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We had a number of creative visitors here to pick up wood from the maple trees and see the housepanthers too. I'm excited at all the carved goldfish, turned bowls and tables that will be made from my trees.

At Attawheed Islamic Center Carnegie showing support for our Islamic friends in memory of those who died one week ago in the #mosqueshootings in #Christchurch #NewZealand. #loveisstrongerthanhate

I love this piece of wood from the silver maple. I always knew there were faeries in that tree. #trees #treesofinstagram #faerie #elvenshoes #thingsinthewood #photography #steelcitygrammer #theinclinepgh

Each day in the 29 years I’ve awakened in this house I’ve tilted my head back to look up through the branches of a silver maple right outside the window to see the morning sky. Many a night I’ve looked up at the stars before I’ve settled into sleep.

This silver maple took seriously her role as guardian of my cats and I and all who would be here, steadfast in front of my bedroom upstairs and my office downstairs, providing a screen from the outside world, the street outside a little too close for privacy, an aviary to observe the birds. She cast a cool green shadow in summer, a bright yellow glaze in autumn, permitted winter’s cool afternoon light to illuminate generations of cats sleeping, safe and warm, on the bed, was featured in artwork.
I had three of my trees taken down, including this beloved silver maple. These were in the sextet of trees that greeted me the first time I came to see this house, whose leaves I happily raked that first autumn in my new home, whose presence made my little house on a medium lot seem like a cottage glimpsed through an enchanted forest, as many people commented. I believe they were over 100 years old.

Winter Sparkler
The remains of a dried leek flower in my garden.
#wildflowers #driedflowers #gardenleftovers #winterflowers

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Eewww, I smell an unneutered male cat all over my scratching area.
Mimi is understandably not fond of unneutered male cats. The one who left the messages is new and looks kind of tattered, but doesn't act feral, more frightened, a gorgeous swirly long-haired ginger boy. He's on our list to be trapped and snipped. Photos soon.

I think my daffodils are afraid to come out from under the covers. Waiting for the first day of spring, maybe?

#daffodils #daffodilsofinstagram #springflowers #winterspring #backyard #backyardgarden #futureflowers #photography #naturephotography #flowerphotography #extraordinaryintheordinary #bernadettestodaydotcom

Smokey the CVS cat says hello! Looks like he chose the green glitter ball to point out his empty bowl and made himself some cold steeped catnip tea in his water bowl from a catnip toy. Actually he’s asking me why I’m late in stopping to feed and play with him. Any time I get there seems to be too late for him. He is quite the talkative and playful guy and we hope to start letting him out of his crate for play sessions. He’s come a long way from being an unneutered presumed feral adult cat living in the Crafton-Ingram CVS dumpster area last December. I always thought he had some early socialization but never thought he'd socialize enough to be adopted someday. We couldn't return him there and had no immediate place to transfer him, so we gave him a chance.
#TNRworks #trapneutersocializeandlove #feralcats #feralcatsofinstagram #graycats #feralcatsneedlovetoo #communitycats #homelesscats #eartipped #eartippedandproud #rescuedcats

Time for the big reveal on this weekend's project--new felines and flowers votive! This time I worked out a few different designs of ones that are painted on the outside rather than using the clear labels, and some can be used with pillar candles or seed lights. I've been visualizing these for a while and it's good to finally get them out of my system.

Wow, that was a lot of fun for one day! Nine new votives featuring felines and flowers from my collection made from upcycled condiment and pickle jars. Now to photograph each one and list them on

Studio cats are assisting me with choosing designs for new votives made with freshly etched repurposed glass containers. They gave paws down to all the flower designs, but I'm the one with thumbs. From the front: Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe, Jelly Bean and Basil in the box.

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