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Rebecca Elicay  found ✞.

still looking up / so will i 🌊

some days, i am tempted to give up and give in. let me burn to the ash and stay in the defeat. but not today. no, not today. today, my Father reminds that He sent His only son, Jesus, who died for the sins of man. and on that cross, my debt was paid, my debt is paid. my sin is no more. Jesus died that i may know true love. Jesus died that i may know sacrifice. Jesus died, but He rose again. and today, the tomb is empty. today, He is alive that i may live too. Jesus is alive & now, so am i. my Saviour King, You love me. You love us. thank You ❀️ #resurrectedKing (πŸ“·: @sheiela)

The kind that is.

Things I love about us: in our twenties, but still wrestling. in our twenties, but still asking each other "do these colours match?" "do these shoes go?" "does this look good on me?" (no, that psychedelic tank top NEEDS to go)! Thanks for always being real with me, especially when it hurts. Happy 24th, @ryelicay. You achieved so much and went so many places in your last year. This year ahead is going to be greater. Continually praying God's best for you. You make me so proud ❀️

This family is home. ❀️

"May we never lose our wonder. Wide eyed and mystified, may we be just like a childβ€” staring at the beauty of our King. Fill us with wonder."

Laksa and sio bee on our last morning in Kuching! We initially wanted to wake up at 6am so we could line up at some really famous laksa place a 10 mins walk away but... 6am, come on, let's be real. Plus, this really sufficed! Brunch never looked or tasted so good ✨

Region 1 delegates looking at you, with the newly elected Vice President for Young Adults, @charisj316, in our midst! πŸŽ‰ ADYC BGM done and dusted & now looking forward to the plans to come to fruition!

Church fam in the A.M. β˜€οΈ! Getting an early breakfast before the second camp session! πŸŽ‰

What a privilege @sheiela and I got to have shared stories and lots and lots of laughter over food and mango cheesecake with these two ladies last Thursday! @samanthasirup & @evelynetang, you two are so honest and earnest in all you do, and it really makes you both so beautiful in and out! Here's to more of wanting to live and walk in His will, whatever it may be and wherever it may bring you girls. Exciting days are ahead ✨😍! (Ps, @txyywei we missed you and we can't wait till we all get to have dinner together!)

Got the main's terrarium fixed a few weeks ago and had all these pretty things surround us 🌡

It was so good Finding Dory yesterday with these beautiful girls, eating our feelings in Jollibee after and sharing stories of love, life & God in between it all! πŸ™πŸ πŸ—βœ¨

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