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Beyond Classically Beautiful  * Multimedia platform celebrating the diverse beauty of Black women * Curated by Abi Ishola @aishola

Serena Williams is the woman who inspired our first #BodyNoire series. During her domination of female tennis in 2015 as she embarked on yet another grand slam, somehow her physique became the topic on social media and in mainstream publications. “Muscular,” “Manly,” and “Too Strong,” were the words used to describe her at a time when “champion” “inspiration” and “legend” should have been the sole verbiage associated with the legendary athlete. But as a black woman, she was held under a microscope for her appearance as many of us are. She's the source of endless shaming when it comes to her body, meanwhile it is that very body that's made her the greatest in tennis. Can she live? Can black women live without feeling like our bodies are up for endless scrutiny? We will discuss this and more during our live photo exhibition of Body Noire 2 at our upcoming event, June 11th. We will also shift the narrative towards celebrating our bodies because we are #BeyondClassicallyBeautiful at every size. #BlackExcellence has no size.
For tickets visit (Link in bio)
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#RealBeautyMoment I always thought I was too skinny. When I was going through my divorce I lost a lot of weight, and then my face kind of looked longer, my bones were sticking out more. I didn’t want to see myself because I was already skinny and I was already a little bit insecure about how skinny I was so you can imagine.

I have a 10-year-old and a 4-year-old, and the 10-year-old she was not used to seeing my crying, she was not used to seeing me not eating, all the things that we used to do together I stopped. Then I was like, I have to get it together my daughter is falling apart with me. I listened to some of the things she said and I realized I really had to get it together. She said things like mom, you don’t wear makeup anymore. She would say, ‘oh, you used to take me here, mom it’s Thursday and we used to go to so and so,’ and I would say, I don’t want to go. She would get really sad and I was like, ‘you know what.’ She’s very smart. She would say some things out of the blue. She said a few things that made me realize she was actually going through it with me. Some of the things she said, I was thinking, ‘how would she know to say that and I’m the one who is feeling that.’ So that helped me. I had to do counseling, that helps too. I promised my daughter that I would never put her through anything like that again. With that promise I tell myself, ‘okay, I can’t be sad today.’ I have to build her up to be confident. Even now when we go out she says, ‘mommy you can date now.’ I had to really get it together for my daughters. – Shushara Byfield, @diamondintheruss_flowerbomb
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"Like many young women, I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my body–I was always the tall girl with the slender build and pudgy stomach. But over the years my body chemistry has become more of an issue for me than my actual frame. When I was in my early 20s I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a condition that throws female hormones out of whack."
Last year for our first #BodyNoire series one of our models didn't show up to the shoot. It gave us enough time to squeeze in a few shots of me. I had already contemplated and slightly planned to be a part of it, but a big part of me was afraid to share my personal story. I put on my big girl panties (literally), took these photos, then later I began writing about my struggles with PCOS. Afterwards, I felt like I was set free from the issues the condition causes. I hope I was able to help other women.

This year 6 beautiful women will share their stories for part 2 of our series. We will unveil the photos gallery style in Brooklyn on June 11th and have a panel discuss black female bodies and how we've been politicized, scrutinized, and yet copied to no end. We will also get into why we love our bodies and our struggles.
Don't miss the event! It will be a total celebration of us! Get your tickets today at (link in bio).
Necklace by @thesillysimone MUA Yetty Bames

Next month we will unveil part 2 of our acclaimed #BodyNoire photo series gallery style in Brooklyn. Beauty Director @_danaoliver and Beauty Expert, Yetty Bames will drop some knowledge. Let's eat finger food, throw some drinks back, and be merry too. Get your tickets today. (Eventbrite Link in bio)

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You feed the world with unconditional love. Know that your outstanding work as a mother not only serves your family, you are nurturing communities. We thank you!
Happy Mother's Day and many blessings to you from #BeyondClassicallyBeautiful.

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We're doing a last-minute casting for one model for an upcoming photo shoot held in Brooklyn. We are looking for a curvy woman size 6-12. Must be Black/Afro Latinx
Please email us at least one headshot and one full length shot, #ModelSearch #curvymodelsearch #fitmodel #curvygirl #curvyfit #curvywomen #curves #curvesreign #celebratemysize

Born strong. Made stronger. Pay attention to people in your personal army. Do they lift you up? #WarriorWomen #BeyondClassicallyBeautiful #blackwomen
Photographer unknown

"Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
-Hans Christian Andersen

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is celebrating Irving Penn’s centennial. The exhibit features more than 200 of his memorable photos, including this stunning image of model icon, Naomi Sims. #BeautyShot #BeyondClassicallyBeautiful #Beauty #BlackWomen #BlackModels #BlackisBeautiful #naomisims

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