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Bev Weidner  I like a good microgreen.

Grilled Broccoli Pesto. 👌🏻Prosciutto. 🌟Arugula. ✨My blistered soul. 😩Put all this on top of @flatoutbread pizza crusts and SLAP YA MAMA. Sorry, mama. On the blog today! 🌞🌿🍕🥗#bevcooksrecipes #flatoutlove

The music stopped like, five minutes ago.

Remember in college when you washed your sheets twice in 9 months? Oh wait that was only me? Oh. 😳Well now that I'm in my 4th decade of existing, I take sheet washing much more seriously! At least 4 times in 9 months. Jk! 5 times. Swipe to the right to see the beautifulness from @parachutehome. 🌟Linen sheets and stitch striped duvet cover set! I feel like such an adult. 😩✨👌🏻🌿😩✨👌🏻🌿#myparachutehome #collab

"Mommy, I want to be a swinger when I grow up." Okay. I'll let you tell Nana. 😳

This is my first "smaller bag" since having the gremlins. 💃As in, no room for sippy cups! None at all for wipes! Don't even THINK ABOUT sticking an extra pair of Peppa Pig unders in this. 🙅🏼This bag says, "What kids? What husband?" (JK JK, Aaron.) Minimal and sleek. 🌟White and crisp. ✨Basically my new boyfriend. 🤗Fabulousness from @loandsons! 🌿🌿#collab #loandsons

"Do NOT pee on Mommy again!" - is a phrase that doesn't seem to be working very well for me. 🙅🏼👹💀

Greek ✨Orzo 😩Pasta 🙌🏻Salad🍾! Takes no time at all, and these flavors are like 🎯. Plus it's vegetarian! Which makes me feel like a slightly better person. 🙈On the blog! 🌞🌞🌞#bevcooksrecipes

I have a major mega mama love for coffee. But even more so? COFFEE MUGS. ☕️✨Today on the blog I'm excited to introduce you to seven different makers/shops. 🌿Ceramics, pottery, stone- all beautiful and minimal. Totally not sponsored! 👏🏻Just stupid giddy to talk about handcrafted home love, yo. Shall we get jittery? ☕️💛🌿🌻

How many things are you allowed to have in your yard before your neighbors refer to you as "that one house"?

To ALL moms. 💛Veteran moms, brand new moms, and moms somewhere in between. But mostly, here's to those incredibly strong moms who've lost their babies, and to the courageous, hopeful moms who struggle with infertility. 🙋🏼🌿I ache with you today, and celebrate you from the bottom of my heart. 🌻Now let's get a dang mimosa in our faces already. 🥂🍾

GIVEAWAY! 🌿🥂Okay, moccs lovahs (I've never said those words before.), I've got something extra fun for your Friday. We've been huge fans of @minnetonkamocc for y e a r s now. Kid moccs, gal moccs, dude moccs - they have it all. 👌🏻Today I've partnered with them to offer one lucky winner $100 store credit! ✨They have a brand new spring collection, so I highly recommend peeping that. If you're more into their old school classic moccasins (🙋🏼), they've got you. Just follow both @bevcooks and @minnetonkamocc, and tag tag tag your pals until your body goes numb and you fall into a coma. 😇I'll pick a winner at random next Tuesday at 5pm CST. (U.S. only, yo.) Get your moccs! 👏🏻✌🏻👀🗣🌿✨

I TOLD YOU NOT TO GROW IN YOUR SLEEP. They never listen. 😩

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