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Fareeda|| 40  I love Bethany Noel Mota so much

hi soooo today's my 5th anniversary on this acc !!! ive been on this acc for 5 years supporting this little bean (altho shes ia now but its ALRIGHT) idk what to actually write but all I have to say is that fanpage was the biggest turn in my life as I made A TON of friends out here (I'm thankful for all of y'all)....I'm trying my best to stay active but idk what to post anymore cause we dry out here out of content jsjs 🤪 uhh yeah thank u for everyone who've been w me through these 5 years :D I love y'all sm <3

HI HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Im so sorry for being inactive but I'll try my best tho , this photo is super duper CUTE look at them omg ;)))

this video is super duper cute and can we talk about how Jupiter is the cutest? Like wow I really adore dogs omggg but beth looked so beautiful in the video too!! I'm so happy she's active again:)) @bethanynoelm [ #faridahanafynoticebookbethany ]

hi this video is the absolute CUTEST! I really loved the video and how she like bought 10000 hoodies lolol ig I could relate if Im not broke lol ...Anyways I didnt go to school today cause I'm super duper sick and then beth posted a video so like...yeah thats a good way to start this day! I hope y'all are having a beautiful day ❤ @bethanynoelm [ she liked :')]

omg HI ! Sorry to being inactive school is v v hard atm I have a ton of quizzes and exams :// anyways i watched beth's video and its THE CUTEST + dtrix's video OH WOWWW lol :') oh oh and a little fyi that I'm NOT active just because Beth's active nor I'm using her activeness to notice me etc etc I just randomly chose to post today cause I missed this acc so much :) anyways (x2) i hope y'all having a good day/night :))) @bethanynoelm

she's ?? so ?? beautiful?? [ SHE LIKED #faridahanafynoticebookbethany]


hi im completely sorry for being ia i literally have quizzes everyday like why ????? + BETH IS STUNNING WOAHHHHH

hi!!! sorry for being ia for the 3333 times lolol I have school & its literally the first week but everyday we have hw + I have a presentation & I have to talk ab someone successful & how do they count as one & ig im gonna talk ab beth yeah lol love that for me!! +++ the pic is super duper cute like wow?? Ig im gonna change my pfp lolol :)) anyways I hope ur having a great day<3


Marin & beth stop being the cutest challenge <333

THEY ARE SO ADORABLE ???? WOW @bethanynoelm

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