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Oh, Israel, how I miss you and all the beautiful friends I made while experiencing your magic! Tonight is Shabbat dinner in NYC with two out of three of these gorgeous people and other members of our crew. Our connection was so real... it's the stuff of life. That whole trip was a manifestation of the purpose mantra I share so often with all of you: "My purpose is to love and to be loved, to learn and to teach." How do those elements of purpose show up in your life? I get to feel like I'm living my purpose every day, and being with these people made me realize that there's just no other way to live. #blissedin

It's up to you. Isn't that wonderful? #blissedin #freewill #blessed

Living life right. #blissedin

My house is quite literally a shitshow right now, and I'm smiling. Having it all and having it all together doesn't mean everything has to look perfect... but it sure can look beautiful. #YH4M

The weekend before last was spent in two separate emergency rooms with two separate kids (one kid was breaking her leg on a trampoline at the babysitter's while I was in the ER with one of the big kids).
A co-sleeping toddler with a broken leg and a cast/weapon does not make for awesome sleep, so I'm clocking about 3-4 hours each night for the past 13 nights.
After a brief (and necessary) rekindling of my relationship with coffee (I've been off caffeine for 4 years), I decided (read: my anxiety decided) that coffee is not my friend.
Oh yeah, my dog (pictured) has diarrhea now, my college kid is moving home for the summer, another one is graduating 8th grade, and I'm launching a wickedly juicy group coaching program from the workshop I'm doing in my private Facebook group (join us—link in bio). ALL THE THINGS ARE HAPPENING AT ONCE.
All of this is to say that my practice is my lifesaver. Without meditation, a good support system, and—oh yeah—fantastic nutrition, I think I would have set myself on fire and ran into a field.
Also pictured: my morning vegan smoothie with my favorite plant protein. I drink this every day. It gives me energy and helps me poop. I also drink amazing minerals and a greens blend that GIVES ME LIFE.
I sell these products because they're amazing. I've been a part of the company since the nutrition line was in development because I had that much faith in the line and the people. I believe you should all be using these products, too. There's also a kickass probiotic that you NEED in your gut.
I give every new customer presents when they buy from Don't be sad and tired and wanting to set yourself on fire. Be happy and dope like me, a women who maintains awesomeness and high levels of productivity even when a toddler is kicking her in the face with a cast/weapon. Yeah, shop
(Annie demanded to jump into the picture at the last minute.) #blissednutrition

The force is strong with this one. Circumstances can be a dick, for sure. But you... the true and radiant essence of you is stunningly awesome. I love you. #YH4M

All these goodies went out to my Blissed Beauty customers today!
I have big goals to meet for my Blissed Beauty business this month, so I want to give you extra incentive for joining me in my mission to clean up the skincare and beauty industry through beautiful SAFE products.
Take advantage of these deals between May 23 - 31, and claim these gorgeous bonuses from ME!
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➸ All purchases over $100 (before shipping and tax) will qualify for a FREE Charcoal Bar, Lengthening Mascara, or Sunscreen Stick.
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This. So much this. #blissedin

I'm so grateful for all the beautiful images, messages, and reviews for my book. It means the world to me to know that my words have landed so sweetly with the exact people who needed them. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (I have gifts for you waiting at Go get them!) #YH4M #blissedin

The raddest thing about my meditation practice is how much I accomplish sitting still. I can teach you how to do this, too! My book and all the bonuses are waiting for you at And watch out for a new readers-only giveaway coming this week! You have to be registered to qualify, so get over to the book bonus page now. #YH4M (

I try to resist the word "should" as much as possible, but there's one should I repeat often. And in this moment, I think I'll upgrade it to a MUST. You MUST spend time connecting to yourself every day. Connecting to your SELF connects you to all that is... all the wisdom and power of the Universe. This connection grounds you, it reminds you, it guides you, it frees you, it opens you up, it creates clear boundaries, it allows wisdom to flow through you, and it carries you through whatever might show up along your path. We all come untethered from time to time, and that's so easy to correct. Get quiet (or just mostly quiet), be still (in any way that feels comfortable for you), bring your attention to your breath (as it is in the moment), and just observe YOU. Practice this often (every day, many times a day), and watch how things just change for the better... without any struggle at all. This is my MUST for you. #YH4M (

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to someone attempting to comfort someone else about a pitfall or "failure" in their life is saying, "NO ONE has it together." I totally get that they're trying to make the person feel better, to tell them that everyone has their stuff. But what's also happening is comparison of an even more sinister kind than one of thinking EVERYONE has it together. "No one has it together, so you'll never have it together either, and that's what's normal." How is that helpful, for real?! Here's the truth: Some people have it together. Some people maintain really happy lives. Some people's social media lives reflect with complete accuracy their real lives. (Actually, go ahead and put lots of people in these categories.) People can be happy and live awesome, fulfilling lives. You can go ahead and file that under fact. The good news: YOU can be happy, too! And now knowing that, throw comparing aside and focus on your stuff. Focus on your stuff in the solid belief (not hope) that you have have it together, you can have it all, you can be happy, happiness is for you, ease is for you, being joyful is normal, having things work out for the better happens quite often, you are in control of your happiness, you have free will to decide what's for you and what isn't, life doesn't have to be hard, the struggle doesn't have to be real, and you can shine even when you've had a lifetime of muck thrown at you. It doesn't matter what pretend, non-statistical fantasy the world is telling you about other people's unhappiness or what you think you've observed... IT DOESN'T MATTER. Just fucking shine. It doesn't serve you to do otherwise. It doesn't serve you to commiserate or look for the reasons to stay comfortable in your dissatisfaction. Yes, everyone has their stuff, their story. Not everyone defines themselves by it. But that has nothing to do with you. Just fucking shine. You are only defined by YOUR OWN belief, will, and desire. So... which beliefs are you allowing and assigning to move you forward? Which are you throwing away? #YH4M #blissedin #lookhowdopemylifeis

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