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Bernie Sanders  The political revolution has begun. Thank you for being a part of it.

Had a great time with Stephen Colbert tonight. Tune in to @colbertlateshow to watch.

This Republican mayor leads the first city in Texas powered by 100% renewable energy. Addressing climate change and creating millions of good-paying jobs in the process should not be a partisan issue.

We had a great meeting today discussing solutions to disparities in mathematics education and college preparedness. Thank you to this group from the Algebra Project for their incredible work helping students across the country improve their math literacy. Their work proves that math performance does not have to be a roadblock for students who desire to enroll in college and be successful later in their careers. We must ensure that every child in America receives a high-quality, public education with strong math programs. With Courtland Cox, Ben Moynihan, Bob Moses, Danny Glover and Donni Turner.

Unless we take bold action to address climate change, Florida will literally be drowning at the end of the century.

Antroinette's daughter died from rationing her insulin because it was too expensive. Pharma is literally killing people with their greed and it has to stop.

It is really a disgrace that the major TV networks constantly ignore climate change or give climate deniers a platform. That is exactly why I brought together some of the greatest climate experts in the world to do what the mainstream media won't do.

The Trump administration has forgotten the people of Puerto Rico—American citizens who are dealing with the consequences of climate change. That's simply unacceptable.

Even this Fox News analyst understands that there is something wrong when large corporations like General Motors can fire thousands of American workers while making billions in profits.

This woman got her medication in Spain for just 10% of its cost in the U.S. It's time we pass meaningful legislation to stop letting pharma rip us off.

The US must stop supporting the Saudi coalition's catastrophic war in Yemen.

Not only are greedy fossil fuel companies destroying our planet and buying politicians in Congress, they are completely ignoring the rights of indigenous peoples and destroying sacred land and wildlife. We must stop new fossil fuel infrastructure, protect indeginous communities and rapidly transition to renewable energy.

This Californian saw the effect of the disastrous wildfires firsthand. If we don't get our act together to boldly address climate change, this is going to be the new norm.

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