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At the Teacher's Desk

Take off
(Departure Lounge)
Check in (your bag)
Board the plane
Duty Free
Go through Security
Boarding Pass

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Interesting things and Idioms from the named animals
1. To rabbit on about something- to talk for a long time, nonstop, about something.
Two friends (usually women 😉) can rabbit on about nonsense forever.

2. To badger somebody - to consistently annoy someone.
'Stop badgering me about Disneyland. I know you want to go!' 3. To make a mountain out of a molehill - to make a situation sound worse than it is.
- 'Dentists are devil-worshippers, they love pain'
- 'shut up, stop making a mountain out of a molehill and go and see one.' 4. To squirrel away - to hide or store something to use in the future.
'I'm squirrelling my savings away for the holiday next year'

5. As blind as a bat!
'You need to see the optician again. You're as blind as a bat!' 6. As cunning as a fox!

Speak like a Brit

To call time on - to signal the end of an activity.

He called time on his football career and retired.

Most people call time on their lessons when they get to intermediate level... and then forget everything.
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Competition time!!! Win 3 online lessons with @bestbenjamin to get ready for the academic year. Improve your speaking. Learn some new vocabulary. Get your tongue wagging.
How to enter:
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Rules: Each lesson is 45 minutes. All three lessons must be used by 26.08.17. Lesson times are dependent on the agreement between student and teacher. Only 1 post per profile and you must complete all the steps above. Winner will be selected at random and announced tomorrow.
Good Luck everyone!

Время побеждать !!! Выиграйте 3 онлайн-урока с @bestbenjamin, чтобы подготовиться к учебному году. Улучшите свою речь. Расширьте словарный запас. Как принять участие:
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Правила: каждый урок - 45 минут. Все три урока должны использоваться до 26.08.17. Время занятия зависит от договоренности между учеником и преподавателем. Только один комментарий для каждого профиля, и вы должны выполнить все вышеперечисленные условия. Победитель будет выбран случайным образом и объявлен завтра.
Всем удачи!

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I've been rained on, shone on, serenaded and fed, around Covent Garden in London.
Thanks for the fantastic vegan (yes, vegan!) grub @mindfit_bodyfit -the first time I've had the pleasure of trying something non-carnivorous. Mum once said 'a dinner without meat, isn't a proper meal' and I've carried the torch since. However, today's restaurant went a little way in changing that mindset.

With heavy feet I've made it back home but not back to the adopted motherland. Yet. See YOU soon 😉

Speak like a Brit

Soul searching - a period of deep thinking about feelings and emotions to help decide a future action.

After the break up he did a lot of soul searching before getting back to life. 😊

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At the Teacher's Desk
-railway station

gate -ворота
information boards / electronic noticeboards - информационная доска
information desk -справочное бюро
currency exchange - Обмен валюты
ticket machines -автоматы по продаже билетов
ticket desks - касса
tannoy / PA system (public address) - Громкоговоритель
Commuter - A worker who travels to their job.
To commute

How long does it take you to commute to work?

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Speak like a Brit

Billy no-mates - (jocular or offensive) someone who doesn't have any friends.

Everyone is busy this evening with their families. I'm alone at home with nothing to do. A proper Billy no-mates tonight.

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Speak like a Brit!

Early Doors - earlier; before

Example -
Let's get there early doors, so we can get a good chair while we watch the footy.

We should get to the airport early doors so we can get some duty free.

I'm going to finish work early doors then go and see a friend.

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Speak like a Brit!

Spoilsport - someone who purposely ruins an activity especially by not joining in.
Example - Don't be a spoilsport just because your losing! Let's finish the game.

Go and play, stop being a spoilsport. They need you on their team.

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Giveaway time

Tag a friend below, someone who needs to learn English, in the comments below and write "I'm in for the win".
Tomorrow (Sunday 12:00 midday) I'll draw a name out of a hat to win 4 great books to help you read better.
Win Win Win. Get tagging! 😊 🇷🇺Отметь друга, который изучает английский, ниже в комментариях и напиши 'I'm in for the win'. Завтра ( Воскресенье 12:00) я случайным образом выберу победителя 4ёх отличных книг, которые помогут улучшить навыки чтения.
Выирываем Выигрываем Выигрываем. Начинаем отмечать!

At the Teacher's Desk
Being burnt!!! Ouch

Out in the sun - на солнце
To be burnt - Обгореть на солнце
To catch the sun - Обгореть на солнце
Be tanned - загореть
Pasty (funny) - бледный
Pale (ill-looking)- бледный
Complexion - цвет лица
Looking red
Look like a lobster

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