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today was FUN. shot a thing for @maisie_williams’ channel and was surrounded by creative young people doing BITS. was nice x

i was lucky enough to be invited to #cannes2018 and now my time here is over! it’s been SWELL. a truly enlightening experience to witness film being celebrated on this level. vast and intimidating and electrifying. reaffirms my love for making movies. thanks so much to @hpeurope for bringing me out here. won’t soon forget this experience x


somehow, after years of scum and villainy i got invited to #cannes2018! been having an incredibly nourishing, albeit intimidating experience x

KETCHUP & MUSTARD (wearing those ridiculous glasses to hide my hay fever, i’m sure you can understand)

IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! yes, me and bug share the same birthday. 1 & 21 GOD SPEED 🍰

it is my BIRTHDAY tomorrow

MY SHOES LOOK LIKE CHICKEN SCHNITZEL (i know i posted a picture of my shoes the other day but i have since deleted it and wanted to try again SORRY)

stomping grounds got into another festival today! so here’s my FACE looking HAPPY

yabba DABBA blue

can’t wait for everyone to see it when it goes online! need to chill with the screenshots for a bit. cheers x

was a bit nervous it wouldn’t get into any festivals so this kind of validation really means a great deal! proud of our film x

stomping grounds’ first public screening will be at the london independent film festival on the 14th!

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