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I love my family. Spending time with them is my favorite. And I sure miss the ones that aren’t here. ❤️ but they will all be here for Christmas and New Years and I can’t wait!

It’s been so rainy and overcast and grey here lately. I miss the sun.

It’s been raining here in Austin for daaaaaays. I miss the sun. And the beach.

I spent a morning last week boating on the lake with friends. Met more friends for lunch and then more boating afterward. Best way to spend a day.

It’s been such a great weekend. I’ve been filled up spiritually and emotionally.

Beach sunsets are the best.

I think a conference weekend retreat is going to become a thing for us. I’ve loved getting away and being together as a family and listening to the words of the prophet. We are having fun and making memories and getting filled up by the word of God through His servants.

It’s the weekend!

Beach weekends are the best. Missing the rest of my kids. Wish they were here too. Then it would be perfect.

It’s a hammock swinging afternoon. Thank heavens it has finally cooled down to 85* 😉 and I don’t melt when I go outside anymore.

It’s a gorgeous day in Austin. Perfect for driving around with the windows down.

Yesterday was overcast and rainy all day. But the sun came out at sunset and we got this beautiful rainbow. Even a faint double rainbow.

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