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Beverly Alipio  MGM Special Projects Artist. Craft Artist. Maui, HI. Las Vegas, NV. The Weeknd, Art, dead trees, rings, & @cu2raaad. Snapchat-bev_meister

“Byte” me. | Conrad loved my headpiece so much that he wanted to do a photoshoot. | Robot skull tin foil hat: Aluminum, hot glue, fabric, sentra, wood glue, card-stock, vinyl, & LEDs. Thank you to @area15bunker for letting me be apart of their tin foil hat promotion video. The video shoot was so much fun & an amazing experience. #somethingiscoming #area15 #meowwolf @meow__wolf

Why was the robot angry? Because someone kept pushing his buttons. | I felt honored to be invited as a creative artist to Area 15s tin foil hat promotion video shoot. I’m also very thankful that’s my headpiece got premiered during the filming as a sneak peak photo. I can’t wait until Area 15 arrives & see what creative installations they’ll have. | Robot skull tin foil hat: Aluminum, hot glue, fabric, sentra, wood glue, card-stock, vinyl, & LEDs. #somethingiscoming @area15bunker

We’re so EGG-stra.; Backdrop made from my working place.; Aria.

I hope you’re having an EGG-scellent Easter.; Painted these eggs that are installed at Julian Serrano in Aria. Thank you, Angelica for this fun project.

STRAIGHT OUTTA 1925 | Happy 93rd Birthday to my Nana. Queen Alipio.

What is an alligators favorite drink? GATOR-ade.; Debating on eating alligator tail with Conrad.

I’m ready to PADDY! Conrad & I won VIP tickets to the Vegas Beer & Music Festival. Saint Patrick’s Day.

Hakuna Mimosa, it means it’s brunch time. Emys bachelorette party. Poppin champagne bottles in the morning & boto action at night. Magic Mike. Instructed the ladies with a drink & paint session. Emy, thank you for making me apart of your last penis day. You deserve every bit of happiness. You’re an amazing person & so is CJ. Conrad & I are so happy for you two.

“I will not waste chalk.” - Bart Simpson | Chalk art for work.

I don’t know how to act my age. I’ve never been this old before.; Thank you, everyone that has made my birthday celebrations so special. I’m really thankful to have amazing friends & family. I love you all. The Nerd, Joshs’ house party, & GEazy, what a fulfilling weekend.

I PUCKin love you. Told Conrad that we were gonna watch Cher but surprised him with a hockey game instead. Thank you, JoJo for taking care of us at Beerhaus, the food was delicious! Conrad opened up his present & it was jerseys I got for him & I. We were playing against one of Conrad’s favorite movie sports teams, the Mighty Ducks, so it was the perfect game for me to choose. We’ve watched the game at the Party Deck which included an open bar & free food. Thank you, TMobile arena for the free bobble head & an entertaining night. I love you, Conrad! You deserve everything that makes you happy.

One day, I’m gonna make onions cry.; Being apart of Ian & Aces wedding was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The traveling, partying, eating, pampering, crying, making any personal detail, & oh the drinking, it makes me wish I could relive it again. Happy one year anniversary, Ian & Ace! We love you two so much!

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