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time is now...💭

Sameer & I

#bewithhorses | And I’m back again and I’m still alive! Hehe, I’m very sorry but I didn’t had any time for instagram and nothing to post! Enough to be sorry, I should be thankful because u were so active and soon we’ll hot the 12K I think! 🧡 I have much stress in school atm but every time I went to the horses they are just great like they would understand hahaha, difficult to explain but sometimes I feel very bad because I have no time for them and do other stuff... I’m sure you’ll know this feeling! Next week I’ll have normal school again and in the evening the sun is here longer and longer so I can go and make something with the horses after school! 👏🏼 ⠀

picture by @svenrudinskyphotographie 🧡

And we'll wish we could come back to these days

horses & I

Hellow 🌿 Just a few clips from the last days, I LOVE holidays hahaha! 🙌🏼 Sameer and I make so much progress atm I’m really proud because the last times I wanted to give up because nothing went good... Do not get me wrong but you guys know for sure that it has ups and downs in the progress with horses! But now I can see again that patience is the most important thing in the work with horses. 🙏🏼 Have a nice day! ☀️

„Life happens in moments“

Candy & I

pic @svenrudinskyphotographie 🌿

sometimes I feel like giving up but I just can’t, it isn’t in my blood...
⠀ ⠀
Sameer, Cresca, my mom, my dog & I ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
#freedomtothehorse | Hello 🍃 There are some clips of the best day I‘ve ever had! I was so in love with this place! I really do not know why but there is something special! 🌾 Have a nice day and have a peaceful Eastertime! 🌿

hoofs in the air, there are two
weeks of holidays! 🙌🏼🎉

Bella & I

#epicfail | Hey everyone 🧡 Finally holidays! I‘m so tired from school... 😴 Now I have so much time for the horses and I can just enjoy every moment with them! Sameer is such a great boy atm. I’m really proud of him and we do so much progress! Because of his accident as fole he has a damaged back and shoulder (this happened before be bought him and the women who sold Sameer didn’t even tell us...) and his nerves just “fall out” sometimes so it’s very riscant to work with him... and before you hate, I know it’s dangerous but if something would happens, it would happens and it would be so! Then maybe it shouldn’t be! So back to the theme, the most “dangerous” thing was for riding him a way down. With the time I feel when he is nearly to fall and I can descend! But the last 3 days nothing of this happened and I could ride hin like he would be totally healthy! I’m so thankful for this and I could also galloped him for the first time of comando after his bad hoof ilness without refuse! 😅😍 We are making so much progress! Stay tuned! 🍃

pic @svenrudinskyphotographie

„can you remember who you were, befor the world told you who you should be?“

Sameer & I

Soo, first of all, most of you wanted to know more about my work with horses. Idk if I can really write about it but I‘ll try to explain it to you! 🙌🏼 | The most important thing is to work without pressure! Really a horse do everything for you without any pressure but you have to lead him. Not because he is scared of you, it based on bothsides respect! I have a lot of ups and downs because of this... because my horses don‘t function like a machine. Every horse I have, is a problematic, dangerous, attacking horse... Sure they are dangerous when a horse attackes you and I‘ll get scared because I would never hit a horse or show them not to do this anyway! I just stand here when I know I didn’t do something wrong to the horse and nothing will happen. It’s pure adrenaline and I don‘t want to say that you shouldn’t pay attention if you work with problematic horses, but like I said at the beginning, the most important thing is to don’t make pressure on the horse. If you‘ll do at my horses, you would lose. ☝🏼

pic @svenrudinskyphotographie 🥀

the most effective way to do it, is to do it!

Candy & I

Helloow, jep I‘m still alive 🤷🏽‍♀️ but really I had NOTHING to post hahaha, I just enjoyed the time with the horses without making photos whole the time! 📸 But today we had an amazing ride with Sameer and Cresca and they did it soo great 🙏🏼 I‘m so glad to see how much a horse does for you even if he would have the change to run away or something like this! I’m sure you understand what I mean hahaha 😂 Soo.. I’ll really try to be active yet, have a good day! ☀️

pic @svenrudinskyphotographie 🌹

doing crazy shit is what makes life worth living!

Stupid horses & stupid me

#failvideo | Hellooow 🌹 There‘s the failvideo after 3‘000 yrs hahaha 🎉 Hope you enjoy this lil‘video! I’m very, veeery sick atm and I’m to tired to write a long text, I know you’ll understand! 🤒 and just that I said it for sure-#hatersgonnahate 😙❤️

„the past cannot be changed. the furure is yet in ur power!“

Sameer & I

I‘m so sorry for being so inactive but I had so much stress at school etc. and in the end I‘ll just can post a photo with a text on the w‘kends 🙃 But just only 12 weeks (i think😂) and I‘ll be finished with school 🙏🏼 Try to be more active now, I promise! 🙌🏼🌹

pic by @svenrudinskyphotographie

„where you only imaginary..?“

Cresca, Sameer & I

Helloow 🥀 Hope you had a nice wk‘end! I hope you like the video. 😊 Cresca is such an amazing horse when I think about that I was scared of her just ome year ago! After the accident I swore to me that I‘ll ride like before like nothing ever happened! I‘m so thankful for having such great souls by my side! 🤞🏼
- yeep, insta kills the quality!

Happy #failfriday 🎉🙌🏼

Bella & I

Tomorrow @togetherwearefree and me are back togetheeeer! 🌹 Be excited we want to go to the horses after a loong time... So glad to see her soon! 🙈

pic @svenrudinskyphotographie 🌹

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