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Best Coast  Best Coast is ✨Bethany Cosentino✨ + 🍔Bobb Bruno🍔 (@bobb_brujo) BEST KIDS available NOW! @amazonmusic

couple of world series bitches ⚾️💙 (thanks @chelseajobrennan for the jacket!)

is she 31 or 13? dog belongs to my mom, finally embracing my curly hair, glowing skin thanks to @beautybydrkay, oversized black flag long sleeve shirt courtesy of ex boyfriend I stole it from when I was 17.

dear young people,
I know a lot of you that follow me fall within this age bracket so I hope if you’re on the fence about voting, this might change your mind. I get it, the system sucks. It feels like our votes don’t matter, what’s the point, blah blah blah. I’m 31 and filled with teenage angst, I understand how you feel. But the thing about voting right now is, it fully matters. If you care about women, POC, LGBTQ+ rights, healthcare, immigrants, the environment - YOUR VOTE MATTERS. Right now, there’s a bunch of dinosaurs sitting on the senate making laws that will affect YOU and your future. Why allow them to do that when you could simply register to vote, show up and vote these fools outta there? At the end of the day, you are the generation with the most to lose. So show up, take your friends, make it a thing. I know it seems lame and pointless but it’s not. If you’re a young woman and you’re reading this- vote to protect the rights of your body and the bodies of your friends and sisters. I hate to preach and believe me, I feel conflicted about politics and voting too- but at the end of the day, I find hope when I see young people getting involved. There is a link to register to vote/make sure you’re registered to vote in my bio. And today is the LAST day to register in many states. Make Mom proud.

I’m fucking pissed. November 6th- you better show the fuck up 😈

99% devils 📷 @mistermilkman_

don’t talk to me or my son ever again. thanks @unistudios, what a day 🎢

Today is National Voter Registration day. Hit the link in my bio to make sure you’re registered or to register now! Mid term elections are Tuesday, November 6 and are very important!!!!

happy 60th birthday to the GOAT, Ricky Coz. Anyone lucky enough to have met him knows he’s a special and rare breed of human being. Couldn’t have asked for a better dude to call my pops and share weekly Souplantation lunches with. Love you Dad🎈❤️

this video is a PSA to say you can be sober and still have fun and also that @hellobleached + Best Coast should probably start a @metallica cover band super group. Carry on 🤘🏼

out here with my baby daddy

2011 NYFW LOL moment when I got asked to sit front row at Helmut Lang and I rolled up so hungover with my hair still wet from the shower and I didn’t know how to pose and they asked who I was wearing and I said “they gave me this dress for free and my shoes are from Aldo.” God bless my youth 🦇

my mother captured me in my element, please enjoy 🍅

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