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Bernie Sanders  The political revolution has begun. Thank you for being a part of it.

Trump is moving this country in a very dangerous authoritarian direction.


Honeywell workers in South Bend are losing their jobs because the company plans to outsource most of their jobs to Turkey. Honeywell is not a poor company. Last year, it made a profit of $1.7 billion. Its CEO Darius Adamczyk made almost $17 million last year -- 333 times more than his median employee. And it has approved an $8 billion stock buyback plan and has received $10 billion in federal contracts.

I say to Trump: stop working for wealthy CEOs and start doing something for the working people of this country. Sign an executive order to prevent the federal government from providing contracts to companies that outsource American jobs overseas.

As I travel around this great country, I am reminded that people everywhere are fighting to ensure all our people can live with dignity and respect. If we stand together and refuse to be divided by race, nationality or religion, we can overcome the power and money of the billionaire class.

Once again Trump showed his affection for authoritarian leaders. It’s not just Putin or Kim Jong-Un. It is also Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman who runs a vicious dictatorship where dissent is not allowed and journalists are murdered in cold blood. Too many Americans have fought and died to defend democracy. We cannot have a president who applauds a murdering despot as a ‘strong person’ who ‘truly loves his country.’

Young people are the future of this country. You are leading this country in the fight to combat climate change, to combat racism, to combat homophobia, to combat xenophobia, to combat sexism. You are leading the effort to make health care a right, to reform our criminal justice system and immigration system and to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Together, we will create a country that works for all, not just a few.

It’s simple: No one in the richest country in the history of the world should be forced to go without health care because they cannot afford it. We must make health care a right for all, not a privilege. #medicareforall

The recent disappearance and likely assassination of Jamal Khashoggi only underscores how urgent it has become for the United States to redefine our relationship with Saudi Arabia and end our support for the war in Yemen.

Trump's latest defense for authoritarians left me almost speechless. Amazingly we have a president who is sympathetic toward despots.

The idea that political donors expect a specific policy result in exchange for their contribution is the very definition of corruption—and my Republican colleagues have no problem admitting that's what they're doing.

Why does Trump love dictators so much? The president makes it more and more clear with every authoritarian he meets that he not only admires them but wants to follow their lead.

Did you know we once had a Republican president who expanded Social Security? Maybe today's Republicans should listen to what he had to say about the program, instead of trying to destroy it.

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