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Rebecca  Story written by God; edited by me Dark skinned🍫✊🏾 Christian 🙏 Snapchat👻: bex_71391 #HarmonizeYourBodywithBex

Capstone, capstone, capstone.
This capstone is FINALLY over.
This joint was low key giving me anxiety smh
I would like to thank God for getting me through this, @steffysara for being an awesome supportive friend and showing me where to find the template cause boy🙄.
One major project/course down, 5 more courses to go until graduation

Here is the result!
Have I weighed myself? Nope
Have I measured myself? Nope, completely forgot to smh, but I know I've gained weight since my last measurements.
But am I happy with what I see and how I feel? Of course!
But am I satisfied? No.
Why? Lemme break it down for you.
Me. I could have down better.
How? I could have actually follow the meal plan, but I didn't. I allowed stress from my 19 credits courses in school to make me fall off the plan and eat terribly. I ate late at night, I went back to eating meat (no diary), man that Popeyes is what got to me son smh. Those fries and biscuit 🤤😫. Anywho!

I'm starting up another group on Monday the 23rd of this month! If you want to join me in knocking off this fat and being satisfied with the results comment with 🙋🏾 below and we can get this going!
Be quick because space is limited!

I know, I know.

I'm late with the post, but I had to search through my boxes of books and DVD to find these photos 😒

To get these photos done though?! The arguments and jokes though?! Lml

This was the year I first met my brother in-law and knew he'd be in my life (in cardi b's voice) : foreva

#permdays #senioryear
Anywho! Happy #nationalsiblingsday

This is the breakfast aspect of my meal plan. I heat it up with boiled water in a bowl, while placing the Mason jar in it.

All of the Mason jars has 1/2 a banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract and 1/2 a cup of cooked oatmeal.
However, each jar has a little different ingredient.

One has unsweetened almond milk, another brown sugar, maple syrup, almond slivers and one with just the main ingredients.
Quick, simple and delicious. Of course I already inhaled one this morning!

I always say I'm going to share my Sunday outfits via social media, and I barely ever do smh. Today's wear. Inspired by my mother's yellow suit

Y'all know I love the up close and personal photos 😂

My coach is so awesome! Although she couldn't rock out the program with the rest of us, she's still killing the business and being a great supporter.

She knows that I'm a snacker and leaving with my Haitian mother who loves to over feed me. So, she recently sent me an encouraging handwritten note😭 and a "What I Ate" calender.

She doesn't know is that, not only am I a snacker, but I have a tendency to snack on junk food.

What she doesn't realize is how much this will HELP me.

@weightsthenwine thank you so much! 😘

To have someone encourage you, push you, remind you of your goals and tell you it's okay to be in a funk as well as help you get out of said funk? Priceless.

What consistency does for you!
I've gained a non-scale victory! ⬇️2.20lbs
⬇️5 inches in waist
⬇️0.5 inches on both my arms
⬇️1 inch on left thigh
⬇️0.5 inch on right thigh
And ⬆️0.5 in hips👀 (my booty is being lifted🙌🏾) That's a total of 7 inches DOWN in 25 days!

Can't wait for results of phase 2! 🙌🏾 Wanna lose some weight or inches too? Click on the link in bio, fill out the Fit-uary option and I'll get you signed up, add you to a group with me and my fit sisters to personally encourage you and keep you accountable!

I'm starting on the 26th of THIS MONTH. All I need are 6 ladies. Hurry! This group will fill up fast!

Also, the first 3 ladies to sign up will get a free gift!

This is one of the awesome boss ladies @the_latina_fit_mom that I'm so lucky to be in a team with!

She is COMPLETELY ROCKING this program called 80 day obsession.

This is just progress from THREE WEEKS. YES 3 WEEKS! Can you imagine the results on day 80?! She went from 156lbs on left to 145lbs on right.

AND she's had four beautiful kids. One not too long ago too. You know I'm looking at her like👀👀👀 😂

Wanna join us in getting your mindset and body right? Wanna show yourself that you can take a challenge and push beyond your own doubts? Link in bio, or message me and I'll get you signed right up. >> Serious ladies only and no, the program is not free. <<

Grow in loving God

Got my dense nutrition in! About to head out for school soon. Bare face and all! 😄

Love the skin you're in😘✌🏾🖤

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