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Photography + Direction  Be kind and do things differently than the rest. I create, constantly curious, sometimes paint(@bethcathart) devoted to @wes_schrock

At least when “I got my hands dirty” doing these product shots, I was left with softer and yummy smelling hands than before.

Go to accessories.

Call your mom today.
Photo for @pinklinendesigns and art directed by @ashleymaryart.

Sun is shining. The trees are growing. We are alive. Man, so much to be thankful for. Count it all.

Really proud of this project.
@sparkle_mn is a woman’s conference bringing all ages, vocations, races, backgrounds, and personalities together in the name of love. The name of Jesus. .
I wanted these photos to showcase the art of being different, but not separate. Incorporating needle and thread in portraits to painting on skin to photographing all generations, I really think it encompasses the heart of @rivervalleymn. Entire project to be posted on my @squarespace site soon!

Little of this. Little of that. A whole lot of fun.
Styling & photography work for @sparkle_mn.

Let’s root for each other
and watch each other grow. .
work for @sparkle_mn

Hey @danielle__lund, never forget. #IcyMountain

This weekend, we went to Florida to celebrate Wes’s grandpa Jack’s life. Jack was full of kindness, generosity and love for others. .

In the process of cleaning out Jack’s ‘93 built home, we went through old books and clothes. We got to take some things of Jack that meant the most to Wes. .
Wes let me take a few pictures of him in Jack’s clothes around the house. It’s sort of beautiful, different way to celebrate someone’s legacy, but really happy we did. The hat, glasses, shirt, and watch all Jack’s. More on my story.

Sunshine State of mind.

The green gang’s all here.
Styling and photo work for @drjart.
Funny note: I went to The Container Store and bought these random tinted containers for this project. Total price of $3.99. I’d love to know what you’re suppose to do with a tiny green acrylic box.. besides taking pictures with it.

Playing on set with @almamiampls.

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