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Bernie Davis  NYC digital media guy, father of kids, eater of foods, drinker of drinks, doer of things.

Top 10!

Me v munchkins. Got em pinned.

Like father like son

Shore ready summer ‘18 📷 @jerianne4

My ‘lil dude & his new dino beach chair

Ireland, 5 years ago today

Best part of Tball. Buds & snacks!

Delicious and quick 3 course lunch @fusconewyork. Short rib over a fat gnocchi. Pasta with clams and bonito flake that was a few ingredients from being Japanese ramen. Under $30 what?!?!

HBD to my best girl @jerianne4 from back when it was just us and Moose. My true sis. ❤️❤️❤️

Golfing, networking and nature not necessarily in that order.

Maiden voyage on the new SUP boards

Rocking the heck out. Fairfield U. Clam Jam ‘95.