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Bewegungsfreude  Matthias Schreiber, BSc Yoga & Physiotherapy in Vienna Teaching Anatomy for Yoga Teachers (YACEP)

Blissful autumn times at the @yogabodyworkers training with @brianbodyworkyoga and @jambodragon

It's hard to put into words what's going on when I experience so much healthy touch by beautiful people.
Radically shifted my perspective on what I was doing so far with yoga and physical therapy, can't wait to share all the loving caresses and show my core talents and all the colours I have been uncovering the past few days... 💎🌈 Intense and joyful times - moved to Vienna, now back in Berlin, then in Portugal teaching Yoga Anatomy and finally arriving in Vienna in November to start my physio practice!! 😄 woah!

Thanks @earthwalking_yoga for designing this amazing shirt, pretty much sums up where I currently am. I will take this feeling of being in a sacred playground on tour through my life! 😍

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Yoga Chakra Anatomy Workshop in Portugal!
Oct 26th - Oct 29th

Keen on brushing up your knowledge regarding the anatomy of the human body in regard to Yoga asana?

Some Yoga teachers feel like they missed out on the anatomy part in their training and want to become more confident in designing an intelligent, safe and sustainable Yoga practice for their students (and of course themselves). You have no idea of anatomy and would love to get an introduction that focuses on practical principles and embodied experience?

Join in on the fun on the beautiful seaside just south of Lissabon with @mbvnow and me to deliver to you the essence of these books and our condensed experience of years in yoga, bodywork, personal training, and physical therapy.

This weekend is one small part of THIS 3 week long magnificent Yoga Teacher Training that csn be booked seperately. 😊

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Taking a break from the car ride / preparing for wedding dancing.

Do you want to integrate Yoga into your life? Why not be a Yoga teacher?
Let @mbvnow, @essentiallymoving, musician winga and me facilitate your journey in beautiful Portugal Oct 24th - Nov 11th. 200h Yoga Alliance International certified.

More Info: 📷 @fraeuleinehrlich

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Teacher Training! Oct 24th - Nov 11th

I'm super happy to announce that I will support the brilliant @mbvnow Mary Beth Volker on her quest to bring you (yes you!) all the tools and confidence you need to start your career as a Yoga teacher. 🙌

This could be you doing awesome Yoga stuff on a beach in Portugal! The training site is next to the ocean, close to beautiful Lisbon!

A small group of 5-7 students allows us to give your body and soul the attention you deserve and support you to find your individual style. 🌈

You do not need to be super athletic/bendy/enlightened to join this training BUT from my experience I can tell you that you will be stronger, more flexible, and a little wiser coming from this training! 😌

We start with the physical basics, and move on to the metaphysical aspects along a path of learning inspired by the seven Chakras (energy centers) of the human body.

The training covers Yoga philosophy, pranayama, asana practice, meditation, didactics, sequencing, business basics and - my part ❤ - the study of anatomy! 💪💀 Get inspired with by the guests: Yin Yoga taught by Valerie Hartwich, Hatha Yoga taught by myself, song and dance with guest musician Manga.
It's absolutely worth your money! Costs including lodging, food and the training amount to 2400€. You will be able to teach dynamic, intelligent, flowing, and fun Vinyasa Yoga classes by the end of the training and you will receive a 200h Yoga Alliance International Certificate, allowing you to shine bright like a 💎Yoga Teacher💎 all over the world!

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Every day, take one small or big step towards enjoying your body. Just one breath, one image, one thought can make a difference in your life.

It's an everyday exercise for me and every*body, and what I recently remembered is to also celebrate and be thankful for all the things I do in my life.

If you want to celebrate with me come join me and @sunnyloveyoga and @jonisexybabe for an a-mazing partner yoga picnic in #schillerpark on Sunday 10.45. Come as you are and bring an old friend or meet a new friend!

Partner Yoga AND picnic on sunday 10.45 in Schillerpark.
Bring a wonderful person and/or meet someone new. Gentle motion and breathing with one another. <3 Finally getting some quality teaching time with gracious @sunnyloveyoga after I missed our planned retreat weekend being super sick!
Food supplied by master chef Joni. Come and taste his love for the art :-) Location details will be posted on fb event page, suggested donation is 15€ including food.

Get connected - inside and outside!
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'By the loosening of the cause of bondage (to the body) and by knowledge of the channels of activity of the mind-stuff, entry into another body is possible.' - Patanjali's Yoga Sutras 3.39

Madita is #whatayogilookslike

Need a physio & yoga teacher with drag queen experience?

Join me (with or without heels) and find your siddhi (yoga superpower) in privates or come to class:

Dienstag 19.15 Yoga und Meditation im Humboldthain (beim Spielplatz)
Donnerstag 18.00 Heilsames Yoga im #Arenia Moabit

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Atha Yoga Anushasanam. - Now is the Time for Yoga. (C) Patanjali's Yoga Sutras . Sutra No. 1

Get your butt moving into the Here and Now, and let your mind follow.

Your opportunities:
DO 18.00 Heilsames Yoga Arenia Moabit
Fri 12am @tombarberyoga #yogaboysberlin
Mon 6pm @tombarberyoga #yogaboysberlin
DI 19.15 Yoga und Meditation im Humboldthain auf der großen Wiese (DM for location)

Stay tuned for the #partneryogapicknick in July <3 <3

#thetimeisnow #ardhachandrasana #physiotherapie #physicaltherapy #bewegungsfreude #yogaberlin #menofyoga #boysofyoga #unicornsofyoga

lego triceratops doing scorpion balance hanging out with Buddha. #thisiswhatayogilookslike

Tue 8pm @tombarberyoga
Wed 1pm @tombarberyoga
Thu 6pm at Arenia Moabit
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Feeling fit again to do some stuff like going to the pharmacy myself and my mind is again open to reading. (and spending a weirdly big amount of time on ig and slowly getting a grip of it :D )

The book in the background is 'The Autobiography of a Yogi' by Parmahansa Yogananda.
Reading it makes me remember some lessons I have already forgotten, and helps me cope with the sickness by reminding me over and over again it will pass, and that this is a world full of wonders.

The cup is my favorite, a birthday present by @fraeuleinehrlich and my brother <3
It features a badger riding a bike, too. That was me on my way to the pharmacy. ;-)
#enjoythelittlethings #readingisfundamental #recovery #selfrealization #bewegungsfreude #badgers #bike #tea #yogaberlin #yogaboysberlin #menofyoga #boysofyoga

Pretending my blanket was the Croatian sea... ;-)
That moment when you miss out on your first experience of teaching at a yoga retreat for a bunch lovely friends...
Because you're just sick AF!! :D
Trying to practice loving acceptance, let's just say... it's a process... lol

Congratulations to @sunnyloveyoga for organizing the whole thing AND a big thank you for now taking over my part in this as well, and for generally being such a great person. Your kindness and understanding will make this into a magnificent experience for everyone involved.

Wishing everyone a lovely time on the Breath of Sunshine retreat at @castawayhvar!! <3
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Springtime is here <3
Spontaneously covering @sunnyloveyoga 's class at 6pm @ghostyoga !
After relaxing in the sun, let's get some powerful transformative Yoga energy into our bodies and spirits. <3
#spring #plötzensee #bewegungsfreude #yogaberlin #newlife #newbeginnings

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