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Melissa Johnson ♡  All about joyful, wholehearted living...& pink! 💕I am so happy that you're here! 🤗 ✉️ #SoBestFriendsForFrosting👇🏻

Confession: I'm too scared to eat raw cookie dough! 💁🍪😭

Could you imagine if you swiped your debit card at the store and instead of saying "cash back" they said "cupcakes back"?! One of my top favorite go-to places for dessert is @SprinklesCupcakes!  I vote a Cupcake ATM in every city!  Leave a comment to sign that petition! 😜👏🍰💕 #LetsMakeItHappen

Who knew a cactus could be so chic! ;) This is such a fun DIY for any Spring/Summer party- which will be here before you know it. 😜  Just search on for "DIY Pink & Gold Polka Dot Cactus Party Piñata" and the full tutorial will be right at your fingertips.💕💕 #CactusDIY #PolkaDots 📷 for Best Friends For Frosting by @mikaylachristinephoto

I know you're all such busy bees and don't always have time to visit the blog every day, so I decided a monthly coffee date together was a MUST! Every month I will share a blog post called "Monthly Catch Up" where I basically sum up all of the exciting things that have been happening over last month. 🎉💕 Grab your favorite coffee cup and hop on over to This month's catch up includes a lot of strategizing meetings, a new cake collaboration series with @sugareuphoria 🍰 , and SO much more. PS How on earth are we already in mid February?

There are some trends I never want to say goodbye to! 😍  I REALLY love the dalmatian pattern, whether it be in fashion, interior, or COOKIES! 😊🍪 Full recipe just dropped live on the blog!  Get it girlfriends! 💕 #DalmatianEverything #ThinkPink

I could NEVER run this blog with the same level of growth and content if it was not for our team. The fact that we can be goofy and listen to Britney Spears all in one room is still a pinch-me moment.  Check out all the photos from our Cake For Breakfast Party on the blog! 😜💕 #TeamBFFF #RicksDessertDiner. Photography for BFFF by @twotwentyphotos

Because Valentines wouldn't be Valentines Day without cupcakes!!! 💕💌 #ValentinesDay2017 📷 Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by @milouandolinphotography

It's Valentines-Eve!!!!!! 😍💕 Sending a bear hug to @thealisonshow!  I loved partying with her a couple years back at @altsummit. Thank goodness we both got our voices back.  And on an Alison note, how cute are these homemade heart donuts?!! I couldn't help but scream.  Rest assured, I didn't wake anyone up. 😜 PS Keep sharing all your pink and #SoBestFriendsForFrosting content! I love this feed we're all building together on this little corner of the Internet! 🤗💕 #HeartDonuts #HomemadeDonuts

How is Valentine’s Day almost here?! It has always been my favorite holiday because of everything it stands for– pink, hearts, and love! 💕  Usually I will make a pizza with heart shaped pepperoni for our Valentine’s tradition. It’s SO easy! I swear we’re not fancy 24/7. While I'm being completely honest, I have to admit that sometimes pizza doesn't sit well in my stomach if I eat too late at night. ;) Anyone else have this problem? Sometimes it feels like punching a time clock when it comes to digestion shutting down for business. LOL. So, usually when that happens, I grab my Pepto ASAP. It's always worked so well for me these past several years. Sharing more on our traditions and a personal note on my story on the blog. 💌  #PinkRelief #ad

Valentine's Day (aka my favorite holiday ever) is almost here and I couldn't be more excited. I just had to share one of my favorite BFFF desserts from the blog!  First off, let me clear the air on this recipe.  The recipe holds it's shape and the icing does not flood everywhere.  I've had the same struggle over the years with past recipes so I want to put those concerns to rest ASAP. 😍 This recipe is seriously so easy + quick! Perfect if you're still looking for something for your main squeeze or girlfriends- or even for you little one's kindergarten class. 💕 PS. I got this box from @sugarpaperla Missing theyr'ee holiday line so much already! Head on over to for the full recipe girlfriends. #Valentines2017 📷 for Best Friends For Frosting by @TwoTwentyPhotos

The other day, we went to the scrapbook store and made these Ninja Turtle Valentines Cards for Charlie’s class party. I didn’t originally plan to share these on the blog, but by the time we were all done putting these together, the kid in me was over the moon! I don’t know if I am more excited about how EASY they were to make OR the overall innocent feel these have. A lot of times, Ninja Turtles have mean faces or weapons. 😁 PS. MORE photos of ALL traditional colors of the Ninja Turtles AND pink ones too on PS. When I was little, I always remember wishing there was a PINK Ninja Turtle. If only they could have just been like Power Rangers and recruited a Kimberly? #CharliesValentinesCards #DIYValentines

Entertaining hack #99!  Candy Bark is your best friend! 😍 All you have to do is literally melt, stir, pour, and sprinkle and you're all jet set! SO easy you can do it half awake on a Monday morning!!! I absolutely LOVE how you can end up customizing it for any occasion!! I ended up using these @Sugarfina candy lips and sprinkles!  PSA: Valentine's Day is coming up in ONLY T minus 4 days (you heard that right girlfriends!), Go to BestFriendsForFrosting STAT for an EASY recipe that is perfect for any last minute heart day parties. ;) 💕💌 #ValentinesDay #CandyBark #Sugarfina