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Truth time, Day 7 and Day 8 of the Christmas Activity Advent calendar were more or less a bust. We ended up canceling carols on Day 7 because of some Bad Cop-Bad Cop action, which was a bummer all around. Then, Day 8, the girls got new holiday t-shirts. Hushpuppy promptly got dressed - in last year’s Christmas shirt. 🙇‍♀️ I saw the new one crumpled up her drawer.
Finally back on track for Day 9 and a gorgeous day spent with friends at our Unitarian group’s Christmas lunch.

Christmas Activity Advent Calendar day 6. Enough Christmas stickers to last until Easter. #christmasactivityadvent

Christmas Activity Advent calendar day 5. Hushpuppy loves the Macca series by Matt Cosgrove, so I *had* to add this one to our collection. I printed up a couple of the coloring/activity pages on Matt’s website to go along with it. #christmasactivityadvent #maccathealpaca #christmasbooks

Christmas Activity Advent Calendar day 4. Christmas books are out. I have a couple more to add to the collection this year, but don’t tell! #christmasactivityadvent #christmasbooks #weareartsplorers

Christmas Activity Advent Calendar day 3. With Hushpuppy in school now, I really tried to keep the weekday activities simple. Today was just bringing out the Christmas boxes from the garage, which quickly turned into dress up hour. They’ve both been plowing through the boxes like they’re full of the greatest toys they’ve ever seen.

Day 2 of the Christmas activity advent calendar - we made a trip to see the Big Guy. (I like to get it in early in case Hushpuppy asks for something outlandish.)
Earlier in the day she’d been telling me that she’d figured out that all the Santas at the malls are actually elves who tell Santa what kids want because the real Santa can’t be in all those different places. After we saw this Santa, I told her that I was pretty sure she was right about the elves, but did she notice the *our Santa* didn’t even have a fake beard or anything? I said I thought we’d gotten super lucky and got the REAL Santa. She was pretty sure that was right, and was very happy about it.
I do love these Santa believing days. 😍 🎅 #christmasactivityadvent #sydneymum #australianchristmas

This is our third year of doing our Christmas Activity Advent calendar. As a Northern Hemisphere person, I’ve really struggled with finding my Christmas spirit in the summer. Going all in with a daily activities with the kids really helps. For Day 1, we went to our local carols in the park. This has to be the greatest of all Aussie Christmas traditions: pack a picnic and sit in the park with your neighbors enjoying holiday music on a lovely evening. #australianchristmas #christmasactivityadvent #yankdownunder #expatfamily

How cool is the Martin Place Christmas tree this year?! It’s a garden of Aussie flowers. #sydney #sydneychristmas #sydneywithkids

@get.creative.with ‘s dinosaur theme this week had me thinking back to Hushpuppy’s 3 year old Dinosaur Tea Party birthday. For the big activity, I set up a “dino dig.” I filled an under bed storage box with about 8 bags of cornflour and water, buried a whole pile of plastic dinosaurs in it, and then left it on the balcony to dry for a full week. Then, at the party, the pre-school palaeontologists each got a little mallet or scooper to dig out the dinos.
I set up a second station with little paint brushes and water to clean them up, plus a chart with pictures and names of dinosaurs for identification. (The real takeaway here is that I can’t believe I was on top of things enough to prep it a week in advance! )🦕 🦖 #getcreativewith

My entire feed today. I love you people! 🇺🇸 #bluewave

I discovered the BorrowBox app a few months ago (because I’m quick on the uptake like that), and it delights me. I guess it’s like Kindle, but it’s through the library, so it’s free. I am powering through books while CJ naps on me. Who needs productivity when there’s endless literature??

When you get your iced coffee in a Keep Cup, and they put a plastic straw in it. 🤦‍♀️ #waronwaste

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