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Beverly Joubert  Award-winning photographer & filmmaker. @dereckjoubert & I produce African wildlife conservation documentaries. More images at

Fig’s daughter. Already as comfortable reclining in trees as her mother is. #figtheleopard #bigcats #thisismytrophy

The glorious leopard Fig and her beautiful young daughter, up in the trees where Fig is most comfortable and they are safe from the lions and hyaenas of the Maasai Mara. #figtheleopard #bigcats #maraplains #maasaimara #kenya

Elephants against a backdrop of smoky orange. Fire is an important ecosystem driver and a common and essential component of savannahs. Lightning is usually the natural cause, but people have burned patches of this land for many years, pushing green grass growth for livestock. Scientists have been trying to understand the effects of fire frequency and intensity but as climates and rainfall changes, it’s going to be ever more difficult. In terms of conservation, the answer that seems to ring true across the board is to conserve as much land as possible so that wildlife has space to move and a chance to adapt in times of ecological stress. #elephants #botswana #savannahfires #changingtimes

Keeping a possessive paw on his kill while he gets his breath back. The Duba Plains lions were famed for their buffalo hunts, but the lechwe population has bounced back so extraordinarily well, these antelope now make up a significant portion of their diet. #okavangolions #bigcats #thisismytrophy

Today is #endangeredspeciesday - a day of awareness of the many, many species that are struggling to survive in a world of habitat loss, changing climates, poaching and human/wildlife conflict. Most of the large species left are particularly in trouble. We can list numerous examples, but @dereckjoubert and I would like to emphasise that we can change things. Declines can be reversed, minds can be changed, species can be saved if there is willingness and generosity. Here are 3 of 77 rhinos that have been moved to safety with #rhinoswithoutborders. They have settled, are completely relaxed and healthy and are breeding successfully and this is all thanks to the dedication of many and the generosity of many more. We are working toward moving the next group of rhinos and you can help and be a part of saving an iconic species. Visit to find out how. #hope #saveaspecies

The Tsaro males from Duba Plains. They’re such a tightly knit coalition, constantly touching and affectionate. Here, they emerge from long grass that gives them cover, on their way to rejoin their pride. #thisismytrophy #okavangolions #tsaropride

What better way of celebrating #mothersday than by looking to elephants. A matriarchal system, mothers are the ones in charge, but everyone chips in to help with the little ones. The level of care and affection very much resembles our own. There is palpable joy and play and worry and love and there is always a helping trunk nearby to quickly get a little elephant out of trouble. A very happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! #happymothersday 🐘🐘🐘🐘 You can find this print and many others on my website

Lilac Leopard. This photo of the leopard ‘Amber’ reclining in a sausage tree is one of many images available on my website We’re about to load a new series of photographs so keep an eye open if you’re looking for fine art photographs. #lilacleopard

A prickly character covered in early morning dew. We found him as he was leaving behind a somewhat punctured leopard. Porcupines may not be strong but their defense is formidable. They certainly don’t always win, but their quills give them a better chance against Africa’s sneakiest big cat than most other animals would have. #porcupine #rarelyseen #botswana #notmessingaround

Eyes wide, nostrils flared and muscles taut. The herd has compacted and is on high alert after a glimpse of tawny lion. It’s at times like these when you can really see the character and individuality of these proud, bovine faces, and they are really quite beautiful. #capebuffalo #okavango

A day to celebrate the most remarkable, adaptable, stealthy and gorgeous cats. Happy #InternationalLeopardDay. It was a young leopard who gave @dereckjoubert and I the full push into campaigning for big cats and protecting their habitats. #Legadema shared so much of herself and amazingly we’re seeing a very similar relationship with a leopard named Fig’s young daughter who has also decided that we are allowed to share her space and intimacy. But, seeing that leopards have lost up to 75% of their historical habitat, we will keep working to protect these great cats and their environment so that she will not be amongst the last of them. #thisismytrophy #bigcats #leopard

Okavango lions are known for their swimming rather than their tree-climbing abilities but we’re seeing this behavior more often at Duba Plains. There are numerous dead trees, uprooted in previous vicious storms that these lions are increasingly using. The lionesses are using them to gain advantages in hunting but this big male just seemed to be watching - perhaps keeping an eye on his territory. Unfortunately for him, his legs are not built like a leopard’s and he went too high to be able to comfortably descend. After a lot of shuffling, he tried to climb down but his weight was too much and he slipped, falling a great height. @dereckjoubert and I rushed over to check on him, thinking he would have hurt himself seriously, but thankfully it was his dignity that suffered and not his bones. It will be interesting to see if he tries to climb any great height again. #okavangolions #tsaropride #bigcats #thisismytrophy

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