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betsy & iya  handcrafted jewelry line, online shop, & lifestyle boutique in Portland, OR. Peek in our jewelry production studio while you shop our store! 💍 🔨

Our necklace family has grown by 4! Everyone, meet the Inti, Lucero, Pacha, and Kusiqua necklaces. Their names mean "sun", "bright star", "earth", and "happy" in either Quechua or Spanish. 🌎☀️ #inticollection

✨✨Say hello to BRAND NEW b&i jewelry!! ✨✨⠀
Inspired by condors taking flight at the ancient site of Machu Picchu, the Inti Collection epitomizes strength and beauty with hypnotic movement, and features regionally sourced turquoise and jasper (from Arizona and Oregon!). ⠀

👉Swipe through for gorgeous lookbook photos shot by @nicholaspeterwilson and shop online on our site! #inticollection #newjewelry #betsyandiya

Oooh baby our NEW COLLECTION drops *tomorrow*, including these sexy turquoise stacking rings!! Special made to fit with our Cor ring perfectly. 😍 To say we're excited would be an understatement.⠀
Shop in-store and online starting tomorrow, 5/23. #inticollection

Synchronized sleeping FTW. #mauricethedog #lazysunday

Only 4 days ‘til the new collection drops!!!😁We've got 15+ new styles waiting eagerly to meet you, including these beautiful earrings. #countdown #inticollection #getexcited

We'll always have a soft spot for these classics. #agoodmandarinishardtofind

The Brooklyn, Tilikum, and Bay Bridge Cuffs decided to have a lil jam sesh the other day, so we snuck a quick pic. 📸#bridgecuffcollection

Diamond Cor rings making unique shapes with their faceted ring pal. ✨ #betsyandiyafine #finecollection

☝️It's good to have options.☝️

I am so grateful to call this tiny person my daughter. I’m a mom; and that is not something I was sure I would be. It is more challenging and more beautiful (and so so fun and funny) than anyone ever said it would be. It’s heart wrenching and raw, so tender and so deeply love filled. I sometimes imagine that I must have actual cartoon hearts literally and endlessly bursting from my eyes when I look at her. I only dream I can show her the sweetest parts of this life and prepare her for the icky ones. I hope to never take for granted that I even have this chance to show her what I know, to squeeze her, laugh with her, sing to her, and tell her I love her every single morning and every single night. For many reasons, I know that this is not a day that’s easy and full of celebration for everyone, so I hope wherever you are and whatever you are going through, you know you are loved and that hope surrounds you. Happy Mother’s Day to you all! -Betsy ❤️❤️❤️ (p.s. we are on vacation now, hence the full-face smiles and ridiculous hair!! Also, there’s a new collection sneak peek in this photo...see if you can find it 😉😬.)

I may get these for my mom just so I can borrow them later. #secretgenius

Yeah. That’s pretty much every mom we know. 🙌

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