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Beverly Joubert  Award-winning photographer & filmmaker. @dereckjoubert & I produce African wildlife conservation documentaries. More images at

A wild pangolin sighting, like this one in the Okavango, is a rare privilege – we’ve only ever seen about 10. Here, the mammal’s impressive scales are clearly visible: they make up some 20% of a pangolin’s body weight. They work as protection against predators, but all a poacher needs to do is scoop up a tightly rolled animal and head to market. Like rhino horn, pangolin scales are made of keratin. And now poachers are targeting all eight species of this endangered mammal worldwide for meat (it’s considered a delicacy) and scales (for traditional medicines). Over 40 tonnes of pangolin products have been seized in just two months. Protecting wild spaces and species becomes ever more important. And education is still one of the best ways to fight back. #WorldPangolinDay #OutOfControl #MyScalesAreNotMedicine #whenthebuyingstopsthekillingcantoo

Portrait of the dominant male lion at Duba Plains and a phenomenal female known as #Fekeetsa, meaning to overpower, or overcome the odds. Fekeetsa has overcome a broken foot which has healed, but hindered her slightly. She is now one of the senior lionesses in this pride. She has an unusual hunting technique. Unable to chase antelope down over long distances due to her foot, she hunts more like a leopard and patrols the swamps looking for young lechwe antelope that she can ambush. She is successful almost daily and provides enough meat for the pride so that they don't need to move around in search of prey and have become very much resident on the edge of the swamps. #ThisIsMyTrophy #OkavangoLions #TsaroPride #DubaPlains

To celebrating love today – and to overcoming ultimate odds.
#lostcub #fekeetsa #happyvalentinesday

This young spotted hyena from Duba Plains is around the same age as the little #lostcub. It's likely to have been better fed though: hyenas often suckle their young for up to 18 months. Also, because females are dominant in hyena society and young inherit a social rank from their mothers, female hyena cubs have less to fear from grown males in the clan. Hyena cub 'adoptions' have been recorded by researchers and the new family member's status was linked to its surrogate mother, not the real parent.  #dubaplains #okavango #bigears

One of Fekeetsa’s older cubs is learning more advanced hunting techniques – practicing on a hapless red lechwe that Fekeetsa has caught. Fekeetsa is very attuned to male lechwe and the clash of their horns when they fight each other. When she hears that sound, she know that the lechwe will be focused completely on their battle and will not be paying attention to what – or who – may be sneaking up behind them… #Okavangolions #Lookbehindyou #Fekeetsa

A little roar from a determined #lostcub who has at long last found protection and comfort. The lioness, #Fekeetsa, may not be able to give her milk, but other than the fact that the lost cub is smaller than her real sibling, who is now quite far away with their mother, it seems that she may be doing ok on just meat. #littlebigcats #okavangolions

She might be small, but she’s ferocious and holding her own against her new adopted siblings. The little #lostcub is growing and gaining strength from the meat that she’s been fighting for. She’s no longer such a pushover for the other cubs but can pounce on them from behind - just as they have done to her so many times. 
Her real brother and mother have moved away. This pride doesn’t move around much: Fekeetsa, the main lioness and the lost cub’s current protector, focuses her hunting efforts on the swamps and is highly successful. Any chance for the real mother to find her cub alone has not presented itself and she and her (healthy and fat) son have moved on to new hunting pastures. #littlebigcats #OkavangoLions #Fekeetsa

This is Fekeetsa. Her name means to overpower or overcome all odds. She’s recovered from a broken foot, an injury we were sure would get the better of her. But she’s remarkable. Unable to chase down antelope, she’s more of a stealth hunter - like a leopard, and she focuses her attention on the swamps where young lechwe are hidden. Every day she brings meat to her pride and right now, she has an extra young mouth to feed. She has accepted the little #lostcub into the pride and has groomed her and provided for her. Fekeetsa may not have milk to give her, but with her incredible hunting skills, the entire pride is well fed, reducing the competitive stress and giving the little cub another lucky chance of survival. #fekeetsa #okavangolions #bigcats #thisismytrophy #againstallodds

Duba Plains’ Tsaro Pride male is a magnificent lion. He’s also quite unusually tolerant of boisterous cubs and will ignore tail pulling and pounces from behind until he’s really had enough. A small warning growl is all he needs to get the respect of one of his cubs back, along with a bit of peace. Perhaps it’s lucky for the little #lostcub that he is the male of the pride that she accidentally joined. She’s gone through a lot of lionhandling from the other cubs and while she hasn’t tried to interact with the male, it hasn’t looked like she is in any danger from him either. It is well known that pride males are not tolerant of cubs that don’t belong to them, but we assume that since he knows all the other cubs are his, he’s thinking that she is too. After days and weeks of living with this pride, she will now smell like them, and it seems that day by day, this tough little lion moves ever closer to becoming one of them. #littlebigcats #okavangolions #dubaplains #pridemale #tsaropride

She’s a little fighter. She’s lost weight and has been grubby with neglect, but the little #lostcub has done phenomenally to hang on and fight for survival. The main pride female, Fekeetsa has been showing signs of accepting this little one and has even now relented to grooming her a little while the other cubs have not been as rough. Her real mother and brother have now gone, so her future looks like it will be up to this pride. The little cub is fighting for meat and is standing up for herself, so if she worms her way in any more and if the lack of milk is not too serious a problem, she might just be fully accepted and grow up with unrelated lions. Remarkable. Follow @DereckBeverly on twitter to see more updates. #littlebigcats #okavangolions #dubaplains

What happens when you give nature a chance? #Repost @dereckjoubert ・・・
Premiering tonight on @natgeowild for Africa and most of Europe. What happens when you give nature a chance? #birthofapride #selindareserve #wildlifefilms

One of the #lostcubs was rescued by his mother when he was left behind by the pride. Just a few moments alone and she was there to give him milk and protection. His sister went with the pride and remains with them. She gets bullied but not as much as before and the main lioness, Fekeetsa is stepping in when the play gets too rough. She’s allowed meat but not milk, but she seems to be largely becoming accepted into the pride. Will these two siblings grow up in separate prides and what will happen if they meet again one day? #littlebigcats #okavangolions #dubaplains

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