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BEVEL  Where grooming products and lifestyle intersect to unlock a better you. It's a good look \\ Bevel Shave + Bevel Hair

Electric Relaxtion. ⚡️ #atcq #ripphife #bevelclassics

Big Daddy Kane • #BevelClassics Season 2 takes a trip down memory lane with a true OG as @officialbigdaddykane tells the story of how the barbershop impacted hip hop. ⠀

Link in the bio to watch the full series (including Season 1). // @themarcusharvey

Some trimmers and some faders. 💈✂️#barbershopessentials #bevelcode

#BeardWeek continues with celebrity barber, @themarcusharvey dropping all the knowledge in a special beard edition of Bevel Masterclass. This week, it's serious biz as we learn how to get that beard hair looking and feeling right. Link in the bio to watch the full tutorial. ⠀

Bevel Beard Balm available now at 🎅🏾👌🏾

"When you're sitting in the chair, you're not only dealing with lines, you're also dealing with lineage." —Black Thought (@blackthought) // #BevelClassics Season 2⠀

Link in the bio to watch the full series.

Bevel Beard Balm is here. ✊🏾❄️ This is the moment our beard fam has been waiting for. ⠀

Now you can lock-in healthy hair moisture without the sticky finish. Our new Beard Balm is infused with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, giving your beard that next level of hydration. And not only is it ideal for beards, it also doubles as a moderate pomade for waves 🌊 and other hairstyles to keep both your hair and beard looking right at all times. ⠀

Available now. Link in the bio.

"Power to the people. When you see me - see you." —Shawn Carter
Happy Birthday, Jay. ✊🏾🎂#jayday #blackexcellence #bevelcode (Repost via @ravieb)

❄️🔜❄️ // #LaunchWeek #BevelClassics

“I’m fresh chopped, a Bevel”—Black Thought⠀

#BevelClassics Season 2 welcomes lead emcee and co-founder of The Legendary Roots Crew, Black Thought. To celebrate the upcoming launch of Bevel's new beard/hair product (❄️❄️👀🤫🔜❄️❄️), we discuss the origin of the beard and its impact on the community. ⠀

Link in the bio to watch the entire series (including Season 1). Bevel #BeardWeek in full force. ✊🏾 @blackthought @theroots // ✂️ by @darien267

Steppin' out.. #bevelcode

Unbox excellence. The holiday season is right around the corner after all. 👌🏾 #givebevel #getbevel

Next week. Something new. 👀

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