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#beyondthetreesmedia  Did you do something today that was better than yesterday...but not as good as tomorrow? Dream....make a difference and Live the Adventure.

Early rise in Chicago...and the day begins....where will your journey take you are extraordinary.

....where it all began...another Seattle icon.

Pike Place Market....a quiet moment in space and time...until another day.

Piece by chiseled and jack-hammered piece....the infamous Seattle viaduct is destroyed. It’s bygone era a testament to today’s fast paced “tear-it-down, “forget-it”, “re-build it” mentality. I will forever remember many trips on the viaduct as I took in the beautiful Seattle skyline and waterfront.

Spring in clockwork...herring begin there spawn off the remote shores in Southeast Alaska. Be kind to Mother Nature. #respectmothernature

Hello Ketchikan...flight 67. You look beautiful today.

Color of the night...I also shot this in black and white and posted earlier...color or black and white? What’s your flavor?

Tall totem...Sitka National Historical Park, Sitka, Alaska.

Sitka by the Sea on a clear early Spring afternoon. Mt. Edgecumbe stands sentinel ... keeping a watchful eye over the Gulf of Alaska and it’s surroundings.

Totem among the tall trees...#livetheadventure.

March Madness Alaska style. Great time of year for basketball fans in Southeast Alaska. Once a year boys and girls basketball players, cheerleaders, drill teams, bands, parents, family and friends gather in either Ketchikan, Juneau or Sitka for the 2A/3A/4A tournament. This year’s tournament was held at the B. J. McGillis gym on the campus of Mt. Edgecumbe high school in Sitka, Alaska. Only a spectator the few years...but harkening back to the days when both of my boys played in the tournament and earned trips to the State tournament in Anchorage.

Suspended in time and space...what do you see?

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