambi "I live beyond by accepting the challenges T1 hands me daily, and pushing through them with a smile. I am passionate about speaking up and educating others about T1, as the more awareness there is, the more we can all Live Beyond." #T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #BT1GAC

Here's Jesse" "I live beyond by educating and caring for others. I use all the skills and tools T1D has given me to help care for my patients as well as their families!" #T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #BT1GAC

Here's Samantha: "I live beyond by advocating for global access to insulin. I recently completed a public health master's program at Yale University, where I designed and led a research study to understand and identify the barriers to insulin access that exist for adults with T1D in the United States. This research was the basis for my graduate thesis, and my goal is to eventually get it published in the hopes that it might guide future policy and public health interventions to ensure all people with T1D can access insulin regardless of their finances, background, or insurance status." #T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #BT1GAC .
Fun fact - Samantha just recently married her longtime boyfriend + fellow GAC member Ryan - Campbell.

"When I was diagnosed 5 years ago I felt so lonely! I created the persona Glitter Glucose to find friends living with diabetes and share “me too’s!” Now I dedicate my time to make sure no one else ever feels alone because of this condition! Through my blog and Instagram I am able to share my personal experiences, give tips & tricks, host events + connect with Type 1’s all over the world! I love being part of the Global Ambassador Council!" #T1D #Type1diabetes #livebeyond #beyondtype1 #diabadass #community #T1Dcommunity #BT1GAC

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