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Some people bite their nails... some people fidget in their seat... guess I now know what Rowan does when he’s nervous. 😂 #CantHang #NewMeaningToTheTermAnkleBiter

Momspiration Monday
As a mom, do I think spending as much quality time as possible with your children is a beautiful thing? Yes, of course! But you know what else is a beautiful thing? Also making the time to maintain a healthy, loving relationship with your significant other. I get A LOT of DMs asking how Chris & I keep the romance alive post-babies and my 3 top answers are –
1️⃣ Communication -
2️⃣ Being on the same team and each other’s biggest supporters -
3️⃣ Continuing to date each-other forever.
*A date doesn’t always need to be a full on romantic candle lit dinner at your favorite restaurant, it can be as simple as catching up over a bowl of ice cream with one other on the couch after you’ve put the kids to bed which can be just as (if not more) intimate.
I think good parenting sometimes means making your marriage a priority. Kids feel when their parents are stressed/not connecting with one another. -
A few months back Kai overheard Chris & I bickering over something silly and without even raising our voices he knew something wasn’t right. He came over to me, put his arm on my shoulder & said “It’s ok Mommy & Daddy. It’s ok”. Just because they’re little, doesn’t mean they’re not incredibly intuitive.
As for the inevitable parenting guilt that goes along with leaving your kids at home for a date that social media makes us mothers VERY well aware of, instead of feeling guilty turn it into a positive & loving message to your kids. By letting them know you’re excited to spend some time with their dad, you’re leaving them with the message that “Mommy & Daddy really love each other and need special time together too” giving them a positive outlook on relationships and marriage for their own future.
The love between you and your significant other is the foundation of your family. Never lose sight of what made you fall in love with each-other. ❤️

When you see these two and realize you drove into the wrong side of town.

A behind the scenes from our dreamy sunset family photoshoot with 📸@sarahnoelphoto in Malibu. 🌴

Having the BEST week in LA with this crew. Nothing beats solid family time, especially the amount of time we’ve had together. And yes this is the best family photo from the entire trip. 😆👍🏼 #LoveMyBoys

This is what 95% of my camera roll looks like. #FrameWorthy #HeLovesMe #MomOfBoys

My little sweetheart 💙 ...who also looks like he should be applying to middle school this fall #1goingon13

Kai - Philanthropist, professional snacker, and world class storyteller. 📕#NoIdeaWhatHeWasTalkingAbout #ButThePerformanceWasAwardWinning

Since Grandma is a 4-hour drive away 🚗 and Grandpa is a 4-hour flight away ✈️, we FaceTime. #ad And during a good majority of said FaceTime, the boys are way too excited to speak actual English so I end up having to translate Kai & Rowan-language to my parents. But it’s all good… I’ve become fluent. **My phone’s delicate and innocent life is brought to you by @otterbox. Without these cases, my phone wouldn’t be with us right now. My boys go through life like Spartan soldier extras from 300 and a day doesn’t go by where my phone isn’t dropped, stepped on, and/or swatted out of my hands, but it’s still scratch/ding/bump/crack-free thanks to these beauties. #OtterboxMyPhoneThanksYou #OtterboxStyle

Pretty sure I cloned my husband. #MySweetheart

Check out my blog post on my experience of dyeing my hair myself with @clairolcolor’s new Nice ’n Easy formula. Why go to a salon when you can dye your hair at home… while also being interrupted by your children every 5 seconds asking “What ARE YOU DOING to your hair mommy?!?”. It’s because you’re starting to give mama a few beautiful grays my little halflings. 🧙🏻‍♂️Link in bio 🤗 #ad #ColorFearlessly

Momspiration Monday (wow... terribly corny.. lame title.. it works.. I LOVE IT):
Moms - We have to try to be less hard on ourselves. Your baby isn’t scrolling through Instagram comparing you to other moms focusing on what they have that you don’t, so why should you? Your baby doesn’t care what kind of mom society “labels” you as. They don’t care if you haven’t washed your hair this week, that you’re wearing the same leggings as yesterday or that you haven’t gotten around to the dirty dishes from last night. They don’t judge their meals if their plate doesn’t come out Pinterest Perfect, or care if it’s not 100% pure organically grown by the gardens of Zeus. They don’t remember your #MomFails. Your baby notices how a simple hug from you can change their entire mood. How a kiss from you can make their boo-boo instantly feel better. They remember the time you take to put your phone aside and get down on the floor to help them build a block castle. They notice how you make them feel about themselves. They see themselves the way you see them. Their security comes from your love, attention & affection. If you reflect happiness, that’s what they feel. They don’t care about the rest. They care about YOU. Forget the nonsense. There is no comparison to you in your child’s mind. Remember that you are completely and undeniably perfect in your babies eyes and thats the only opinion that truly matters. Try to see yourself the way your child sees you today. ❤️

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