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macbarbie07  ♡met my role model 2-12♡

praying for @macbarbie_army right now. I hope you get better soon gorgeous. ♡

you guys are BEAUTIFUL♡

ok so here's the new "theme" for you guys:) I've never done edits like this before so I hope you enjoy

I chose this quote "don't forget where you belong" because everyone is saying that beth is all aero and no youtube. youtube is where beth belongs. and I think she knows that. it's what got her where she is today, and I know beth won't leave behind her loyal bethanators in order to focus on the clothing line, I have faith in her. she won't forget what started it all. I believe beth will always make youtube videos and she will never stop. yes, I want a video too but she's busy. she has other things to do but we need to be loyal and stick by her side no matter what♡ love you guys

meeting bethany was the best day of my life♡

texture creds: @textxres_

started my account over♡

it was really hard for me but I did it! I figured I would start over since I just came back to this account:) I'm doing themes so comment below if you have requests. I love you all stay strong♡

hey beautiful people♡

I know that it's been quite some time since I talked to you guys😭

but lately I can't tell you guys how much I have been missing this account. I missed having a whole community who loved and supported beth as much as I did. and we could talk about all her amazing accomplishments together. I really missed this world of people who considered her their role model❤️ I just really missed you guys. like a lot. so please please please forgive me for not posting. even though I might not post a lot now, I will post as often as I can I promise!
on a lighter note, I MET BETH! it was the best day of my life and I really want to show you guys pictures and tell you what happened, so if you want to see comment down below!! and thanks for reading this rant:) love you all so much. stay strong♡
texture creds: @textxres_

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