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Учи Английский  🇬🇧Benjamin (British) 🎓English Teacher 🇷🇺Живу в Москве Send me an email👇 ben@englishtcha.com


Sunday Funday
Walk along the beach with ‘rents.
1. The Seafront
2. Take your pick of colour
3. No owner no cry
4. Seat and be seated
5. Young at heart
6. Waiting for my love...
7. Family Sunset Troublemakers
8. Let the sun set on me😍
9. Sheep Clouds
10. Arty Pants

Speak Like A Brit!

to shoot - to leave a place quickly.

Example - 
I'm really sorry i've really got to shoot, there's an emergency at home. "I've forgotten my football kit"
"Let's shoot home and grab your things quickly"

The Colours

Day tripping to the sea. My second home. I lived here for several years 💪
1. ‘Move and you will die’.
2. Just don’t sit on any bird poo.
3. Endless groin.
4. Out to sea.
5. What I am like.
6. What I want my future wife to be like. 😂
7. “I’ll take the chair on the right, if you could just bring me my fish dinner... that would be perfect, thank you”.
8. An Eastbourne Beauty.

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Speak Like A Brit!

Pop over - To come round someone's house. To visit someone.
synonyms - pop in, pop by, pop over

Example - 
Hey i'm going to pop over in a bit.
Pop over any time! the doors always open for you.

The Viaduct - destination reached. 22km Walk 💪

Love Adventures, Love Life

Part 1 of The Walk
1. I’m sure it’s that way.
2. Do you know what these are called?
3. In the mulch.
4. Fancy catching the bus from here?
5. Miles or kilometers?
6. “Look at that idiot looking at us”
7. No Russians allowed 😉😘
8. Are these edible?
9. —
10. Mud pie

Speak Like A Brit!

Pad - House.
Bachelor Pad - A lovely gentleman's house for a single man.

Example - 
Come have a look at my new pad.

Oh wow! you've got a new bachelor pad. That's nice - the girls will love it.

A morning’s jaunt through the hometown finishing with a cake 👌🏻😊 1. A piece of cake 😋
2. Lawn and order
3. Follow the sunshine
4. Autumn meets Winter
5. Oaky-dokey
6. The Manor
7. A crisp reflection
8. A berry good time
9. Leaf-lets
10. Inner city romance

To Blighty 🛫

Speak Like A Brit!

Nifty - especially good, skilful or effective.

Example - This new iPhone is particularly nifty.

He's quite the nifty sportsman. He can beat many opponents when he runs with the ball.

#speaklikeabrit #english #englishteacher #englishlanguage #learnenglish #englishforadults #britishenglish

Speak Like A Brit!

To come/get to grips with - to make an effort to understand or deal with a person or situation.

Example - We're trying to get to grips with the new testing system at school... it's a nightmare.

I can't quite get to grips with losing our pet.

#speaklikeabrit #english #englishteacher #englishlanguage #learnenglish #englishforadults #britishenglish

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