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Beverly Joubert  Award-winning photographer & filmmaker. @dereckjoubert & I produce African wildlife conservation documentaries. More images at

Patrolling. Always patrolling his territory. It’s a strong and lucky lion who wins a territory and heads up a pride. This Tsaro male has been dominant for a number of years but he works to ensure that no other males are entering his range and potentially challenging his dominance. #thisismytrophy #okavangolions #tsaropride #watercat

Red lechwe in the early light of an Okavango dawn. @dereckjoubert and I have been following the lions targeting these plentiful antelope. Their population at Duba Plains is doing fantastically with an apparent ten-fold increase in the decade since we took over the management of this concession and immediately ended any hunting. The lechwe may be plentiful but they’re highly adapted to living in this swampy environment and are no easy prey for those massive lions. #redlechwe #okavango #dubaplains #goodnews

Only six months old but this cub is already used to the damp life and numerous water crossings that is part of an #okavangolion’s daily routine. #thisismytrophy #littlebigcats #skimmerpride #dubaplains

A cold, misty Okavango morning and the young male who has just left his pride is hunting. He’s still staying quite close to the lionesses but he will soon be moving out into another territory to work towards one day leading his own pride. #thisismytrophy #okavangolions #bigcats #tsaropride

Scarlet eye that misses nothing. These little raptors are so elegant and fly phenomenally well. They can hover while they wait for their prey to give themselves away. This black-shouldered kite has been successful and holds a mouse tightly in those sharp talons. #yearofthebird #blackshoulderedkite #raptor #okavango #botswana

The family resemblance is strong. The Skimmer Pride in the Okavango has been thriving as the antelope populations continue to grow. Red lechwe numbers have increased tenfold in the decade since hunting stopped at Duba Plains and as a result the area is able to sustain more predators. This pride currently has six young cubs and when they're not clamouring for food, they're looking for attention and someone to play with. Half a dozen young cubs can be very hard work but the Skimmer male has consistently shown great patience with his young offspring - although they will quickly learn just how far they can push him! Judging by this photo, the cubs are rapidly learning not only discipline from their impressive father, but the proud stance and focused stare of an apex predator as well. #ThisIsMyTrophy #SkimmerPride #OkavangoLions #BigCats

Dwarfed by a giant termite mound, these lionesses use the high ground to scan the plains. They’re hungry and have been hunting lechwe in the swamps. However, they’ve just seen a herd of buffalo and it looks as though their focus has changed. It’s time for a meal that will satisfy the entire pride! #thisismytrophy #okavangolions #dubaplains #skimmerpride

The sun rises on a baboon sentry. Another beautiful day in the Okavango. This series of islands hosts such a remarkable diversity of wildlife. It’s one of those last truly wild places that needs to be ferociously protected. #okavangodawn #baboonsentry #wilderness #sunrise

This young male is in excellent condition. He needs to be. He’s just been chased from his pride and it’s time for him to set off on his own into the Okavango. His three brothers have stayed together but this male is happier on his own. He still follows the pride lionesses at a distance but the dominant male will soon put a stop to that. This is the start of a tough time for him. We wish him the best of luck out there. #thisismytrophy #bigcats #okavangolions #nomadiclion #dubaplains #tsaropride

There's about a ton and a half of aggressive hippo on those small ankles, but he can move remarkably quickly. He's deeply scarred by territorial fights and the oxpecker birds are swooping to feast on blood from the wounds. One of the most aggressively territorial animals around, hippos are deeply possessive of their pools and have been known to charge even the most innocuous animals - like impalas. The Okavango waters have just started to recede and he will be extra sure to protect what he sees as his. Here, a herd of buffalo have ventured too close and the enraged hippo is voicing his displeasure at the entire herd. Buffalo too are not known for their gentle nature and are quick to attack any perceived threat, however even though they greatly outnumber the hippo, they appear to be listening and keeping their distance - to a point. #DubaPlains #Hippo #territorialdisplay #Okavango #buffalo #hippovsbuffalo #Botswana

A cold morning at Duba Plains in the Okavango. @dereckjoubert was filming lions hunting lechwe but a lot of water and strong wind are not a cameraman’s friend. Still, a beautiful day despite the cold and wet. We’ll keep following the lions and trying. We know that nothing can be rushed out here. #okavango #lechwe #earlymorning

Up where the view is best. Termite mounds are a firm favourite with Okavango lions - giving them a good view over the swampy plains and the vantage point to plan an attack. But these big cats are increasingly using trees to do this as well. It’s unusual to see lions climbing trees. They’re not built like leopards and can struggle to get down. But lions are always adaptable and it’s interesting to see how certain populations discover and use new techniques to aid their hunting. Perhaps the Duba lions will become known for their tree-climbing abilities as well as their impressive swimming. #okavangolions #tsaropride #treeclimbinglions #bigcats #lions #thisismytrophy

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