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hey calm down

....i'll always remember when the utterly tremendous india (captain) came and auditioned. she was our last one of the day. we'd seen a bunch of really fantastic candidates for captain and were fairly sure we'd found her. but then, this adorable, smiley eleven year old girl came in and blew us away. the moment we started recording, she snapped into character. she was terrifying. sammy was cowering behind the desk, nervously laughing out of genuine fear. she was so young, yet there was such a maturity to her performance. she had such an amazing grasp of the nuances it took to be scary. she snarled and squinted and shouted with such command, it was magic. she was superb. we knew instantly she was the one.

not really much of a moral with this one, just recalling a really special moment. each of the kids were amazing and it was really cathartic for me to be on the other side, giving them the opportunity to perform and do what i loved doing when i was there age.

....we auditioned the kids at my old school, sylvia young. it was a very bizarre experience. i hadn't visited since i left back in 2013 and found it had barely changed. it smelt the same! the big difference was the circumstances in which i was there. i was there to work, there to sit opposite kids who were in the exact same position i was in years before, being JUDGED by ME. it was sort of nerve-racking. i thought back to bad auditions i'd had back in the day. blunt, grumpy people hiding behind camcorders making my 12 year old self feel like shit. me, sammy and becky were so excited and determined to make each person auditioning feel as comfortable as possible. i knew what it was like. i knew how i would've wanted to be treated....

another little film story! this time: playground
pretty much every short i've made centres around people in their late teens/early twenties, and that's fine. write what you know etc but i wanted to break away from that! i wanted to make something with a completely different flavour, a completely different cast. i narrowed it down to either very young characters or very old, and here we are....

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