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Beverly Alipio  MGM Special Projects Artist. Illuminated Couture. Maui, HI. Las Vegas, NV. The Weeknd, dead trees, rings, & @cu2raaad. Snapchat-bev_meister

Excuse the mess, my nieces are making memories.; Crooks wanted to help me make reference lines for our shelves but her straight lines weren't so straight.

Everyday is leg day when you're running away from your problems.; I don't wanna do adult things today. I just wanna play.; BBQ at Hector's. Mmm, oysters!

You're my favorite notification.; Mom, why are you so cool? I can honestly talk to you about everything & you're always open ears when I want to talk about dick & other important things in life. You're an amazing mom & I know you always do thoughtful things from the heart. Your selfless, caring, & hilarious ways have influenced my personality also. I'm so happy that you're that mom that wants to go on an adventure all the time, like see half naked men from Thunder Down Under perform or go to a reggae concert when all my friends are smoking the pancake.; I hope you enjoy the Mother's Day gift Dyl & I have made for you. Printed 60 old school polaroid photos for mom. Thank you to my amazing cousin, Brent for giving my mom her present since you were going back home to Hawaii. Happy Mother's Day, Mother. We love you so much.

If the love doesn't feel like 90s music then I don't want it.; Taking this stud to a date night at OMOIDE.

I am thankful for all the different ways to eat potatoes.; Crooks really hated me for eating her French fries while her CooCoo Connie was trying to feed her.; Mean kind stink face she was giving me. Sorry, Crooks! Aunty Babe is hungry also.; Taking our favorites out to Town Square. We love you so much, Bella & Crooky.

I must be a hunter, cuz I sure caught a fox.; Attending Eric & Ericas wedding with my stud muffin. #eteamwedding

I'm on this new diet called, "I can't afford to eat."

I would eat healthy but then I remember that time Eve ate an apple & doomed humanity, so I don't know. Better not risk it.; Happy birthday to one of my favorite cousins ever! We love you so much, Aldin, Aldin, Aldin, Aldin, Aldin.

I saw a huge platter of oysters. I only took one cuz I didn't want to be shellfish.

Pisces are known to say or do random things because of a song, tv show or what they see at the moment that can easily bring back a certain memory.; Brent, Aldin, & I celebrating our birthdays.; Yay, for being a Pisces.; All you can eat sushi.

Before coffee: I hate everybody.
After coffee: I feel good about hating everybody.

None of my presents have barked yet so that's kinda disappointing.; This was such an amazing birthday gift from Conrad & it was such a magical experience.; I've turned 27 today & I loved every moment of it thanks to all the wonderful greetings. I love my friends & family for making it so memorable.; The Lights Fest #gopro #thelightsfestival @thelightsfest @cu2raaad @jerommme_ @ayo_itsjojo @jamieekb @logic301

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