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Bethany Ciotola  Married to the Love of my Life ❤️ Mother of Dragons 🐉Kai & 🐉Rowan Professional Introvert 😶 📍 NYC 💌

His smile is contagious. 🤗 I can't believe he's turning 1 next weekend. Where did this entire year go?! & how did I ever live without this face??

I recorded my first "Coffee with Kai" session & it was an epic... fail. I personally love it because it shows 1. How disinterested he is in this whole idea 2. How lame he thinks I am when I ask for a fist-bump (watch his face) 3. I love the way he says "I don't like it" when I ask if he wants some coffee (clearly a joke! I would never give my child coffee after 1 pm. Again kidding. Never coffee for Kai) and 3. He literally walks out on me in the end & I'm left looking like a sad, lost puppy. That about sums up my grand idea of a talk show with Kai. 🤓 Aside from soaking in my everyday with the boys, I'd love to document short videos here & there of how Kai's speech is coming along. I know that once he starts saying "love" instead of "yuv" and "daddy" instead of "dah-yee" I'm going to wish I caught it on tape to replay over & over. Maybe my next idea will be better -> back to ze drawing board! 📝(if you want the full minute of our gripping talk show ->, subscribe for more silly debauchery & attempts at capturing the boy's craziness and our life in the big city.)

I was trying on this dress with a bunch of different accessories (because I still sometimes plan my looks ahead of time like I'm back in grade school on the first day of school 🤓) & I was putting a belt on when Kai started his little chant that lets me know he's awake from his nap (think Stewie from family guy. "Mama! Mommy! Mama! Mommy! Mama! Mama!"). When I walked in to get him up, he literally gasped and said "Mommy!! I like your seatbelt Mommy!!" 😆 #liketkit

"When you sign up for a social media account you are opening yourself up to criticism. There’s no way around it, you can have a very public, or extremely private account and still receive negativity from someone, somewhere. There is no magic “block anyone with something bad to say” button. Trolls will be trolls, and they troll for a reason. They want to be acknowledged. They thrive off attention and post negativity for a reason, they want you to get upset and call them out. They want a confrontation and to feel like they have affected you in some way. I’m writing this because, yes, I’ve been affected by negative comments, but there’s a big reason why I will never personally write back to a nasty comment..." Read more on how I deal with negativity on social media on my new blog post. Link is in my bio 🌸

Part 2 of my Motherhood Story is live! I share a TON of my favorite photos, including but not limited to - messy ice cream eating, Kai blowing raspberries on Row boats chunky belly & Kai's silent temper tantrum in its finest form. I also share two personal questions from my book, and Victoria was sweet enough to give some tips on how she makes mama's & their babies feel more comfortable in front of her camera. Link is now in my bio. I hope you guys enjoy reading and viewing as much as I did creating it! 🤗 @mymotherhoodstory

*New blog post is live & the link is in my bio 🤗 This photo of me with my chubby little happy Rowan is from my motherhood story session. Meet Victoria Gloria (@victoriagloria) the sweetheart behind "my motherhood story". @mymotherhoodstory She's an incredibly talented photographer & one of the kindest souls I've ever met. She's the kind of girl you immediately want to become friends with. Kai is incredibly perceptive and will let you know if he wants to be friends right away & took to Victoria immediately. It probably also had a little something to do with us looking like sisters. 👯I broke my blog post into two parts because it was incredibly hard narrowing down my favorite photos, and I want to share so many of our special moments together with you all! Part 1 is now live & the link is in my bio. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow & will include photos of the actual storybook Victoria created for me & you guys - It's so gorgeous! 😍Stay tuned!

7 years ago on this day, I met this beautiful man. I was only 20 years old & had absolutely no idea what I was doing in life, or where I was going & he's been my rock ever since. He's my best friend, greatest ally & most loving father the boys could have ever wished for. There's a song called push by Sarah McLachlan (which Chris teases me about for listening to McLachlan/Sade/Enya saying "oh, so it's lilith fair today?"). I first heard the song on our Eurotrip back in 2012 in Italy the day after Chris asked me to marry him. I was waiting for Chris to check out of our hotel and had just bought McLachlan's album & heard these lyrics and stopped whatever I was doing because it really resonated with me "I get mad so easy but you give me room to breathe. No matter what I say or do because you're too good to fight about it. Even when I have to push just to see how far you'll go. You won't stoop down to battle, but you never turn to go". You may not know this but I can be a hot headed son of a b & Chris always levels me. He puts up with my emotional break downs, & never gives in to me trying to get him to fight. I love him for all that he is & all that he does for me and the boys. He's my forever & always. 😊Now we are off for a casual date night of hand holding & competitive beer pong. 🍻#MyKindOfAnniversaryDate

I'm pretty sure this is the face of pure love. Rowan is completely in love with his big brother & the feeling is mutual. When Rowan cries or falls down, Kai will run over, rub Row's head or cheek & say "it's ohkay Rowan". There are times when Kai might be especially distracted with a game or toy, so while he may not make it up to actually rub Rowan's head, he will loudly comfort him from across the room with "Rowan! It's ohkay Rowan!!".

No exaggeration when I say this little man is a slice of heaven. I've never gone out without having at least 1 stranger comment on what a well behaved, calm & sweet baby he is. He makes me want to be a better person/mama because he's shown me what a truly beautiful & kind soul looks likes. He's always happy! ALWAYS. Zoom in on that face. I dare you. How can you not want to love on that happy baby face all day and night?! At the end of the day, once the kids are down for bed and its just me & Chris on the couch; I'll show Chris some photos I took of the boys that day & his immediate reaction is to go wake them up to give them kisses because he can't handle how sweet they are, & needs more than just a photo. 😆 We always say it's so peaceful & relaxing once they are sleeping & how it's the ONLY time we have to ourselves, yet we spend all of our spare time talking about them & looking thru photos & videos. We are completely obsessed. #AddictedToBabies

Ok, so who is this teenager & where is my baby? #Goldilocks

Off the shoulder, nude & floral top with romantically long ruffled sleeves ✔️ Hat to hide my frizzy hair ✔️ High waisted mom jeans to squeeze it all in ✔️ Signature basic white girl brick wall background ✔️ = Great success 👍🏼Top is linked in my bio 🌷 #liketkit

A boy & his chocolate chip muffin: a love story.

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