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Stu Fagan  Drummer | Educator | 🇬🇧 Provider of Positive Vibes | ✌️ Guitarists DM for collab | 👈 Beyondthebeat17@hotmail.com


Jamming with ‘Alien’ by @instachops - awesome loops dude. I enjoyed hitting too hard and generally overplaying on this really chilled out one! 🤪😇 I’ve got a few more play along videos in the pipeline, let me know what you think!

Spent the day in London with @jewlzdrums today, so it’s a #TBT to a shuffle, swapping from right to left every bar - I think it really helps both coordination and dynamic application when you try playing he same thing with both a right/left hand lead. ———————————————Also, this was before I started mixing the kit so it’s great to hear how my audio has improved! It’s great motivation! Enjoy! 🤪

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! 🎉Guess how old I am and the first person to get it right gets a shoutout in my story tomorrow (if you want!) 🤪 @professional_drummers @drumcommunity @drums_my_life @drummers.of.insta @drumfaster @usadrum @drums.ins.gram @d2thajay @dimitrifantini @jewlz_drums @lucassilva.20

DRUM FILL FRIDAY!!!! What you all up to this weekend folks?

This is my 13” by 8” @ddrumusa Dios Bubinga.. I love cranking this bad boy HIGH. @snareaddict @snaresoftheday @snaredrumaniac @snaredrumfreakz

Face emotion like a idiot.

Without going into too much detail, I record everything with 4 mics.
Kick, snare top and 2 overheads.
I will hopefully soon be expanding to an 8 mic setup (you know, with all the money I don’t have...) but I’m thinking of using 1 mic to capture BOTH rack toms, 1 in the floor, but what would I use the last 2 for?
I’m thinking hats and maybe snare underside... suggestions?? @usadrum @ddrumusa @drumslove_gram @drum_lovers_world @thenewdrummer @instagroove_ @drummers.of.insta @sabiancymbals_official

Here’s a REALLY simple fill idea... kind of reminds me of swimming front crawl! 😂 it’s says on the video but it’s basically counted in triplets 123,123 but only playing stuff on ‘1 3, 2 ‘ how does the stack sound? 😎I LOVE IT. Gigged with it for the first time yesterday and as expected I completely overused it 🙄

Lots of jams recently so here’s a cool little lesson for you! A fill combining 16th note triplets and straight 16ths!! Enjoy!

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