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Beth Brinker  song nerd, antique geek, @thefoosh's mom, vintage slinger // Nashville, TN 🌵🐶🎶🧡🌼

sometimes she’s just so precious i could cry. 🐶😌🐾a friendly reminder to consider adopting a pet before buying one. so many are out there needing to be snuggled. and hey! check me out - she’s my dream dog, right down to the patch on her eye and the freckles on her ear. 🧡#girlsbestfriend #adoptdontshop #rescuedog

vacation day dreams 🍂🐶🧡 hey @johnboybaker, @colterwall likes his shirt.

trinkets found in homes scattered across nashville on my adventure with @lauragodwinland this weekend. one of the finest treasures ever? a wicker carry-on bag with a first class pan am tag. be still my treasure hunting heart.🧡〰️ some of these beauties may find their way into my vintage shop launching online later this fall.

two years ago today, i took this picture in the bathroom at the basement east. me and my fresh hair, my whiskey and my thrift store dress. i never knew that i would walk out of that door and my life would change forever. it’s nice to know you, @colterwall. even cooler to love you. 🧡

an oldie but a goodie for #nationaldogday! this creature changed my whole life the moment she was put in my arms, very literally. i knew she was mine and i couldn’t give her back. fortunately, she was a free tiny puppy in leiper’s fork and needed a home. and sure enough, she became this little thing that made home feel like anyplace she was. that’s a mushy dog person thing to say, but i will go even further to say that i feel so lucky to have found my dream doggie. she’s completely neurotic, skittish, protective, funny, freakin’ beautiful and scares herself daily. and she’s my little foosh. 🐶 #Foosh #emojidog

a teeny tiny wild yellow rose and a bluebonnet by the incredible @shannonwagestattoos. the week of my birthday, i had intended on only the most delicate of yellow roses, and after hangin’ and talkin’ with sweet Shannon, ended up with a tiny bluebonnet too. i remembered everytime my mom had pulled over to the side of the road to have us sit down in a field of them for a picture, and the feeling that i still get when i see them now. 2018 marks ten years in nashville, and ten years since my mom and i drove a rented truck to tennessee. happy to call music city home, and very pleased to be someone’s yellow rose of texas. 🌼 〰️ @shannonwagestattoos, you are magic. i’ll sit and talk about cowboys with you anyday. thank you for the beautiful little painting i get to keep forever. still don’t know how ya did it. 🎨🔮

i miss him most on friday night. and that’s the truth all the way until saturday mornin’. 🧡

music row ladie’s golf tournament with the gals and pals of @ascap! when i’m not stashing beers and snacks in my bag or pickin’ wildflowers, i’m wackin’ that ball with moves usually reserved for figure skaters. 🏌🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🌪🍻🌻

little bit of him, little bit of her 🏠🧡

coordinating my coffee cups to my outfit is nothing new. my obsession with vintage pottery, that’s only sorta new. i remember my mom telling me about it at antique malls growing up - from a young age I knew to flip over pottery to see what was stamped underneath, usually hunting for fiestaware like most old women trapped in a 7 year old body. but on my recent trip to texas i found a certain kind and now i see it everywhere. it was a southern company owned by a man named frank from oklahoma - “frankoma” he called it, founded back in the thirties. and it reminds me of home. thank you, momma for reaching me about old stuff. ☕️🌵🧡happy sunday, people

a sunday kinda love 🐶#thefoosh

my kinda happy hour 〰️ east nashville, tn thrifty finds, and way cheaper than a cocktail. 🧡🥃

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