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Bethany Krzywiecki  📍pittburgh -> chicago burbs

Out of office

One of the many highlights of the weekend: waking up to this picture of us in the Chicago Sun-Times 😎

8 months ago I was asked “Want to go to a Foo Fighters concert at Wrigley?” I had no idea what saying yes would look with these weirdos 😜


Right by the door. This is where my reusable bags live after unloading. If they are not the last thing I see before I leave my house, I’ll forget them. I use these bags for everything - packing lunch, groceries, snack, and travel #pfplasticfree #plasticfreejuly

No one else I’d rather walk through life with. My babe. Celebrating 4 years of marriage with no gifts or extravagance just gratefulness and love 💕

Bae•cation 💞

Still deciding if this whole office move was a good idea 🤔

I wish I counted the times I was asked “Why did you move to Chicago?” My response fell somewhere along the lines of explaining that we’re young and it just seemed like the easy/right thing to do because we didn’t have any commitments holding us back. Life is such an adventure if you see it that way. I hope as I get older that I stop justifying my actions based on my age. I want to do the uncomfortable things not because of how old I am but because it’s what makes life the most exciting. Getting older is fun, I refuse to see it any other way 🤓 #birthdaypizza

After a week of being inspired by all the amazing things McDonald’s is doing, I would like to be called by my new name “McBeth” 🍔 🍟. And by some miracle, after a week of only eating McD’s my pants still fit 🤣 #mcdonalds #fries #WWC2018

This greenery has been up since before Christmas and I haven’t had the heart to take it down yet. Maybe because it still feels like winter or because by some miracle all of the needles haven’t fallen off yet (there is a secrete). The way the branches twist and turn reminds me of something from Dr. Seuss and just looking at them fills me up and makes me laugh a little inside.
I made a promise to myself at the new year to do what brings me joy regardless of what is seen as normal and safe. Leaving these Christmas decorations up till April feel symbolic of that promise. Here’s to practicing that promise in the little things and the big things, whatever they may be.

Celebrating the day you ask strangers to take your picture #Chicago #happystpatties

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