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Betsey Williams  Fitness 🤸‍♂️Yoga 🤸‍♂️Food 🤸‍♂️ Making the choice to be happy, healthy, and upside down. 🙃 BHAM, AL

My days are filled with beach, lake, Netflix, card games, and fam. Don’t worry. The real world is coming for me soon. 🏖😜 #teacherlife #summer

Sound on. 👂James Paul is my biggest cheerleader. Just kidding. He just wants me to be done so he can go back to collecting jellyfish. He caught 113 jellyfish today. 😳 I always forget how hard handstands are on the sand. And I always forget how white my legs are. 👻 😂

Do you ever exercise with your kiddos? James Paul has been running with me since he was pretty little. Honestly he almost never wants to go and complains A LOT. I give him tough love because I know he is soooooo capable. Almost every single time he thanks me after and tells me he feels great. I’m not saying my parenting skills are the best. I could be scarring him for life as I run alongside him and tell him to “dig deeper! Have grit! Work harder!” 😬😂 I really have no idea what I’m doing. I just know that I like sharing my runs with this kid. This kid also has bigger feet than me and pretty soon he will probably be telling me to “dig deep” just to catch up to him.

Turns out I’m a lot better at doing handstands than I am at applying sunscreen evenly. 🤷🏻‍♀️ My legs are striped red and white and my stomach has random red spots. 😂 #notsotalented #imaclown

I ran a 2 miler this morning and then did a few sets of this little heart pumping routine. Inspired by @tanyapoppet. Check out here page bc she is 💪🏼🔥. By the time I got to those donkey kick burpee lunges I was flailing. 😂 I always feel better after I move and sweat though.

I read something that @nolatrees posted the other day in her stories. It really resonated with me when I read it. Maybe it will speak to you too. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it... “Loving your body isn’t a requirement to exist, not even to be content. We are hyper-focused on bodies. If you do love your body, that’s awesome, but it’s also not something we need to constantly be punishing ourselves for if we don’t. And it doesn’t have to be a point of frustration if you can’t or don’t love it. Just be!” -Dana ♥️ #justbe

Splurged twice in the past 24 hours. Once on this @madewell jacket. Once on this peach pecan ice cream from @durbinfarms. Whole30 and I broke up today. I will do a Whole30 post later and let y’all in on what I’ve learned about food, my body, and wellness. But, not right now bc...vacation. 😜 #thisisvacation #thisismylife #livinit

Good morning! Do you even sivasana? 😂 But, you bc it’s my favorite part of my practice. ♥️ And some days, sivasana IS my practice. 💆🏻‍♀️✌🏼

Summer and all of its magic. ✨ The boys and I spent yesterday playing in the water and canoeing down the Cahaba with my brother. I’m just bottling these memories up to pull out and think about on a rainy day. Have fun, friends. Life is short. ✨

Who loves guacamole as much as i do? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Who hates it when ppl call it “guac”? 🙋🏻‍♀️😂 But, really summer makes me feel so extra! 🤩🤩🤩 #Repost @yogiapproved with @get_repost #dontsayguac ・・・
Treat yo self! Know your worth. 🥑 @emersonrosemontrose .
#yogiapproved #damnright #avocado #selflove

Have y’all tried @yogiapproved online classes yet? It might just turn your world upside down. 😜 Follow @yaclasses and check out the link in my bio for a free 7 day trial! $10 bucks a month. Cancel anytime. 🙌🏼 #yatribe #yogiapprovedfam #ad #sponsored

Do you compete with anyone? I do. I compete with MYSELF. I try not to, but i find myself thinking things like, “You used to be able to do this. You should be able to do better. Why can’t you do it like you used to?” 🤔 I used to be able to lower from handstand into L-sit without touching my feet to the mat. Not anymore. But, today I practiced it and I consciously let go of attachment. Big goofy grin at the end is the feeling of NON-ATTACHMENT. And a celebration of the strength I do have. L-sit is hard. 💪🏼😂 #letitgo #itsjustyoga #loveyourselfnow

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