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Beth Moore  Spending most of my days searching for someone I've already found. @BethMoorelpm Living Proof Ministries Houston Texas

Next time this world gets to you and you need reminding that this place has no hold on you, you go hunt this song down and turn it up.

Smiling at y’all this Thursday morning!

Keith brought a box of pictures home from storage recently that had managed to escape finding their way into photo albums. This is my Amanda in our home of 27 years. It was 50s attire for an occasion at her elementary school. There is still nothing quite like having a skirt that twirls well. I have to believe there will be substantial twirling in heaven. And I have to believe my girls will one day forgive me for cutting and curling their bangs but I thought they were the cutest things ever.

I realize this is not very Instagrammy but we are at a critical juncture. I believe in the transforming power of the cross of Jesus Christ. I believe people can change. And I believe if we do not, there will be hell to pay.

Tomorrow’s Tuesday and Tuesday at Living Proof means one thing every single week: open house for prayer between 12-1. We’d love to pray for you if you’re within driving distance and in need of it. You need not wonder if we take it seriously. We also take Scripture seriously and we are honored to take God at His word where you are concerned.

Why I’m not a counselor.

If you are anywhere within driving distance, women, we have two opportunities to serve you tomorrow (Tues, Feb 12) if you would let us. We have our weekly prayer-Tuesday where we open our doors at the ministry from 12 to 1 to anyone who needs prayer. Then tomorrow evening we have our monthly worship and Bible study gathering for women called Invited. It is an interdenominational gathering put on by LPM but we get to use the wonderful facilities at my church, Bayou City Fellowship. (Spring Branch location for easier access than the suburbs.) We’d love to have you and you are welcome and so wanted whether or not you have ever cracked open a Bible. We exist to serve Jesus through serving you. Come check us out! You’ll find both addresses in the images.

We’ve had such a great time on our date in town! Damian’s Cucina Italiana has been one of our favorite places to go for a really special dinner for decades. It’s iconic Houston, belonging to a local restauranteur royal family. Our waiter tonight has worked there for 35 years if that tells you anything. Keith got the special - osso buco - but I got what I go there to get: an angel hair pasta dish with tomato cream sauce and lobster tail. It’s the kind of thing that could make grown ups cry. Been so fun to be downtown. I’ll tell you what. You can find much prettier places and goodness knows far better climates but, at least to this biased Texan, there is no greater city on earth than Houston. She’s got heart. And I promise you, she will feed you right.

Keith snapped this a few minutes ago. Being lazy with Creekie in front of the fireplace reading a magazine. Was just in the mood for light reading. (It’s on famous murders in Houston. lol) Creek and I got up at six because that’s her limit. She starts howling about 5:15 which is when I usually get up but on Saturday just once I would like to sleep until nine. But no. The creek rises. Anyway, at least I haven’t had to so much as brush my teeth. I am, however, going to have to get moving, showered and dressed up by early evening. My man told me a little while ago he made us dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant downtown. More later from the Clampetts when we go to Beverly.

I walked in the door after work to sizzling broiled snapper and crab stuffing. It is not a tragedy to have a man who, on no seldom occasion, can out-cook you.

Just saying.

This was part of a DM in a conversation this morning with a younger brother in the faith so please know, as you read the word “man,” I used the gender reference because of the original context. It applies equally to every one of you women in Jesus. Don’t you doubt for a moment you have a calling and it is beyond what you can do.

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