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Beverly Alipio  MGM Special Projects Artist. Illuminated Couture. Maui, HI. Las Vegas, NV. The Weeknd, dead trees, rings, & @cu2raaad. Snapchat-bev_meister

I'm on this new diet called, "I can't afford to eat."

I would eat healthy but then I remember that time Eve ate an apple & doomed humanity, so I don't know. Better not risk it.; Happy birthday to one of my favorite cousins ever! We love you so much, Aldin, Aldin, Aldin, Aldin, Aldin.

I saw a huge platter of oysters. I only took one cuz I didn't want to be shellfish.

Pisces are known to say or do random things because of a song, tv show or what they see at the moment that can easily bring back a certain memory.; Brent, Aldin, & I celebrating our birthdays.; Yay, for being a Pisces.; All you can eat sushi.

Before coffee: I hate everybody.
After coffee: I feel good about hating everybody.

None of my presents have barked yet so that's kinda disappointing.; This was such an amazing birthday gift from Conrad & it was such a magical experience.; I've turned 27 today & I loved every moment of it thanks to all the wonderful greetings. I love my friends & family for making it so memorable.; The Lights Fest #gopro #thelightsfestival @thelightsfest @cu2raaad @jerommme_ @ayo_itsjojo @jamieekb @logic301

Never love anybody who treats you ordinary. Thank you, Conrad for taking me to the Lights festival. An amazing birthday present. #thelightsfestartcontest

Thug life? Drop the "t& #34; & get over here.

My childhood friends haven't changed. I love these two so much.

Person: "You& #39;ve been crying straight nonstop for 30 minutes now, are you okay?"
Me: "I& #39;m doing a cleanse."; Visiting my sister, Papa Ingo, Grandma Millie, & Conrads grandparents.

Mom: "How& #39;s work & are you getting enough hours?"
Me: "Mother , what's important is that we have our health."

Normal people flirting: "Hey , you're cute! We should go out sometime?"
Me flirting: "So , do you like stuff?"

I put the PRO in PROCRASTINATE.; We're suppose to work on wedding things but we needed a beach day instead.

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