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Thanks to all of you for giving us the opportunity to share the inspiration. We wish all of you a year filled with a bounty of blessings...and may all the carpools in life be smooth rides. Xoxo

From 4 things you should be thinking about when the shofer blows. 🐑
Then there’s the women’s stuff. Even if you don’t feel the intensity of our impending judgment and thus can’t relate to the above (because feelings can’t be forced), it’s rare to find the woman who doesn’t come to Rosh Hashana with a yearning for something. The fragmented sounds that the shofar emits are symbolic of our brokenness. We’re meant to arrive to tekias shofar feeling a void in our hearts, aching for what’s missing in our lives. And as we hear those piercing blasts, we can beg Hashem to fill that emptiness. The Ben Ish Chai notes that the letters that precede the lettters of shofar in the Alef Bais are akara, a barren woman. Every woman is an akara in her own right. You may be yearning for a child, for a shidduch for your daughter, for a happier marriage, for more nachas. Now, at tekias shofar, when you hear the cries that resemble your please, is your opportunity to express that yearning. Just like the hollow horn of the ram comes to life when the ba’al tokeya blows his breath into it, so too may the emptiness in your heart be filled with Hashem’s blessings and may all your dreams for the new year come to life. Ksiva v’chasima tova! Read the rest on the site... #roshhashanah

{new post} Want to update your Salmon Starter for? Try this Salmon Pinwheel (with a dipping sauce too, of course) by guest @peasngreens! #roshhashanah #presentation #gourmet #fish #recipe #clicklinkinbio

One of our favorite cabbage salads (search cabbage on the site) is perfect for #roshhashanah. Just replace the pecans for pomegranates. Carrots +apples + pomegranates 👌🏻

{new post} It’s All About the Presentation: Passionfruit Mousse. #roshhashanah #siteislive #passionfruit #dessert

{new post} Buying new knives in honor of Rosh Hashanah? 🍴 🍖 🍷
There is a minhag, found mostly in the Chassidic community, of purchasing a new knife for Rosh Hashanah. It is said to be a segulah for parnassah, so it can only be a good thing! Also, we can all use a new knife once in awhile, so why not buy it in time for the biggest cooking marathon of the year? Read our basic knife guide on the site. #roshhashanah #knives #shopping

#bcplaughs #yomtovshopping #yomtov #bcporiginal
A Jewish mom version adapted from @notsomumsy
Tag your favorite place to shop for kids ⤵️

{new post} The one dessert @victoriadwek makes every single Rosh Hashanah. Apple Crumble Sundaes. Recipe is on the site/app. #roshhashanah #dessert #apples #fall

{new post} “I simply can’t, it’s like choosing a favorite child!” But if you really push me hard on this… I will have to admit that there are some recipes that I just keep going back to, and no matter what the occasion – they are a hit every time!

My pretzel challah recipe is one of those! - @rochiepinson shares her favorite challah on the site. #clicklinkinbio #pretzelchallah #mustmake #yomtov #roshhashanah #sukkos

{new post} We’ve got the perfect way to serve the simanim 🍎 and a beautiful simanim card download! 🍯
Dishes, cutlery, apple dish, glasses, chargers by @setyourtablenj #roshhashanah #tablesetting #herend @herendusa #gold #sponsored #tablescape #simanim #simanimcard #download

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