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Between Roots and Wings Blog  An American in Sydney🇺🇸🇦🇺, mom to 2 littles 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧, and blogger. Also @artsplorers_au

I am in FULL ON Vivid mode over on @artsplorers_au - join me over there if you have lights in your eyes, too. Last night, we checked out Chatswood.
#vividsydney #vividchatswood

Four people, eight passports. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 We’re considering taking next year away to fill those passports up. Europe, SE Asia, Cuba, and the U.S. are on the agenda. I’d like to squeeze in Costa Rica and Japan. Where would you go?
#expatfamily #expatkids #worldtravel

Been seeing some of the Vivid installations being set up around town over the past few days. It’s getting exciting! (Opening day is the 25th) #vividsydney #chatswood #sydneywithkids #sydneykids

Thanks NSW Fire and Rescue for another fun open day. Nee naw is still a hit here. #firestationopenday #nswfireandrescue #sydneywithkids #sydneykids #sydneyfamily

I don’t love Winter, but Autumn ... definitely one of my top 3 favorite seasons. 🍂

Turns out unsteady on their feet toddlers make delightful Boomerangs. #putyourhandsintheair #likeyoujustdontcare #toddlersrock #expatkids #thatsdarling

Happy Mother’s Day to all the expat mothers.
Maybe this year, you have...
🌸Flown long haul with kids
🌹Felt a little jealous of friends who have family around to help babysit sometimes 🌼Felt guilty because your kids don’t get to grow up with their cousins 🌺Felt guilty because your kids think their grandparents live inside your phone 🌻Sent your kids to a school that confuses you because it is a million times different from what you grew up with 🌼Navigated a foreign healthcare system 🌹Dealt with some sort of insane paperwork related to having a child that belongs to two countries 🌺Missed a big family event 🌷Counted on your expat friends to be your family 💐A bouquet to you for all of these things, and probably a lot more. Whether this is a joyous or complicated day for you, I see you and I applaud you mamas away from home.

This weekend! We have all the hearts in our eyes for Sydney when she rolls them out like this! 😍
#sydneykids #sydney #sydneyharbour #ilovesydney #cremornepoint #expatkids

I’ve been just a little bit 🙇‍♀️today over a few totally silly things, and then THIS arrived in the mail, and 😍❤️😍❤️
Would you believe that I *won* this?? The kids names are engraved on the other side. I feel like the shiniest unicorn 🦄 in town. Thank you, thank you Mumlyfe @maxabella and @uberkatejewels !!!

👩🏻”Next week for your news day, you’re supposed to talk about your mum or your grandma. What do you think you’ll talk about?”
👧🏻”I want to talk about you!” 👩🏻”What will you say about your mum?”
👧🏻”She likes coffee. She does the laundry. She makes me breakfast.”
👩🏻*sobs to no one but herself* “... she graduated from her Master’s program with honours...”
#happymothersdaytome #livingthedream #goodthingimakethemcute

Autumn was a long time coming to Sydney, but I am loving these slightly cooler days that have finally graced us (I don’t need it any cooler than this, though!). We took a nice stroll in the @rbgsydney on Sunday. It was such a nice family outing- just being together with no plans or agenda. Can’t beat the view, either.
#sydney #ilovesydney #rbgsydney #sydneyharbour #sydneyfamily #expatfamily

When we’re around Circular Quay, a frequently requested stop by Hushpuppy is to see the model of Sydney under a glass floor at Customs House. This was actually one of the first things that Partner-in-Crime wanted to show me when I landed in Sydney for the first time, so I guess the fascination runs in the family. It is pretty cool - make sure to pop in to see it if you’re visiting!
#sydney #sydneywithkids #sydneyforkids #thingstodoinsydney

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