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Beverly Joubert  Award-winning photographer & filmmaker. @dereckjoubert & I produce African wildlife conservation documentaries. More images at www.natgeocreative.com


One of the dominant Tsaro males, patrolling his territory. These two have been holding this territory for a number of years now and are still looking strong. #tsaropride #dubaplains #okavangolions

A young lion from the celebrated Tsaro Pride at Duba Plains in the Okavango Delta is watched closely by a herd of Cape buffalo. The lions here are not confined to hunting at night and in fact are more likely to hunt during the day taking advantage of water channels that might slow or split a potential prey target from their herd. These herds will form a solid wall fronted by sharp horns and up to a ton of muscle each that the lions have no way of penetrating. Hours are spent watching and waiting for an individual to become separated or make a mistake. There is never an easy meal here but when a lion pride gets large, the prey they must catch to sustain every individual needs to be much larger or caught much more frequently. The buffalo herds move with available grass and can be missing for weeks, leaving the lions to focus on lechwe and warthogs but when the buffalo return, those feline eyes follow their every move, patiently waiting for an opportunity…. #okavangolions #thisismytrophy

These lions have come a long way. We remember them as tiny, mewling cubs and now they are in their prime and effectively hunting for themselves. New generations of Duba Plains’ Tsaro Pride join the older lions and learn their way in this swampy land. #tsaropride #okavangolions #thisismytrophy

Patterned like ants. Buffalo are constrained in their wanderings by water. They have to have frequent visits to water so cannot move too far from it. In drier
seasons the buffalo herds are easy to see as they move on mass between waterholes and watercourses. #aerial #buffalo

Wide awake at first light. The Tsaro Pride separates as a hunt begins. Each cat has her specific role in the hunt and knows exactly what she needs to do. Lions tend to keep to the same role in a hunt, perfecting it and increasing their chances
of success over time. When one of the lions dies, it takes time for the rest of the pride to readjust to perfecting their hunts again. Another example of how far reaching the effects of a single animal in a pride can be. #bigcats #thisismytrophy

They may look like they live a good life, wallowing in water all day but hippos are highly territorial and aggressive and problems arise for them in drier periods when the water levels are low and greater numbers are pushed into smaller areas. The peaceful wallowing becomes perforated by repeated squabbling that can become serious and lead to injury.

The small tusks of a Botswanan elephant. We’re seeing more and more tuskless elephants these days. Now a thing of the past in Botswana, the big tuskers have been hunted for decades and their genes slowly filtered out of the population. They will still appear and hopefully in time become more common in the population once more. But who knows, this shift towards small tusked and tuskless elephants may be extremely helpful in the survival of the species in a world where up to 30 000 elephants are poached each year. #saynotoivory #thejoyofelephants

There’s no feeling that can match the slight shock when an apex predator looks directly into your eyes. As well as we know these cats’ behaviours and the knowledge of being safe in our vehicle, there’s a part of the brain that wakes up and recognizes a true predator staring back. #ThisIsMyTrophy #BigCats

There’s a very warm feeling that comes from seeing an endangered species begin to thrive again in a land where wildlife was much more scarce due to human activities. We’re happy to see the painted dog population growing in the Selinda Reserve since we started to manage the concession – due in large part to the success of their prey species as well. We welcome another year of puppies and wish them every success. #painteddogs #conservationworks

Duba Plains’ swamp cats on one of their many channel crossings. As they grow and hunt with the pride on this Okavango island, they will have to negotiate endless crossings. Some shallow and others so deep they will need to swim. Moving through so much water really strengthens their legs and these two, like the rest of the Duba pride, will eventually grow into some of the largest lions that can be found anywhere. #bigcats #swamplions #okavangolions #thisismytrophy

Swollen bellies and a very long drink after a huge meal. These cats are going to sleep deeply for some time! #thisismytrophy

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