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Bethany Ciotola  Married to the Love of my Life ❤️ Mother of Dragons 🐉Kai & 🐉Rowan Professional Introvert 😶 📍 NYC 💌

It's up! Our Elopement in Paris story is linked in my bio! 4 years ago, we said our vows in a small park behind the Notre Dame, overlooking the Seine. Surrounded by only 4 of our family members, not one of the 7 of us (the officiant included) survived the vows without needing a tissue. I still have my vows written on the stationary from our hotel and I still cry every-time I read them. We say “I love you” every day, but it’s so different stand in front of the person you’re about to marry and verbally convey to them that you never want to spend another day of your life without them in it & you’re so honored to call them yours forever. I felt that then, and I feel even more now seeing Chris with our boys. •

Warning ⚠️Photo overload! I chose some of my favorites that you can see here by sliding to the left - the rest are on my blog. 🤗

4 years ago I married this beautiful man. I'm posting our wedding photos on my blog tomorrow so keep an eye out! 🤗 P.S - Do you know where we were married? I may have mentioned it before. 😏 P.P.S I'm a day late haha. Our actual wedding anniversary was yesterday but... I have 2 crazy boys so... I didn't get around to posting this OR finishing my blog post on time. 😂 #betterlatethannever

My littlest baby isn't a little baby anymore. 😭

"Kai..... Dracarys"

*“Dracarys” means “Dragonfire” in High Valyrian. It's the word Dany uses to signal to her dragon, Drogon, that she wants him to go all evil-fire-destruction up in this bish." #MotherofDragons #GOT #GameofThrones

Instagram Caption : This is how he runs to me every time I walk into the room. 🤗

Real Life : This is how he runs to me when I promise him Ice Cream.🍦 #SuperOrganicHug #BriberyIsAMothersBestFriend

This is one of the most beautiful sights to me. 💙

NEWS FLASH 🗞 I’ve been a bad blogger. 😳 •
Side note // I really dislike the word blogger… can we come up with a new title? Writer? Writer with a huge lack of proper grammar skills, and without any official writing degree? How about Ciotola News Journalist. •
I’ve been a bad Ciotola News Journalist. My last post was from July 20th. This is my official announcement that I’ve recently been kicking myself in the butt & I’m now developing TONS of new, fun articles as we speak that will be posted VERY soon. I’ve written a 2-part series on “How I make money on Instagram”, “The Pros & Cons of living in NYC with kids”, our family trip to Maine, I’ve shot a couple of fashion looks including one that I like to call the “mom crop top” look and I’ve done a few family photoshoots with the boys where I’ll be sharing ALL of the photos. Stay tuned! 🤗

Don't let that sweet little face fool you, this kid has been one heck of a handful lately. His new favorite thing? To disagree with literally everything I say & his new favorite word? "Anymore". & he loves to put some definite emphasis on "Anymore". •
Me - "Kai, can I have a hug?"
Kai - "No hugs aaaanymore." 🙄

Me - "Kai, do you want some Chicken for dinner?"
Kai - "No chicken aaaaanymore."

He also loves to make up stories. He told my mom that a Bear scratched him this morning. 🤔 So if you're visiting NYC right now, watch out for scratching Bears on the loose. 🐻🐻🐻

This is a pretty accurate depiction of my life. #glamorous #momofboys #motherofdragons

"No mommy, I have no idea what happened to your brownie sundae..." 🍨

Way to play it cool Kai. 😎 #busted #caughtredhanded

This is what most of our family photos look like. Chris is hiding Kai's pacifier behind his back. Kai is screaming directly into Chris's ear as if we just threw his beloved lion stuffed animal in the Atlantic Ocean like the drama queen that he is & I'm hiding Row's pacifier in my left hand praying to god that he doesn't rip my Romper open in an angry fury to retrieve his paci back. Is it weird that I sometimes prefer photos like this? I think I might even like them 10x more looking back at moments like this in 20 years. #happymonday #reallife

My face when I remember there's a new Game of Thrones episode in 10 minutes... & by my face I mean Kai's. #GOT #got7 #motherofdragons

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