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Учи Английский  🇬🇧Benjamin (British) 🎓English Teacher 🇷🇺Живу в Москве @bestbenjamin

Alternatives for the gym 🔺Build muscle - нарастить мышечную массу. 🔺Drop a dress size - похудеть на размер. 🔺Tone up - немного похудеть и подтянуться. 🔺Lose weight - похудеть, сбросить весь. 🔺Get swoll or swole - Набухание мышц после тренировок (временное явление). 🔺Bulk - нарастить массу. 🔺Get ripped/shredded - становиться супер-рельефным. 🔺Get fit - быть в форме/ быть стройным.
#английскийязык #английский #english

Football Fever has hit! The Argentinians were having a great time in the centre of Moscow. Superb atmosphere.

1. Nationality count.
2. A good old sing song!
3. Attacked by Peruvians 😊.
4. Ozzies! (Slang for Australians).
5. A messy figure.
6. Some people just aren’t into it. 😊.
7. New best friends 👍🏻

I highly recommend a trip to the ‘Victory Museum’ if you’ve got a rainy day and you’re interested in Russian history (about WW2 mostly) -quite interesting

Course done ✅ more brilliant knowledgeable teachers on the way home to spread the learning love 😊. IB course... done. 🙌

Cheers to new friends or as they say in Polish “na zdrowie!” (I hope that’s right 🙌). The joy of my subject is that you meet people from all walks of life. It’s been a real pleasure meeting such enthusiastic livers 😉- those that truly experience, and whose book of life have many pages and many more still growing in number. We share this page together. 🍻

Alternatives for wet 🔺Humid (about the weather) - влажный.
The temperature is cold but not that humid so it doesn’t feel too bad.
🔺Damp (about ground or clothes)- влажный
After the shower (of rain) the ground was damp but not too wet. 🔺Wet - мокрый 🔺Moist - сырой (not like raw)
🔺Moist cake - пропитанный 🔺Soggy - сырая земля, мокрая собака.
The soggy cat came in looking for a big hug but we ran away!
🔺Dripping wet - промок до нитки, промок насквозь 🔺Drenched/ soaking wet
We forgot to take an umbrella so we got drenched 🙃. #английскийязык #английский #english

Warsaw in the summer.

1. The old town.
2. Innocent bubble play.
3. Lost.
4. Pop!
5. Getting ideas for your next Ikea trip. 😂
6. Stand out.
7. All things rosy.
8. Grandeur.
9. Astonishingly Beautiful Park.
10. Leave me here.

Yesterday’s official department photos... not 😂 (there were far worse ones taken). #teamenglish

Alternatives for... 🌷

Flowers -цветы
Plants - растения
Bush - куст
Hedge - живая изгородь
Hedgehog - ёжик
Greenery - растительность
Shrub - кустарник
Flora - флора

Hey there from the Площадь!

Monday Morning. On the sprightly 45min walk to work. Thinking about holidays, thinking about the end of the academic year and thinking about the coffee I’ve spilt down my shirt. 😂 ohhh Mondays, you affect us all.

Alternatives for:
The wrong way round. 🔺Upside-down - вверх ногами. The flower pot was upside down on the floor!!! 🔺Head over heels -
влюбиться по уши/без ума
Я без ума от него. We fell head over heels in love. 🔺Bottom up снизу вверх/ вверх дном
‘Bottoms up!’ 🔺Inside-out - наизнанку. I accidentally wore my socks inside out. Oops. 🔺Wrong way round - неправильный путь / неправильно сделал что-то. We went the wrong way round to my friends house. There was a short cut. 🔺Back to front - задом наперёд. I wore my t-shirt back to front and I was so embarrassed!

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