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Just hugging a tree with my hub’s name on it that was on the trail. There’s also a part of the trail called “Betsy’s sweep”. 🤗🤷🏻‍♀️ My brother and I ran a 5 mile trail run today in the melting snow. I have never done trail running until today. I basically spent the whole time praying my feet didn’t trip over roots, ice, or rocks. I had a few close calls. Basically i exercised my body and my brain...so much concentration! 😐 It was fun, but I can see broken bones in my future if I don’t work on my clumsiness. 😝😂 Hanging out with my brother always means adventure is around every corner. We are signed up to run the Mount Zion half marathon in Utah and we will be hiking and camping for 5 Days. I have never camped before or hiked much at all. 😳 Live everyday like it’s your last! Here’s to many adventures in 2018! ✌️

Sometimes I still make videos for Instagram. 😜😜😜 Happy Saturday!

I tried this reclined straddle over the summer when @eileendelatorre came to visit me. My feet were no where close to the floor. And then I tried again yesterday and boom. 💥 Floor touch on both sides. 🙌 It’s not really about touching the floor so much or the final posture of any asana. It’s more about all of the practices I’ve had in between the summer and now and all the things i learn every time i step onto my mat. I don’t know why my body is locked sometimes and opens up other times. I may not be able to do this tomorrow and I may have to wait six more months or it may never happen again. 🤔 I have learned to not hold on to any posture or grow attached to anything in my yoga practice. All things come and go and that’s okay.

Hey y’all! This isn’t #snoga. It’s just me upside down and documenting a ridiculous amount of snow today in Alabama! Today was epic! It dumped snow for hours! Like 11 hours! This very rarely happens, and never before Christmas! Merry Merry! 🎄❄️😘

This picture makes me laugh so much. JP’s face 🐵😂. The New Year is quickly approaching! 😱 My 2018 goal is going to be pull-ups! I can’t do pull-ups, so here’s to getting 💪.

Who’s been following me long enough to remember when this window was my all the time yoga spot? This time of year it looks a little different. 🎄🎅🏼 I’m just warming up my straddle presses because it’s game day and it’s almost time for kick off! 💪🏈 🦅 War Eagle! #secchampionship

Thank you so much to all who participated in our #GiveGratitudeGrow challenge. You guys showed up in such a BIG way and blew us all away with your kindness, encouragement, and acts of gratitude. ALL of you are winners! It's always so hard to narrow it down and only choose a few participants, so without further ado.... Here is who will be receiving some swag. One of the hosts will contact you via DM about receiving your swag. 🎉
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Hey y’all! Just in case you were wondering if Auburn won the Iron Bowl and knocked off the number 1 team in the country. Oh, yes they did. And if you have no idea what the Iron Bowl is...keep scrolling. 🤣 #wareagle #rolltearsroll #bestnightever

For the first time ever I’m missing family Thanksgiving with my parents. The plague has hit our house. 😷🤢 But, that’s ok. My boys need me. And i kind of need them too. I’m not feeling 💯. 😭 There will always be leftovers. What are you thankful for today? I’m thankful for these 2 boys that call me “mama” and still think i hung the moon. And of course I’m thankful for my best friend in the whole, wide world. @paweeyums ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are spending it with the people you love! 🦃🍁🍽

Hey y’all! 👋 I got a lot of comments and DMs about my last post. And it still has me thinking. 🤔 To all of you that commented or saw my post and didn’t comment (but feel it too), or sent me a DM...thank you! Y’all have inspired me to #makeinstagreatagain 😂 I really miss the old days of Insta yoga- 15 second videos. No music. Struggles. So many struggles. 🤣 Laughs. Bad lighting. Friends. Just SHOWING UP. And most importantly- not caring about likes or followers. What are followers anyway? Random strangers who you will NEVER meet or even know they exist? Weird accounts that may not even be real? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t get me wrong- I have people who I interact with on here and I love that, but I definitely don’t interact with ten thousand people. And I have a full time job, soooo...Insta isn’t my livelihood. And I don’t have the time or passion to make it a full time job. It’s supposed to be fun- a hobby. 🙃 Not a place to make you feel bad or less than. I made this funky pincha video a couple of weeks ago. And I never posted it. I do that all the time. I look at pics and vids and think, “I look gross in that pic. I’m bloated. People will think I’m fat (or pregnant- Oh, please don’t think that! 😬) That transition was shaky. That was the worst handstand.” Uhhhh...news flash. That’s what I really look like. 🤣 Why do I expect to be something that I’m not? Or why do I want to project on social media to be something that I’m not? I’m 35. Mom. Teacher. Not really in the coolest category right now according to likes and follows. 😆 Putting all of these feelings out there doesn’t embarrass me. It actually feels quite liberating. Saying all of this out loud and announcing it on social media is giving me life right now. 🤪 I’m sick of always over analyzing myself and my videos or pics because I’m worried about what others will think. This is me. I’m so imperfect it’s not even funny. And I wouldn’t change it at all. Who’s with me? Bring back the realness. I want to see bad lighting. Ugly handstands in your pajama pants. Bloopers. Struggles. Laughs. And fun! And since I’m not offering an Alo discount code, y’all can unfollow me now...kidding.😬 #oginstayoga

🚨 Lengthy post warning. 🚨 And read the whole thing before you judge. Something has been bothering me so much lately. And it all has to do with me, so this isn’t directed at anyone. It’s all me. 😕 I started my insta Yoga account almost 3 years ago. There have been ups. And downs. It’s been mostly good. I have made amazing connections with some awesome people. I have even had the honor to meet some of them in real life. (Hello @eileendelatorre @moj88 @livinleggings 👍) This space has taught me a lot on many levels. My asana practice is constantly being pushed because of the inspiration I find here. Sometimes i feel very extroverted and it’s easy to share. I am a natural sharer. If you know me in real life, you know that I talk. A lot. And I’m pretty much an open book. It’s hard for me to be fake or pretend. So, i feel like my yoga account is authentic and you are getting the real me in these squares. I started this account to document my yoga journey and to connect with other people doing the same. The insta Yoga community was relatively small then. I participated in a lot of challenges and I didn’t care what my lighting looked like, or what yoga leggings I had on, or if my background was my messy living room, or if my bra matched my leggings, or anything really. I just posted because I was documenting and learning and having fun along the way. And then the Yoga community grew. And it grew. And it continues to grow. And as I scroll through my feed it is full of beautiful yoga poses on remote beaches and perfect bodies and perfect legging brands and seemingly perfect lives. And that’s all I see. And over the past year my Yoga account has become irrelevant in terms of insta Yoga. My account doesn’t grow. I don’t engage with people like I used to. And all of that started to make ME feel irrelevant. So, this space became unhealthy for me. That’s ego. I’m not above calling myself out even when it’s hard to recognize something bad in yourself. I talked to my husband about all of this and I was embarrassed to even bring it up. He’s my forever bestie and I didn’t even want to admit it to him. 😕 Continued in comments (sooo long 😱)

Tomorrow is the final day of #GratitudeGiveGrow. 🙏🏼🖤 This challenge has exceeded ALL of my expectations. Y’all really showed up this week. I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart that I have felt so much LOVE from y’all. You have blessed me all week with your posts. YOU make a difference! So, thank you. .
Tomorrow is any seated pose or spend 5 minutes with your hand on your heart. Feel your heart beat. Feel alive!!! So, my husband took this picture for me...and he asked me if i was about to say the pledge. 🙈 No! 🤨
☑️ Day 1- Random act of kindness (Humble Warrior)
☑️ Day 2- Set your intention for the day (Upward Facing Dog) ☑️ Day 3- Donate clothing or household items (Camel Pose)
☑️ Day 4- List someone’s good traits and share it with them (Wild Thing) ☑️ Day 5- Put away your phone (Low Lunge)
☑️ Day 6- Earth service (Any Inversion) ☑️ Day 7- Spend 5 minutes with your hand on your heart (Any Seated Pose) .
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