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Bev Weidner  I like a good station wagon.

We miiiiiight have just told them about the art of the Dutch Oven. But you didn't hear it from me. 😳

Okay, remember the sandwich that I made and forced you to watch me make and almost eat in IG Stories a couple weeks ago? Oh, you blocked that from your memory? Oh. 😳Well, I promised a recipe, and I've got the recipe! 🤙🏻If you hit up that direct link in my profile, it will take you right to The Promise Land. 🙏🏻 And by that I mean, all the buffalo sauce and blue cheese. Clearly. 💫@franksredhot @treasurecavecheese #ad #redhotbluecheese

We went to a milk farm and saw some cows! How do you think the gremlins handled that one? Ugh, you'll see. 🙄(full post on the blog!) @shattomilk 🐄🌞🥛🌾🌿

For all they know, I MADE this insanely decadent Edwards® Hershey® S'mores Crème Pie. 🤷🏼‍♀️And the box. I made the box, too. @edwards_desserts #Ad #bringthesweet 🌞💫🕶


Remember that one time yesterday when I made risotto and forced you to watch every step and you wanted to scream at me? It's on the blog! 💃Shrimp. BACON. Zucchini. Peas. A Mack truck of grated Parmesan. You know. 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻#bevcooksrecipes

Might be hitting Dr. Seuss a little too hard lately. 😳

I'm just so happy we're able to share a family dinner together right underneath a huge television. Right, Natalie? . . . Nat?

Aaaaaaaand this is what happens WHEN I TRY TO HAVE FUN. 🙄 Next time I'm grabbing the Edwards® Hershey's® S'mores Crème Pie and calling it DONE. (And decadent and delicious and amazing and summerlicious. And done. 🤙🏻) @edwards_desserts #Ad #bringthesweet 🌞

"You call that spitting?!"

Salad! 👏🏻 But not like, bleh salad. This one is TUSCAN. With chicken. And intensely chopped kale! (insider tip on how to get it ridiculously perfect 💫) And creamy BEANS. And loads of cheese. I double dog dare you not to love it. On the blog today! 🌿🌿🌿#bevcooksrecipes

It's a Raw Beet and Tomato Salad and it's RIDICULOUS. Easiest ever. And all from the garden! 👩🏼‍🌾🌿🌞Plus a little bit about my partnership with our local food bank @harvesters. 🌱🌻🌎I only mention Sarah McLachlan once so you can simmer down. 🐶Recipe on the blog this morning! #bevcooksrecipes

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